Top 3 Best Blender For Celery Juice – Our Best Guide

Best Blender For Celery Juice
Best blender for celery juice

Are you looking for the best blender for celery juice?

Celery juice is good for digestion and abdominal problem. You must think that why you use blenders instead of juicers?

Because blender is very convenient to use and you can easily make smoothies and other juices like celery juice.

It saves us time. There are many blenders that can make celery juice. But those who are health conscious must buy the blender that we recommend.

Because we shall guide you about, which will be the best blender for celery juice? And our suggestion also helps you to buy the best blender for crushing ice and the best blender for thick smoothies. It has sharp blades and a very fast motor as you need.

Two Important Factors For Choosing Best Blender For Celery Juice:

There are different types of blender. If you are getting confused and don’t know what should be purchased for the best blender for celery juice, then must read our BUYER’S GUIDE.


The more powerful the blender, the faster it will work. Power is a very important factor.

If you looking for a blender that can do many tasks like crushing ice, thick smoothies, and celery juice, you must need high power blender.

High power blender has a 1500 watt efficient motor. If you don’t buy a high power machine and only buy a machine with less power and you think that this less powerful machine can do difficult tasks like crushing ice, blending nuts, grind grains, and celery juice than it will be your terrible mistake.

Because the blender has power, less than 600 watt can’t do these difficult tasks. So when you go to buy the best blender for celery juice or best blender for crushing ice, then take a lot of attention to its power.

Size of Blender

Blenders come in different sizes. It’s pursuantly to your need which machine you choose.

The size of the blender is a very crucial aspect. If you want to buy a blender for the kitchen then you must consider its size because some blenders are too tall and don’t fit under kitchen cabinet.

I recommend you choose personal blender. These machines are shorter in size, take less space, and easily movable.

But you must consider your family; if you have a bigger family then goes for the blender that can fulfill your needs means to go to a bigger size blender that can serve your family easily.

 In my personal experience, you must choose average size blender, because they always give us the best results and this blender are the best blenders for celery juice and also the best blender for thick smoothies.

Now we have shared 3 top blenders which are best blenders for making celery juice and best blenders for ice.

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Our Top 3 Picks For Best Blender For Celery Juice:

1.Oster Pro 1200 Blender with Glass Jar

Oster pro-1200 is a unique machine it can easily chopping food and making smoothies.

This massive machine comes within your budget and easily affordable.

You can buy this machine under the price level of $100. If you want the best blender for crushing ice and best blender for thick smoothies then you must go towards this versatile machine because the OSTER PRO 1200 comes in 1200 power watt which can be best for making celery juice.

It has clockwise and anticlockwise blade technology that can grind hard food easily.

The user has too much control over this machine because of the pulse feature.

The most positive thing about this machine is, it has 10 years durable warranty.

You don’t need to worry about its dishwasher because it comes in safe Boroclass glass jar.

  • Good at making smoothies, crushing ice, nut butter, and celery juice
  • The clockwise and anticlockwise blade system
  • Easy to use
  • Pulse function and speed control
  • Reprogrammed cycled button
  • Noise problem
  • Replacement parts are difficult to find in the market

2.Nutri Ninja Personal Blender

These blenders are very powerful blenders, usually comes in a smaller size and they are suitable for your kitchen.

In Nutri ninja personal blender Auto IQ technology is used. A question must have come to your mind that, what is Auto IQ TECHNOLOGY? AUTO IQ TECHNOLOGY means you simply press one button and all your work will be done. A 1000 WATT motor also fits in it.

That’s why this blender is the best blender for celery juice and also the best blender for crushing ice.

Through this blender, you can easily blend foods and vegetables because of its pro extractor sharp blades which make the mixture of hard food comfortable.

If you want to buy a machine that is not so expensive and complete all your tasks i.e. crushing ice, grinding thick smoothies and making celery juice then you must buy Nutri NINJA PERSONAL BLENDER

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  • Very powerful bender
  • Suitable for kitchen
  • Auto IQ technology
  • Pro extractor blades
  • 1000 watt powerful motor
  • Difficult to clean
  • Take more power

3.Breville Fresh & Furious Blender

The updated version of Fresh and furious blender is available with a vacuum pump and with vacuum, air mixes the whole shake and makes bubbles.

This versatile blender gives us kinetics performance it can easily perform different and difficult tasks on a single click due to its efficient blade design.

These blades made up of fully steel material and stainless that can chop and crush every food and vegetable.

This machine is made to work hard and it can crush ice into snow and make celery juice in seconds.

That’s why this blender is the best blender for celery juice and crushing ice.

This 17 inches tremendous blender is BPA free and comes in LCD display with a preprogrammed setting.

Pre-Programmed means this machine gives you complete control over the setting.

Its lid easy to remove and has an auto-clean system. If you want to make celery juice in a blender and also you are a hygienic person and want a delicate shake then this blender is the best blender for celery juice.

  • Kinetics performance
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Auto clean system
  • Led light design
  • Single click
  • Slippery base


NUTRI NINJA PERSONAL BLENDER is smaller in size and best suitable for your kitchen that’s why it is the ultimate choice for users.

It’s 1000W the motor can easily blend food and vegetables and it’s pro extractor sharp blades crush ice into snow in few seconds.

The important thing is that this blender does all the work like other expensive blenders and is not so expensive.

If you are having a limited budget then this blender is the best suitable for a limited budget.

BREVILLE FRESH AND FURIOUS BLENDER, are best for those who have a premium budget.

This powerful blender, give us kinetics performance and can do difficult tasks in seconds.

This powerful machine’s blades made up of fully steel material that can cut and crush the hardest food in a few seconds.

That’s why this blender is the best blender for celery juice, crushing ice, and thick smoothies.

This machine offers several features like kinetic performance, stainless steel blades, auto clean system that makes this machine a versatile machine.

If you are a hygienic person then this machine is best suitable for you.

Plus Led light system increases its beauty to a new level. If you would like to have a glass of fresh and clean juice then I do recommend BREVILLE FRESH AND FURIOUS BLENDER

Frequently Ask Questions

Can you make celery juice in a blender?

Yes, you can easily make celery juice in a blender. The blender can blend all the ingredients and you enjoy delicious juice. If you go to a juicer to make celery juice then you can’t get perfect celery juice because the juicer does not has the ability to blend all the ingredients like a blender.

Which blender is best for juicing?

 No blender can compete with NUTRI NINJA PERSONAL BLENDER. Because this blender is best suitable for mid- range budget.

This powerful 1000w blender consists of AUTO IQ technology and pro extractor blades which makes this blender the best blender for making juices.

Is it better to juice or blend celery?

In my personal experience blending is much better than juicing because juicing removes all the fibrous material from food but blending retain all the fiber. That’s why for normal digestion system blending is superior.

How do you blend juice in a blender?

Making juice in a blender is very easy. You simply put all your ingredients in a blender, add some water and also put milk in the blender. Then simply press one button, the blender blends all your ingredients and provides you delicious juice.

How do you make fruit juice with a blender?

In order to make fruit juice, place that fruit in a blender you want to make juice. Then add some water and milk. Cover the bowl. Simply press the button on blender and blend until juice is ready. In this way, you can also make fresh celery juice in the blender.