Best Glass Jar Blender – Top 5 Picks with Pros and Cons

Best Glass Jar Blender - Top 5 Picks with Pros and Cons

Blenders are quite the necessity of the kitchen and there will be no such kitchen that has no blenders in it.

But with increasing evidence so plastic is toxic for health. It is high time that we start switching towards the glass ones.

And to guide you with that we created this detailed guide of best glass jar blenders.

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Although most of the blenders on the market feature plastic jars. A lot of the brands are now coming with glass jars for those customers that are quite conscious about using plastic.

Although plastic has its benefits, we cannot ignore the fact that it has some of the components that are quite harmful to human health.

Glass containers may be a little bit heavy to handle but are quite good ones when it comes to health and has pros of their own.

Want to know more about the advantages that you can get by having the best glass jar blenders. Following is a detailed guide for that:

Our Winner Out of Top 5 Best Glass Jar Blenders

Product Features Buy On
Our Winner: Oster Master Series Blender

1200 watts powerful robust motor

Capacity of up to 6 cups

Dual blade technology

Multiple speed options

10 years longer-lasting warranty

Glass Jar Vs Plastic Jar Blender: Which Is Best

When it comes to buying blenders a lot of people face the confusion of whether they should get a glass jar or a plastic one.

That is indeed an important question as both have their pros and cons.

So, let’s compare both and one by one see which one has what benefits and that can give you a clear view of what you need to get:

Glass jar blenders: Now as this is the main topic let’s have a look at what advantages you can get with having a glass blender and what makes it superior to the plastic one.

The first and foremost thing about glass jars is that they are safe and good for health.

Unlike plastic, you can easily use the glass jar as you like as it is free of toxins.

Moreover, these jars are stain odor-resistant that making them easy to clean long-lasting.

Being clean and transparent you can easily see what you are working with and how much of a blend you need.

Another good thing about the glass jars is that they are temperature resistant and you do not have to worry about temperature affecting the jar.

Now as these are quite useful there is something that these jars lack. That is these jars are not compatible with the high speed.

Moreover, these pitchers are quite heavy and you might need to handle them with quiet care because they are prone to breaking or chipping off.

Plastic jar blenders: Now talking about the plastic pitchers although these are deemed as not a good option for health.

But nowadays a lot of the companies are coming with BPA-free and toxin-free models of plastic jars.

Moreover, as they are quite light and easy to handle these are quite liked by the customers.

Also because it shatters resistant these are quite favorable for high-speed blenders and that’s why most of the high-speed blenders have plastic jars.

The not-so-good thing about the plastic is that they are not odor and stain-resistant. Moreover hygiene wise these are not so good.

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best Glass Jar Blender

Material of pitcher: Now as this guide is mainly focused on the pitchers so we should discuss different materials of the pitcher.

The blender jars mostly come in plastic, glass, Tritan. All the materials have charms of their own but it also depends upon you what type of materials you are going to buy.

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So before you go to buy, do thorough research about the materials as they are directly related to your health.

As for the glass pitcher we have already mentioned their features and have the list of some of the best glass jar blenders mentioned below.

Blades of the blender: Blades are the ones that are going to do the main work and for that, you need to do good research on that.

Be sure that the blender you’re buying whether it is a glass or plastic jar blender is compatible with the work you are going to perform with it.

Moreover, the sharpness of the blades also matters a lot and if the blades are not sharp enough there is no way you are going to get smooth blends.

Speed of the blender: Again what type of speed you want depends upon the task you are going to perform with it.

Blenders come in various speed configurations and that can be up to 2 speed to 5-7 speed options.

Beware of the fact that the blenders with the glass jars are not compatible with the high speeds so with them you are going to get some limited speed options.

Power of the blender: Blending tasks need some powerful motors as all the ingredients are going to be crushed.

And that needs a lot of power as the ingredients can be quite hard and dense.

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The blenders come in different power configurations and you will find blenders from 350 watts to up to 1000 watts or even more.

But if you are someone who frequently works with ice cubes or frozen ingredients then you might need to look for something even more powerful.

Top 5 Best Glass Jar Blenders

1.Oster Master Series Blender

Having some great abilities and a powerful motor the Oster glass jar blender has made it number one in our list of the best glass jar blenders.

Having various five stars on Amazon this one owns all the looks, features, and power that can provide you with great blends.

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This Oster glass jar blender features smart speed technology that offers seven different programs that also include 3 pre-programmed settings.

These different speed modes enable you to blend with various pulses.

