Best Blender Food Processor Combo – [Top 10 Picks]

Best Blender Food Processor Combo
Best Blender Food Processor Combo

This guide will help you to choose best blender food processor combo with step by step process including pros and cons.

No matter how efficient your blender or food processor is; yet there is no way both can perfectly swap their work routine without showing any glitch.

If you are a professional chef or a home cook who spends most of the time in kitchen preparing various foods and seeking help in little tasks such kneading dough, chopping vegetables or grinding spaces then a food processor could be a life saver.

But on the other we cant deny the importance of a blender. The best possible solution is the blender food processor combination and buy the best blender food processor combo for your kitchen.

Quick Overview of Best Blender Food Processor Combo

Product Features Buy on
1. Ninja BN601

1000 watts power

Automatic IQ technology

BPA free

Dual speed with 5 settings.

2. Cleanblend 

Commercial grade quality blender can also used as food processor

1800 watts power

Can serve large quantity

BPA free

Self-cleaning feature.
3. Hamilton Beach 

700-watts strong motor

BPA free

Dishwasher safe

Pour spout ensures spill free dripping.
4. Oster Pro 1200

1200 watts

8 cup blending jar

BPA free and
dishwasher safe

7 different speeds

Affordable price

10 years of warranty
5. Ninja BL770

1500 watts of power

72 oz blending jar

BPA free

Dishwasher safe.
6. Nutri Ninja

1200 watts

72oz blending jar

Best crushing device can easily crush hard ingredients

Auto-IQ technology

All the accessories are dishwasher safe.
7. Blendtec

Powerful 1560 watts motor

75oz blending jar

10 different speeds

Stainless steel blunt edged blades

8 years of warranty.
8. Breville Super

Powerful 1800 watts motor

68oz blending jar

12 unique speed settings

High quality stainless steel blades

Unique cooling system for noise reduction

Dishwasher safe
9. Vitamix E310

48 oz blending jar

Different speed settings.

Aircraft grade stainless steel blades

Self-cleaning feature.
10. KitchenAid

0.9 HP motor

Powerful ice crushing mode

BPA free and dishwasher safe accessories

Capacity up to 56 ounce.

Can I Use a Food Processor as a Blender?

A blender is best for processing liquids and is used to create drinks like smoothies, shakes, and soups.

A food processor on the other hand is used for dealing some tough tasks such as mixing dough, preparing batter, slicing vegetables, and grinding nuts.

Although some commercial grade blenders come with enough power to handle the tasks meant for food processor only.

Though food processors are crucial for versatile, professional and smart kitchens but we cant deny the importance of blenders as well.

Though both the devices are totally different and cant replace one another.

Due to the rapid technological advancement and added features; there is not any substantial difference left between the both.

However, some commercial grade high end blenders come with added attachments and functions like chop and pulse to go an extra mile and serve you just like a food processor.

And if you are wondering that if can i use a food processor as a blender? Then the answer is Yes!!! A food processor can make serve you a drink but not sure what consistency it would deliver and how much blended it would be.

Difference between a Blender and a Food Processor

Difference between a Blender and a Food Processor

Let’s find out the key factors that contributes in the food processor vs blender and find out how they can be of help with their unique qualities.


A blender has a jar which has blades on its bottom, sometimes attached and sometimes removable that crushes, blends and pulverizes ingredients by whirling them around.

It is considered a great appliance for liquid recipes where a smooth texture and even consistency is the ultimate objective.

A good blender is capable to crush ice or frozen fruits, whip cream, puree vegetables and making nut butter.

Food Processor

A food processor is the perfect all rounder that can efficiently turn everyday kitchen tasks into a breeze.

Think of all the tedious work of a professional chef; this little giant is more like life saver which can turn hours of work into few minutes or seconds.

Feature with different set of blades, discs, various speed functions and pulse control.

Unlike blender it doesn’t need liquids to perform its job and can perform well with dry ingredients. It can chop, pulverize, knead, grind or shred any ingredients in few seconds. 


