Are Expensive Blenders Worth It? – Our Best Guide

Are Expensive Blenders Worth It
Are Expensive Blenders Worth It?

Judging the worth of kitchenware based on price is never easy; the answer always depends on the priorities and workload.

Definitely, you cannot run a commercial kitchen with a simple household appliance or vice versa; the ovens, refrigerators, quantity, and work frequency all are different. So how you expect your best budget blender to perfectly do the job.

However, more and more home cooks are likely to invest in expensive blenders and buy what is the best blender for money to enjoy the restaurant-style delicacies at home.

Of course, it’s not always easy to come up with the correct decision. If you are looking for the best budget blender for smoothies, margaritas or nut butter and wondering are expensive blenders worth it or buying a moderate one could serve your kitchen needs; then the best we can do for you is to show you the differences and help you make a better decision.

Why are Expensive Blenders Worth It?

Super blenders or high-performance blenders are comparatively expensive as compare to the best budget blenders we know.

If you are wondering are expensive blenders worth It?

Then let us explain what makes the expensive blenders apart from the typical moderate or the best affordable blenders you know.

High-performance blenders are much durable and offer a longer warranty period as compared to average blenders.

The whole unit is comprised of heavy-duty materials and specially built for high speed and efficiency.


High-powered super blenders have a motor with a minimum power of 800 watts. This much power takes the blending experience to a whole new level; it means that the blades can crush anything that comes in their way no matter how hard it could be. 

Whereas normal or even the best affordable blenders for households have a relatively low power ranges from 300 to 500-600 watts of power; the ability to blend or liquefy only soft ingredients.

If you are looking for the best blender for ice or wondering are expensive blenders worth it? Then your answer is that only a high-performance super blender can do the job.

A super blender has the power to pulverize frozen items into a creamy smooth liquid, turn ice into snow, and grind hard nuts into seconds.

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Blender controls are another big difference between a high-end blender and the best budget blender for smoothies, frozen vegetables, chilled cocktails, and fully blended nut butter.

Even the best affordable blenders don’t offer much than the three-speed settings that are low, medium, and high; however super blenders offer a good number of speed settings with a pulse option and pre-programmed functions helping to opt whether to puree, blend, crush or liquify.


Blenders generally come in poly-carbonate, glass, and stainless steel materials. A high-speed blender equipped with a poly-carbonate blending jar which makes it the best blender for ice crushing and frozen food items; because the friction and power of a high-speed blender can easily break a glass or plastic jar while only poly-carbonate jar can withstand it.

Glass containers, stainless steel, and plastic containers are found in conventional blenders.

Stainless steel is quite rare because they are not see-through thus making it difficult to see the results. 

A blender can face a lot of abuse; from crushing rock-solid ice to pulverize hard vegetables.

Plastic or glass containers are not considered best blenders for ice crushing and can be shattered easily.


Cold-forged, high-grade stainless-steel blades are the specialty of high-speed blenders.

Although the powerful motor is responsible for blending the ingredients the blunt blades with their sharp tips and edges can rotate at 300KPH speed capable of pulverizing almost anything.

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What is The Best Blender for the Money?

Most people know Vitamix for their expensive blenders but it is also known for bringing us some of the high-end blenders and while finding out what is the best blender for the money how can we not discuss Vitamix Professional Series 750.

This blender is for those who always wonder are expensive blenders worth it or not!

This durable and versatile, high-end blender does the toughest jobs in less time with its powerful 2.2 horsepower motor with an output of 12 amperes.

This commercial-grade blender comes with a laser-cut stainless steel blades which in combination with variety of preset programs effortlessly blend large protons of soups, frozen desserts, smoothies, nut butter and almost anything.

The blender has a large container, which helps in handling large quantities for making large servings.

Though the blender isn’t dishwasher safe but it is super easy to clean; with the help of hot water and dishwashing soap the self-cleaning preset cleans itself within a few seconds. All you need is to brush off the food particles and rinse it.

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What is the Best Budget Blender?

If you are looking for an all-star high-performance blender without paying any additional amount then this kitchen appliance is surely the best budget blender. The Black and Decker CL Blast Drink Machine

The 650-watt blender comes with a bundle of accessories; such as a huge 72-ounce pitcher, stainless steel blade, 60ml measuring cup.

Not only this the easy pour spout and an insulated chill sleeve helps to pour and keep drinks stay chill and fresh without making a mess.

The blender is provided with pre-programmed presets for margaritas, shakes, and smoothies, along with the pulse and other advanced functions for an effortless blending experience.

The blending jar and all of its components are easy to clean and dishwasher-safe.

You may able to find an affordable best budget blender but it will definitely have some cons too.

Same goes with the Black and Decker CL Blast Drink; it is not considered durable and powerful for a heavy-duty performance likewise the high performance yet expensive blenders.


Buying an expensive high-end blender may seem unnecessary and a lot to your budget but it really pays off in many ways. Consider it as a long term investment; instead of buying the cheap and non durable blenders expecting to be the best budget blender for smoothies, frozen drinks, crushing ice, and making peanut butter but then it will always make you question every time you start blending.

People may wonder about your heavy investment are expensive blenders worth it! But when you offer them smoothies like Jamba, the famous margaritas, and a perfectly blended coffee like the Starbucks; they will get their answer. 

Consider your work frequency, figure out how often you will be using it, what are your requirements from it, and how long you expect it to last. Good quality blenders help you save time and money.

The difference is always going to visible whether it’s the quality of the motor and drive parts or the perfectly crushed ice; the kind of durability the extra money buys can’t be replaced by a typical household blender.

The performance will never let you wonder whether are expensive blenders worth it or not!!