The 12000 watts high powered motor and the 900 watts for ice crushing provide you with finer and smooth blends.

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The oster glass jar blenders feature dual direction blade technology that means that the blades work in both directions making the blends faster and with more precision.

The brocolass jar has a six-cup capacity in it which means you can blend larger batches at one time. 

Moreover, the dishwasher-safe capability makes the cleaning even more Easier.

Lastly, this oster glass jar blender comes with a 24 ounces smoothie cup and a ten years limited warranty making it longer lasting.

  • 1200 watts powerful motor
  • The capacity of six cups for larger batches
  • 3.5 inches dual blade technology
  • Multiple speed options
  • Ten years longer-lasting warranty
  • Is quite on the loud side

2.Black + Decker  6 Cup Glass Jar Blender

Talking about blenders and not mentioning the Black+Decker is not fair.

On number second of our list of the best glass jar blenders is the Black+Decker power crush blender.

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This classic-looking blender silver in color is quite a looker, a good one for those who like to have something simple.

Having 700 watts motor this one has all set to perform all your blending tasks.

This one has a unique feature of the 4-tip QuadPro blade technology.

This means that his one has four-tip stainless steel sharp blades that perform some smooth blades.

The blades match the shape of the blender to create a vortex inside so that everything is directed towards the blades and you get some finer blends.

This one features four-speed options including two different pulse modes giving you full control over the blending process.

The thick glass jar has the capacity of 6 cups meaning you can make larger batches whereas the advanced-designed spout makes everything mess-free.

Lastly, due to easily removable parts, you can effortlessly clean this up and the dishwasher safe label makes it even better.

  • Simplistic and elegant design
  • Four tip blade technology
  • Four-speed option for better control
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Thick larger capacity glass container
  • You have to stabilize this one with a hand as this one tends to move around

3.Instant Pot Ace Nova Blender(One Touch Programs)

If you are up for a more modern and high-powered blender then the Instant Pot Ace Nova is the best blender with glass jar.

With the touch of the latest technology and stylish looks, this one is surely going to compliment your kitchen.

This one features a 1000 watts motor that performs all your tasks in no time.

Multi-tasker as you can make any kind of drinks, sorbets, butter, purees, etc with this one.

This one also features hot and cold blending and can keep the food warm for two hours after a hot blend.

The LED touch display features 10 different speed options that give you the liberty to perform whatever type of blend you want at a speed of 25,000 RPM.

Moreover, this one features a smart cleaning program for cleaning that can remove residue from the pitcher and the blades in just under 60 seconds.

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And if any other cleaning is needed to be done then you can do that with the cleaning brush that this one comes with.

Also has an IOS and Android compatible app that has hundreds of recipes on it.

  • LED Touch display
  • Modern and elegant look
  • 1000 watts powerful motor
  • hot and cold blending options
  • Automatic cleaning program
  • Not dishwasher safe

4.Cuisinart Smart Power Blender

Cuisinart is another very famous kitchen appliance provider and is a  part of our best glass jar blender list. It is also very simple to modify the touch of modern technology. 

This one features a 500-watts motor that is powerful enough to perform all the blending tasks.

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 Moreover, aside from blending, this one is also capable of steering, chopping, mixing, and making different types of purees

Having a 3 Cup food processor this one is an ideal choice for small households.

The food processor performs all the tasks of chopping making it a versatile machine.

 This best blender with glass jar comes with a large 48-ounce glass jar that has thick walls and is compatible with heat changes.  

The model features 7-speed options that give you complete process control and you can control the speed according to the task you are performing. 

The rubber bottom prevents the moving around of the blender and makes it safe for daily blending Tasks.

 Lastly, all the parts of the blender are removable and dishwasher safe making it quite an easy blender to clean.

  • Simple yet elegant design
  • User-friendly features
  • Comes with a food processor
  • A versatile multitasker machine
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Not a good one for frozen tasks

5.Amaste Countertop Glass Jar Blender

Last but not least on our list of the best glass jar blender is the Amaste glass jar blender.

A compact at the same time quite powerful blender ready to perform all your blending tasks.

Just like the other mentioned in this list of the best blenders with glass jars, this one is a versatile machine compatible with performing all the blending tasks.

This one is also a perfect one for commercial uses as having a high-powered 1200 watt motor gives it the power to withstand all types of ingredients.

Moreover, this one comes with a large touch panel with nine pre-programmed speed settings that help you control all the blending tasks.

This one also features the eight stainless steel high sharpness blades that cut through every ingredient that comes in its way.  And that at a speed of 40,000 RPM.