Blenders are provided with one set of blades a main jug or blending jar, with extra cups or travelling mugs. 

Food Processors on the other hand are furnished with various attachments such as dedicated blades for different purposes such as slicers, graters, cutting disk, dough blades and so on.

These accessories and additional attachments increases usability and help making large batches of food efficiently within no time.


Blender blades are placed in the bottom of the blending jar. In some blenders they are built in non removable while in others they can be removed and can be attached back once cleaned or washed. 

There are two types of blades found in blenders; one is X-shaped blades that have a star shape with four blades on it.

They are mostly commonly found blades in house hold blenders.  Flat blades with sharp edges that turn up and down are known as wing blades. They are great for crushing frozen ingredients.

Food processors use removable ridged and razor sharp blades. These blades are way larger than blender blades and positioned at different heights.

The blade at the bottom scrapes the base while the one on the top helps to chop, shred, dice or pulverize the ingredients.

The blades of the food processor along with the additional accessories such as slicing discs, shredder helps the food processor to achieve the restaurant grand performance.

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Do I need food processor or blender?

Blender Food Processor
Amazon Amazon

Not everyone can afford to buy the blender food processor combination; in such scenarios the key to answer this question is to find out what you really need to do with your appliance.

Ask yourself why you need to have an appliance; think about the purpose it would serve.

Focus on the frequency of tasks you daily have to perform while running down the food processor vs blender features. 

Blender is ideal for making smoothies, soups, and purees. You cannot chop vegetables or grind dry ingredients in a blender.

Blenders don’t need only sharp blades but they are a combination of sturdy motors and hard wearing jars with an adequate capacity to whirl round the ingredients and liquid without out pouring them.

The main thing which makes the difference is the addition of liquid a blender performs well with liquid; however a food processor is good with dry ingredients. 

It is not at all wrong to say that food processor is a personal kitchen assistant that is quite helpful when it comes to pureeing food, grating cheese, kneading dough, grinding nuts, mincing meat and chopping vegetables.

They have wide mixing bowls, various dedicated blades and discs which gives you the ability to perform the task with precision.

Advantages of using best blender food processor combo

For those who aren’t looking for food processor vs blender features but they want to have a much better solution of the situation by buying the best blender food processor combo.

It not only saves money but can magically change all your kitchen routine by taking over the responsibilities efficiently. Let’s see what else it has to offer.


A blender food processor combo is a versatile machine that is not only great to serve freshly blended smoothies or puree green vegetables but also helpful in making salad by chopping vegetables or making batter for your cookies.


The more power you invest in your kitchen and the more you spare yourself it will result in more productive outcomes.

Ease and accessibility will lead to delicious, nutritious meals and help you to follow healthy diet routine.

Saves Time

If you spend your whole day in the kitchen for preparing each and item all by yourself then you are going to fall in love with this combo.

Think of starting your day with a precisely blended smoothie then later at lunch you are expected to provide a finely diced salad with perfectly baked bread.

Expect your vegetables to be chopped finely and evenly with hand is not a great idea only a food processor can help you in this; on the other hand a perfectly blended batter with the right consistency would turn out great from the oven.

All these things need time, attention and effort. Let the combo do the effort spare yourself for pouring in affection.

Save Money

Instead of buying two different appliances buying a combo for both the appliances saves money.

If you order online then paying shipment charges for buying each item separately will be too much your pocket; however, buying a single appliance will be available in a single shipment. 

It not saves space in your kitchen but also saves money by spending lesser amount on the combo rather paying the price of each separate unit as a whole.

Save Storage Space

Buying a blender food processor combo saves storage space. It is ideal for kitchens that have limited space as it has single base for both blender and food processor.

The best way to keep a blender food processor is to dedicate a corner on your kitchen counter so that you do not to move it every time to use it.

Key Factors to choose the best blender food processor combo


Liquefying fruits and vegetables need more power than kneading or chopping vegetables.

