5 Best Blender For Juicing Vegetables 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Blender For Juicing Vegetables 2021
Best Blender For Juicing Vegetables

If you’d like to enjoy fresh vegetable juice or green juice then you need the BEST BLENDER FOR JUICING VEGETABLES that can easily chop hard vegetables and give you a delicious glass of vegetable juice. You must be wondering why you need a blender for vegetable juice instead of a juicer.

The right type of juicer is also perfectly suitable for vegetable juicing but if you make any type of juice in your juicer it removes fiber and pulp and gives you a thin juice.

If we talk about blender, the blender can effortlessly blend all types of hard ingredients you put in it. The best thing about your blender is that it doesn’t remove fiber and pulp from your juice and provide you a fresh and delicious thick juice.

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Now, we know that you are confused about which is the best blender for juicing vegetables.

You don’t need to worry about which is the best blender for vegetable juice. Because with the help of our experts and researcher, we create a guide that will help you to choose the best blender for vegetable juice.

Factors For Choosing Best Blender For Juicing Vegetables

Whenever you need a blender first read its buyer’s guide, and then purchase it.


It does not matter which blender you have if your blender does not have the right type of power it means it is useless. Power is a very important factor in a blender. It is a power that makes a blender expensive or cheap. Because a powerful blender can crush ice and blend hard ingredients (dry fruits, hard vegetables, nuts, grains, and fruits). 

If you want a blender that is the best blender for chopping vegetables then you must need to pay special attention to its power because a powerless blender can’t blend hard vegetables and you can’t make a fresh glass of juice. 

700 watts to 1000 watts blender is enough for blending. But if you select a 300 0r 500 watts blender then this is your big mistake. Because a 300-500 blender is not capable of blending hard ingredients

A 1000-1500 watts blender is the best blender for chopping vegetables


Blender’s blades are also a crucial factor and decide the performance of your blender. If your blender does not have powerful blades then this is not the right choice.

 Whenever you go for shopping, and then select that blender that has powerful dull blades. Because, powerful dull blades can effortlessly chop hard fruits and vegetables. 

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The best personal blender for vegetables is that which has a powerful motor and blades. 

Jar size and shape

Select the square shape container because in square shape blender there is a proper grounding. If you are a single person then the size of the blender is not much matter to you. But if you want a blender for your family then always select that blender which has a large jar.

If you want the best personal blender for vegetables and other fruits for your family then you need a 64-ounce large jar blender. Because this blender has high volume for juices.

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List of Top 5 Best Blender For Juicing Vegetables

We have created a list of the best blender for juicing vegetables


Vitamix turbo Blender For Juicing Vegetables

Vitamix turbo blend is an amazing machine. It consists of a powerful 2 peak horsepower motor which can easily make vegetable juice, purees, frozen desserts, and many other juices. Due to this machine, you can easily chop ice into the snow because of laser-cut hardened stainless steel hammer mill blades.

This unique motor comes with a 64-ounce large container which is perfectly suitable for large families. A lot of families prefer a Vitamix turbo blend because of its large container. You simply put all your ingredients in this blender and it can simply pulverize hard ingredients even the tiniest seeds and hard vegetables.

 The Vitamix turbo blend is perfectly suitable for vegetable juices. That’s why this blender is called the best blender for making vegetable juice. 

Vitamix turbo blend has no cleaning issues with warm water and soup this blender clean itself in just 30 to 60 seconds. 

With high/low control efficiency you can effortlessly control your Vitamix turbo blend while making any type of juice. This high/low control efficiency makes this blender the best blender for a vegetable drink.


  • Robust motor
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • High/low control efficiency
  • 64 ounce large jar


  • Noisy
  • Expensive


Professional Best Blender For Juicing Vegetables

A professional countertop blender is a professional blender for everything you want to make. 1800 watts robust motor proved to be the right motor for hard ingredients. 

In your professional countertop blender, you can effortlessly make vegetable juice, smoothies, ice-cream, soup, sauces, and cappuccinos. This robust motor can easily grind grains, pulverize dry fruits and chop ice into snow due to its durable stainless steel blades. Many professional called it the best blender for making vegetable juice

A 64-ounce large jar is ideal for large households and parties. 

The special thing about a professional countertop blender is that it comes with variable speed control. You can easily control its speed while making any juices. It consists of a dialer that can be rotated at any point. The look of this blender is very charming. 

This professional countertop blender is easy to clean you just put water in it and few drops of water then run the blender. This machine cleans itself in just 30 to 60 seconds.


  • 1800 watts robust motor
  • 64 ounce large jar
  • Variable speed control
  • Easy to clean


  • Noisy


Nutri Ninja Blender For Juicing Vegetables

The NUTRI NINJA BL480 is an amazing machine with auto IQ technology. Auto iQ technology means blending, pausing, and pulsating in just one click. Nutri Ninja BL480 is able to blend hard ingredients, grind grains, making vegetable juices, ice-cream shakes, and crushing ice into the snow because of its 1000watts robust motor. That’s why it is called the best blender for making vegetable juices

Now, we discuss its blades, this blender comes with pro abstractor blades these pro abstractor blades blend hard ingredients, frozen ingredients, hard vegetables or fruits and grains in just a few seconds. The quality of these blades made this blender the best blender for juicing vegetables

This blender is not much as powerful as a professional countertop blender but its power is enough to blend every hard ingredient.