Another excellent feature of this one is its compactness. Due to being portable and easy, this can be your go-to buddy on camping trips. Just throw it in your bag and you are good to go.

For better safety, this one comes with a built-in timer that stops the blending as soon as the timer goes off.

Also, the power off function doesn’t let the blender work until the lid is completely locked in place.

Comes with a cleaning brush for better and thorough cleaning. One-year limited warranty.

  • Compact and easy to use design
  • High powered 1200 watts motor
  • Both for domestic and commercial use
  • Safety features for better functioning
  • Nine pre-programmed speed settings
  • Is quite on the noisy side

How to Clean Glass Jar Blenders?

Cleaning the glass jar of the blender is not rocket science or something difficult.

The only difference is that while washing you need to handle the jars with care as they are heavy.

Other than that, the whole process is the same as the regular cleaning of the blender.

So to clean the jars here is what you can do:

  • First of all, check whether your glass jar is dishwasher safe or not. Nowadays all the jars, whether they are plastic or glass, come with a dishwasher safe label on them. That means you can easily get away with putting them in a dishwasher.
  • Now if you are not up for a dishwasher cleaning or in case you have a blender that is not dishwasher safe then you need to manually clean it.
  • For that, you can add water and the dishwashing liquid to the jar. Switch on the blender and let it spin the liquid for about a few seconds.
  • After that, switch off the blender and rinse the jar with the Luke warm water.
  • It’s A better practice that you clean the jars daily as if not then there is a high chance that the jar may sustain some stains of the food.
  • Do keep a thorough cleaning session once a week. You can soak the jar in Lukewarm water with baking soda or any high-quality dishwashing liquid in it. Soak it for a few minutes and then easily scrub off the gunk and dirt from the jar.
  • A lot of the best glass jar blenders do come with some of the dishwashing tools. You can also use those for a better clean experience.


Time to wrap this one up.  People nowadays are moving towards glass appliances instead of plastic ones. The same goes for the blenders.

Although we tried to put together a list of some of the best glass jar blenders, there are a lot of other blenders out there that work the same as the ones mentioned.

For us, the winner of this list of the best blenders with glass jars is the Oster glass jar blender [Buy On Amazon].

Equipped with all the high-quality features and high blending performance makes it is quite a winner.

So now when you are aware of all about the glass jar blender it is high time for you to get the best glass jar blender for your kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which one is the best glass jar blender?

Oster glass jar blenders are the best glass jar blender that is because it features: 1200 watts powerful motor, capacity of six cups for larger batches,3.5 inches dual blade technology.

Moreover, the multiple speed options, ten years longer-lasting warranty make it quite a desiring appliance of the kitchen.

What are the benefits of a glass jar in a blender?

As with the evolving information, new research people are shifting towards glass instead of plastic.

Although some plastics are safe and free of toxins, still people like to avoid them.

Due to its immense advantages glass jars are quite a in demand these days some of which are:

  • Safer as compared to plastic
  • Glass pitchers do not scratch and are odor resistant
  • Being transparent makes them easy to work with
  • Moreover, these are resistant to temperature so there isn’t a chance of these deforming easily

Why should you not get a glass pitcher?

Now as there may be many charms of owning the glass jar blenders there are some cons that you should be aware of.

The biggest cons of having a glass jar blender are the speed limit. You cannot expect a very high speed with these glass jar blenders as they cannot bear the high speeds.

Moreover, they are prone to shattering and chipping off so you need to handle these with care.

Lastly, another disadvantage of these is that as compared to the plastic glass jar blenders these are a bit on the pricey side.

Is Tritan similar to glass?

Now aside from the glass, another material that has been quite an in-talk these days is the Tritan.

You might have seen a lot of appliances or just talking about the blenders that are made up of Tritan glass etc.

But no let us tell you that this is not glass. This does look like glass but it is a type of plastic that is free of BPA and other bisphenol compounds.

Although a lot of strong claims have been made for this product, we would recommend that if you are thinking of buying this one then do your thorough research before buying.

If we keep health at a side then this is quite a good quality plastic.

Is the glass pitcher’s dishwasher safe?

Now, this is quite a hot topic among the blender holders, especially the ones having the glass jars that are the glass pitchers dishwasher safe.

Well to answer your question, yes the glass pitchers are dishwasher safe.

As they hold the capacity to bear high temperatures so they can withstand the temperature fluctuations.

Whereas plastic becomes brittle. So you can easily clean off your glass jars in the dishwashers.