A blender is more about power while a food processor is more about blades and discs. Thus the combination of both makes a perfection blender food processor combo.

To have a perfect combo you need to have sufficient power with appropriate accessories. Try to choose a combo with at least power of 700 watts.

Capacity & Size

Always buy an appliance that can be easily stored and placed in your kitchen.

Not all of us can enjoy our dream kitchen; some compromise is always necessary to make.

So a small or compact blender food processor would be great; which can be stores or placed without covering much space on your kitchen counter.

Blender food processors have a capacity of 3 to 8 cups so you can easily choose the range according to your counter size, but always keep in mind that a bigger size can do a job in one job while a smaller size will make you run multiple batches.

Blades and Slicing Discs

The S-shaped blade is the standard blade used in food processors. It performs various tasks such as blend, puree, or crush and with the pulse mode on it can efficiently chop and mix ingredients.

Make sure to pick a machine that has sharp stainless steel blades and variety of quality discs.


Before buying, make sure you have picked the best blender food processor combo. Read the reviews of the users and find out if the product is durable enough to long last in your kitchen.

Check if the manufacturer is offering any extended any warranty with the product. Make sure the product is worth the price you are paying. 


Price does matter and no doubt premium class blender food processors are quite hefty when it comes to price.

But then again you don’t need to go broke for an appliance.

There are many good models available in the market that are good in quality and price as well.

Top 10 best blender food processor combo

1. Ninja BN601 Professional Plus Food Processor

Ninja BN601 Professional Plus Food Processor

The Ninja BN601 Professional Plus Food Processor features with four smart preset programs that is powerful and relatively convenient to operate with the buttons available on the motor base.

With the intelligent IQ preset you can smartly and quickly prepare your food.

This revolutionary food processor comes with a powerful 1000-watt motor which makes it apart from all the other available food processors in the market.

The dedicated sharp blades and disc are extremely useful for precise chopping, mixing, and blending.

Backed by the processing power the quad blade technology offers versatility and restaurant grade results.

If you aren’t feeling to throw it in the dishwasher then you can simply pulse some water with few drops of dishwashing soap.

The best way to keep this giant and its attachments in good shape is to timely wash them after every use.

  • Powerful 1000-watts power
  • Featured with Automatic IQ technology.
  • All the parts are BPA free.
  • Provided with Dual speed and 5 settings.
  • Efficient self-cleaning feature.
  • Feeding tube is bit narrow.
  • Foods get stuck in the gap between disc and lid.
  • Disc cleaning is a challenge.

2. Cleanblend Commercial Blender – 64 Oz Countertop Blender

Cleanblend Commercial Blender - 64 Oz Countertop Blender

With an unbeatable power of 1800-watts this powerful and heavy duty blender can serve as food processor that can efficiently churn up and pulverize the toughest ingredients in your kitchen.

The 64 oz counter blender is 21 inches tall and has all the features and abilities which are expected in commercial blenders.

The high end stainless steel 6-blade system cooperating with 3HP motor configured to chop, pulverize, grind or liquefies variety of ingredients such as frozen ingredients, ice and nuts.

The four saw like blades at the top and two blades facing downward at the bottom are irremovable but can be easily cleaned with self cleaning feature.

The best thing about this sturdy blender is that it auto shuts off when it senses over heating.

The unique cooling system keeps the machinery from over heating by shutting it down automatically before time and saves it from further damage.

Since dishwashing option is not available is better to clean your device timely.

  • Commercial grade blender can serve as food processor.
  • Strongest 1800-watts power.
  • Able to serve large quantity of delicacies.
  • All the parts are BPA free.
  • Automatic cooling system.
  • Self-cleaning feature.
  • Commercial grade blender can serve as food processor.
  • Strongest 1800-watts power.
  • Able to serve large quantity of delicacies.
  • All the parts are BPA free.
  • Automatic cooling system.
  • Self-cleaning feature.

3. Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender

Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender

At power of 700-watts this robust multifunction device is enough to carry out all the essential kitchen tasks without a break.

The powerful motor has all the strength which is needed to crush, mix, chop, blend or shred any kind of fruit, vegetable or nuts.

With the incredible 3-in-1 function, the power blender can effortlessly shred, slice and process ingredients to offer a luscious blended smoothie with the right consistency and convenience.  

The 3-in-1 appliance has 40 Oz jar, a personal blender along with its to-go cup and a mini food processor.

The wave action system helps to pull down the ingredients automatically in to the blades for smooth yet consistent result without stirring.

This wave crusher blender have five buttons that offer unique different functions that includes; mixing, chopping, blending, pureeing, grating, dicing, ice crushing, pulsing and self cleaning.

The no mess pouring spout ensures less dripping and contributes in keeping the counter clean.

The blender jar is made of glass while the travel jar and food processor are made of BPA free plastic; all the items are dishwasher safe except the base.

  • 700-watts power motor.
  • Glass jar and BPA free food processor.
  • Featured with wave action technology
  • All the items are dishwasher safe.
  • Pour spout ensures spill free dripping.
  • Struggles with big chunks of frozen items.

4. Oster Pro 1200 Watt Blender and Food Processor

Oster Pro 1200 Blender with Professional Tritan Jar and Food Processor attachment, Metallic Grey

This Oster Pro 1200 Blender Pro comes with 1200 watts motor and 900 watts of ice crushing power.

Built with the all-metal drive shaft the removable 6-prong dual direction blade has a diameter of 3.5 inches; the three dual direction assembly offers perfect consistency for ice, vegetables, and frozen fruits.

This professional blender and food processor has seven speeds including three pre-programmed setting sand a pulse for common blending performances such as smoothies, shakes, salsas and milkshakes.

The 8 cup blending jar with 5 cup food processor is made with Tritan plastic that is dishwasher safe.

Though it requires some effort to assemble and dissemble but the blade is removable which makes it quite convenient to clean.  

However if it seems difficult you can use the option of self cleaning as well.

Comes with an extra wide bottom that is quite convenient to offer more space for blending; the main blender pitcher is made of borosilicate glass that is shock and temperature resistance.

The manufacturer has offered limited 10 years warranty on all the metal gears and 3 years limited warranty on all parts.

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  • 1200 watts of power.
  • 8 cup blending jar with 5 cup food processor.
  • All the accessories are BPA free and dishwasher safe.
  • The 7 different speeds offer good control.
  • Reasonably priced combo machine.
  • 10 years of warranty.
  • It is a bit noisy.
  • Not stable on the counter.

5. Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System

Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System

This powerful kitchen system is highly efficient to work as a blender, juicer and food processor.

With a 1500 watts motor that offers sheer power precisely crush and pulverize any ingredient to deliver perfectly blended smoothies, hot nourishing soups and dough for homemade bread.

This well-built blender with its premium and durable assembly offers a professional grade performance.

All the parts and accessories accept the motor parts are BPA free and dishwasher safe.

The main pitcher has a capacity of 72 oz while the food processor can handle 8 cups of volume.

The two go-to cups holds 16 oz contents, they are perfect for creating and enjoying nutritious and healthy drinks on the go.

The convenient pour spout allows easy pouring and serving directly from the jug without any mess. The motor doesn’t until the blender clipped to the base properly. The incredibly sharp and robust blades are removable which makes them easy to clean. Though the blender lacks a fine tuning speed dial; however, the four different preset settings can be applied by pressing the needed action button. The Dough function offers the lowest speed while the Crush one provides the maximum speed.

  • 2 HP or 1500 watts of power.
  • 72 oz blending jar and two 24 oz go-to cups.
  • 8-cup food processor.
  • Convenient pour spout help avoid mess.
  • All the accessories are BPA free and dishwasher safe.
  • It is slightly expensive.

6. Nutri Ninja Mega 1200 Watts Blender

Nutri Ninja Mega 1200 Watts Blender

Ninja is already known for its robust and reliable kitchen appliances. 