The NUTRI NINJA BL 480 consists of plastic Nutri ninja 18 ounce and 24-ounce cups. You can use these cups to measure your ingredients before blending them. 


  • Auto IQ technology
  • Pro abstractor blades
  • 18 ounce and 24 ounce cups
  • 100 watts robust motor


  • This blender is not suitable for large families
  • Noisy


cleanblend Blender For Juicing Vegetables

This blender is called all in one appliance because it makes smoothies, soups, ice-cream, batters, cappuccinos, and vegetable juice, or other juices. Because of its unique ability, it is called the best blender for vegetable juice. 

The cleanblend commercial blender gives you an outstanding performance. You simply put all your hard ingredients even rice in its 64-ounce large jar and it blends these ingredients in just a few seconds. 

It has 1800 watts robust motor, this motor can easily blend vegetables, make smoothies, grind dry fruits, make juice, and crush ice. This robust motor makes this blender the best blender for juicing vegetables

It is a 3 horsepower blender and it will liquefy vegetables and get most vitamins and proteins from the ingredients. 

This blender is less expensive as compared to its competitors. 

The clean blend commercial blender is BPA free. BPA free means no wastage of vitamins and nutrients. 

The blades of clean blend commercial blender are 8-blade sealed ball bearing. Due to these blades, its performance increases because these blades are able to chop every hard ingredient that comes in their way. 

Because of its efficient blades, this blender is called the best blender for chopping vegetables. 


  • This blender is BPA free
  • 8-blade sealed ball bearing
  • 1800 watts robust motor
  • 3 horse-power blender


  • This blender doesn’t include a cook book
  • Low speed 1000 rpms


Oster Blender For Juicing Vegetables

The oster pro blender is not much as powerful as other blenders but it can do all the tasks that other blenders can perform. It has a 700watts powerful motor which can easily blend all hard ingredients. It can make smoothies, vegetable juice, fruit juice, salsas, dressing, and chop ice into snow. 

Oster pro blender is easily fit in your budget and it is user friendly. With the help of this blender, you can easily make any type of vegetable juice that’s why this blender is called the best personal blender for vegetables.

Due to its crush pro 4 blades, you can easily blend vegetables and make vegetable juice. If you want to make any type of juice in this blender, this blender can effortlessly perform this task for you.  

Oster core blender comes with BPA free technology and 5 cup boro class glass jar. 

If you want a blender that has 10 years long-lasting warranty then this blender is suitable for you. It has 10 years warranty


  • Less expensive
  • Robust motor
  • 10 years long lasting guarantee
  • 5 cup boroclass jar
  • Crush pro 4 blades


  • Buttons are not in good quality


What is the best blender for juicing vegetables?

Professional OSTER CORE blender and NUTRI NINJA blender both are the best blenders for juicing vegetables. These blenders have high quality robust motor which can effortlessly blend hard vegetables.

The blades of Oster Core blender and Nutri Ninja blender are very powerful. You can effortlessly chop ice into snow, make thick smoothies, and cut vegetables. 

What vegetables should not be juiced?

Broccoli, Avocado, whole Apples and coconut, these are the vegetables you should not be put in your blender. Because these vegetables lessen the life of your blender and can damage the body. So, you need to avoid these vegetables. 

These are the mistakes that can ruin your favorite blender.

Can I put vegetables in blender?

Yes, you can put vegetables in your blender. The blender can easily blend vegetables and give you perfect fresh juice. But there are few vegetables that you can’t put in your blender i.e broccoli, avocado, and coconut

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How do you liquefy vegetables in a blender?

To liquefy the vegetables, you simply put vegetables in your blender. Now, pulse the blender, your blender starts blending. Increase the speed of blending to liquefy the vegetables. Blend for 2 to 3 minutes

What are the best vegetables to blend?

Here are a few vegetables that are the best vegetables to blend Squash, kale, spinach, herbs. These vegetables are easily blended just in a few seconds. 


We hope that now you will be able to get the best blender for juicing vegetables. But if you are still confused that what to do with these amazing options. Then here is our conclusion about the best blender for juicing vegetables.

If you are under budget constraints and you want to spend less amount of money on your kitchen appliance then Oster core blender (Buy On Amazon) is the best choice.

The OSTER CORE blender is less expensive as compared to other blenders but it can do all the tasks that other performs. This blender comes with 700 watts of the powerful motor and crush pro 4 blades. That’s why the OSTER CORE blender is the best blender for vegetable drinks in the mid-range. Also, this blender has 10 years long-lasting warranty.

But if you don’t have any budget problem, then the Nutri Ninja blender (Buy On Amazon) is perfectly suitable for you. The NUTRI NINJA blender is an amazing machine with an Auto IQ technology and 1000 watts robust motor.

Due to its robust motor and pro abstractor blades, you can easily blend any type of hard vegetables that’s why the NUTRI NINJA blender is the best blender for vegetables drinks. You simply insert a vegetable in this blender and click the power button ‘on’ the NUTRI NINJA blender give you a fresh and delicious glass of juice. If you purchase the NUTRI NINJA blender you can also get a gift of 18 ounces and 24-ounce cups.