Nutri Ninja 681A is just another machine with 1200 watts of power that can perform almost any job.

The Auto-IQ technology of this versatile kitchen system features smart programs that combine precisely timed blending, pulsing or pausing that extract all nutrients from the ingredients and offer precisely blended drinks and foods.

Total Crush Technology offers robust power in combination with the sharp blades to crush frozen ingredients into smoothies and pulverize ice to snow within few seconds.

The suite of blades include two one for grating and the other for reversible shredding.

This fast and user friendly machine comes with a 72 oz blender with two 24 oz go-to cups that are capped with SIP and seal lids.

The beautiful and powerful food processing bowl is generous to dough and chop hardest ingredients within 30 seconds.

Al the accessories of this elegant and sleek NINJA Mega Kitchen 1200 are made of BPA free plastic that is dishwasher safe.

  • 1200 watts of power.
  • 72oz blending jar with two 24 oz go-to cups.
  • Total Crush Technology crushes almost any ingredient.
  • Auto-IQ technology offers precisely timed processing.
  • All the accessories are dishwasher safe.
  • Gets noisy with tough ingredients.
  • Warranty is for very limited period.

7. Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender

Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender

This is commercial grade blender from Blendtec is extremely versatile with 1560 watts power blender it has absolute power to offer restaurant style mixing, pureeing, grinding, blending, and  dough making.

The stainless steel blunt edged blade is winged and is 10x than any other blender blades that makes it perfect for heavy usage.

There are six different pre-programmed cycles that are activated with a dedicated button.

Pressing each button delivers the precisely blended texture as needed for each food or meal.

The lowest speed stands at 1 and the highest speed runs at 10 that is 29,000 RPMs that is enough to heat liquids with its friction.

The BPA free four sided jar is lightweight and can hold 75 oz volume with the blending capacity of 32 oz. 

The blades are fixed at the bottom of the blender and cant be removed.

However, cleaning the Blendtec is with easy with the self cleaning mode.

The manufacturer has provided the warranty of 8 years which speaks for the sturdy performance of the blender itself.

  • Powerful 1560 watts motor.
  • 75oz blending jar with option to add more cups.
  • 6 different pre-programmed sycles.
  • 10 different speeds, the highest runs at 29000 RPMs.
  • Stainless steel blunt edged blades.
  • 8 years of warranty.
  • Quite noisy.
  • The blade is not removable.

8. Breville Super Q Countertop Blender

Breville Super Q Countertop Blender

The Breville Super Q motor is extremely influential with its 1800 watt and 120 volt motor provides the maximum motor rating and enables the blades to reach the speed up to 186 miles per hour.

The 5-1 touch program features with optimize speed controls that helps to produce delicious results with just a click.

Thanks to the smoothie settings that has several other presets available to help experience some incredible blending varieties.

The five presets include Pulse, Smoothie, Green smoothie, Frozen dessert and soup.

In addition to the presets, the 12 speed settings that are quite easy to follow and offer advanced texture optimization. 

These 12 settings include stir, mix, chop, blend, puree and mill. A timer is added to these manual settings that run for 6 minutes in case of large jug and 30 seconds for personal blending cup.

The 4 blades are constructed with surgical grade stainless steel that ensuring optimum cutting power and flawless processing for recipes like nut butter and cookie dough.

The unique cooling system with the help of fan and motor technology reduces the operating noise.

The 68-ounce pitcher, personal blade system, personal blender cup and the travel lid all are BPA free, shatter resistant, and dishwasher safe

  • Super powerful 1800 watts motor.
  • 68oz blending jar with one blending cup.
  • 12 unique speed settings and 5 one touch programs.
  • Surgical grade stainless steel blades.
  • Unique cooling system for noise reduction.
  • All the accessories are dishwasher safe.
  • Highly expensive appliance.

9. Vitamix E310 Professional-Grade Blender

Vitamix E310 Professional-Grade Blender

This professional grade blender is optimized to serve large families and professional kitchen for a premium grade performance.

Whether its smooth purees or nutritious soups the Vitamix blender food processor combo has the incredible range of 10 speed settings that can help you  get almost any job done.

The variable speed controls helps to achieve variety of textures by adjusting the speed and utilize the Pulse function to create quick and powerful bursts.

The 48 ounce jar is short rather than tall which makes it suitable to store in a cabinet.

The special squat design is suitable for blending tough ingredients without making the base tremble.

The tough and sturdy blades are made of aircraft grade stainless steel; that are designed to crush the toughest ingredients, pulverize the ice in to snow with the right consistency.

The self cleaning feature of this Vitamix blender food processor combo makes cleaning a breeze; it takes around thirty seconds to clean itself with the help of few drops of dishwashing soap and some warm water.

  • 48 oz blending jar.
  • 10 different speed settings.
  • Aircraft grade stainless steel blades.
  • Special design easy to store.
  • Efficient self-cleaning feature.
  • The blade is not removable.
  • Extremely noisy.

10. KitchenAid Matte Black Blender

KitchenAid Matte Black Blender

This simple yet powerful Kitchenaid blender food processor combo is available at an attractive price that delivers amazing experience for blending fruits and chopping vegetables.

Kitchenaid K150 is an entry level blender with 0.9HP motor and pulse function.

It doesn’t have any preprogrammed blending functions just three variable speeds along with an optimally designed ice crush setting.

The ice crushing mode with its unique asymmetric blade pulverizes into snow in less than 10 seconds and helps to achieve an even texture of perfectly crushed ice.

The soft start helps to improve the efficiency of the machine by starting the motor at a slower speed which causes the ingredients to gather in the middle so when the speed of the machine rises quickly it doesn’t cause splatter.

The smart Intelli-speed motor control of this Kitchenaid blender food processor combo senses what is in the container and adjusts the optimal speed as necessary for fast and even blending. 

All the accessories except the motor are dishwasher safe. The BPA free diamond jar has a capacity of 56 ounce which is great to process large batches of food with this Kitchenaid blender food processor combo. 

  • 0.9 HP motor.
  • 3 unique speed controls.
  • Powerful ice crushing mode.
  • Featured with efficient soft start system.
  • BPA free and dishwasher safe accessories.
  • Maximum capacity up to 56 ounce.
  • Automatic blending functions nor available.

What are the best blender food processor combos – Final Verdict?

We hope that we were able to provide thorough knowledge about the different blender and food processor combo.

We suggest you to buy Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen (On Amazon) System as it is most affordable and versatile machine that is completely capable to deliver what is promised.

However, if you are in search of a premium class blender what could be better than Blendtec Total Classic (On Amazon) Original Blender which is able to outclass every other blender and food processor in the market without getting heat up.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is best blender food processor combo?

So far Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System is known good for a reasonably price appliance; however on the other side the Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender is a premium grade blender food processor combo which is highly expensive but the manufacturer has tried to serve more than just combinations of hot and cold food but also the 8 years warranty.

Do I need both a blender and food processor?

It all depends on your cooking needs. However, buying the best blender food processor combo is a plus as it can help serve you in many different ways as an all-rounder.

What size food processor should I buy?

The size of the food processor depends on the quantity of food you need to process each time.

If you have a big family to serve each day then you should go for 11 cup food processor.

Can I chop carrots in a blender?

If your blender has a chop and pulse function then you can easily chop carrots in a blender.

Do blenders work as well as food processors?

Apart from kneading and slicing, a blender can be used as a food processor for processing small batches of ingredients. 

Can I use vitamix as a food processor?

Many people buy Vitamix blender food processor combo and those who don’t buy asks the same most commonly asked question from the experts is “can i use a food processor as a blender or vice versa?” and the answer is not fully functional as the food processor itself; but a Vitamix can be used a food processor for chopping, mixing, blending and pureeing.