Best Hamilton Beach Hand Blender – Expert Guide 2022

Best Hamilton Beach Hand Blender
Best Hamilton Beach Hand Blender

This guide will help to showcase you top 4 best Hamilton Beach hand blender that can perform your daily kitchen tasks smoothly.

Immersion or handheld blenders are always come in handy when it is about conveniently performing the regular kitchen tasks without creating much fuss.

The best thing about handheld blenders is that they are quite easy to clean and store as compare to countertop blenders.

Talking of hand blenders, we discussed some of the best Hamilton Beach Hand blenders.

So if you are looking to buy the best immersion blender then you should better check out the hand blender reviews we did for you exclusively.

List of Top 4 Best Hamilton Beach Hand Blender

Products Features Buy on
1.Hamilton Beach

225 watts Motors

2.5 inch blade guard

2 speed functions
2.Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

175 watts motor power

BPA Free

Four fast blades
3. Hamilton Beach Commercial

9-inch long shaft

175 watts motor

sharp two inch blades
4. Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer

270 watts motor

Six variable speeds

Very easy to Bowl rest

Snap-on storage case


Why Hamilton Beach Blender?

Hamilton Beach is a top-notch brand that is known for manufacturing reliable kitchen appliances worldwide.

But today we are going to discuss some of the best immersion blenders that are beautiful yet durable and famous for their smooth and perfectly blended drinks.

Hamilton Beach Blenders are versatile and dynamic; you will find almost all sorts of blenders that can perfectly deliver icy drinks, smoothies, shakes, and soups.

Each class of blender brings innovation with its unique features which makes it apart from the rest.

Let’s find how some of the best Hamilton Beach hand blenders are diversified upon their unique features and functions.


Hamilton Beach blenders are wide in range and their power varies between 175 to 1800 watts.

Higher power means more sturdy and durable power that can able to deliver excellent performance without any halt.

On the other hand, personal blenders have power between 175 watts to 300 watts; these blenders are mostly used by individuals who are living single or health enthusiast who like to enjoy fresh smoothies or shakes on the go. 

The traditional and most commonly used blenders are range between 500 to 1400 watts.

These blenders are mostly used by household women or cooks for accomplishing their daily cooking tasks.

They are highly versatile in nature and able to deliver the quality as expected by any Hamilton Beach blender.

The most demanding blenders by commercial users or chefs have, power ranges between 1,500 and 1,800 watts.

These blenders promise to deliver highly exceptional performance with their sturdy built and durable machinery.


The Hamilton Beach blenders are more than just blending. However, it depends on the users what they are seeking to achieve.

The blenders of Hamilton Beach are proficiently able to mix, puree, blend, chop or liquefy a variety of ingredients.

Some superior models are presented with advanced functions, speed, and additional attachments that can replace any high performing food processor easily. 


Most commercial-grade blenders of Hamilton Beach own the capacity in between 32 to 64 ounces.

While some of the best single serve blenders have a capacity of 14 to 20 ounces and traditional ones possess the quantity range between 40 and 52 ounces.

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Most of Hamilton Beach’s commercial-grade blenders boast capacities between 32 and 64 ounces.


All the blenders differ upon various speed functions; designed between 2 to 10-speed functions.

Small or personal blenders usually come with two-speed functions whereas traditional household and commercial blenders have more than four speeds usually.


Plastic made Hamilton Beach blenders are lightweight, shatterproof, and easy-to-handle models.

Hamilton Beach glass models on the other hand are more fragile but they can serve for years if taken care of properly.


If you are looking for pocket-friendly blenders then you will find the best personal blenders up to $30.

Traditional models are priced between $30 to $250. Premium or commercial-grade blenders are always expensive and they range between $300 and $1,000.

Hamilton Beach promised to deliver products that are made with great precision and carefully verified before presenting them to their consumers.

Many companies or brands usually outsource the quality check process while at Hamilton Beach, they have dedicated a space that is made for the purpose to test their products, suggest improvements, and develop guidelines for consumers to ensure that all the products are capable to carry out what they are committed to deliver.

What are hand blenders best for?

Electric hand blenders or immersion blenders are totally different than regular blenders; not only in shapes or built but also in features and workability.

What are hand blenders best for

They may seem small or single unit as but in performance they aren’t any less than other traditional blending devices.

This unique blending stick is an incredible kitchen tool that is used to perform a variety of cooking or pantry tasks.

Let’s see how hand blenders can help us perform better and efficiently in our kitchen routine.  

Preparing Smoothies and Milkshakes

Whether you are looking to prepare a fully blended smoothie or creamy milkshake; an electric hand blender is better rather than a manual hand blender.

Preparing Smoothies and Milkshakes

It is a perfect tool that is made to offer your beverages a fully whipped touch. 

Whipping Eggs

Have you ever tried whipping omelet eggs with a hand blender?

If you haven’t then you should give it a try; there is no match of uniformly combined yolks and white with the ones that are just whisked with a spoon or fork.

Blending Batter

Mixing up batter is a crucial step; a little mishandling may end up compromising the whole cake or baked dessert.

An electric hand blender comes in handy instead of any countertop or manual hand blender for evenly mixed ingredients.


Pureeing hot soups and vegetables in a countertop blender may turn up into a disaster but the best immersion blender can do this without any hassle.

Whipped Cream

Whipping homemade cream with a manual hand blender or with a typical blender could be tough but a hand blender can give you a perfect batch of whipped cream within few minutes.

Dressing Salad

With the help of a hand blender, you get a salad dressing incredibly fast.

Key Points before Choosing Hand Blender?

Motor Power

The motor is the most important component of any machine so as in a blender.

Whether you are buying the best single serve blender or any countertop blender that is best in performance and sturdy machine; power always does matter.

Generally, a hand blender has maximum of 300 watts of power. So if you are looking for a blender that can perform the basic kitchen tasks such as blending, whipping, or chopping then a 200 watts motor will be sufficient.

However, if you want a robust machine that can crush ice and pulverize frozen fruits then you better opt for more power.   


Hand blenders are not equipped with more speed functions. By maximum you will only have three-speed settings in hand blenders otherwise you will find most with two that is high and low.

If you are looking for advanced and multiple speed settings then check the premium class hand blenders.

Additional Attachments

Most blenders are equipped with additional attachments; like extra cups, whisks, blades, mixing, and chopping cups.

However, this increases the overall price; but they make this whole blending task quite effortless.

If you are looking to buy a simple and best single serve blender then you can get one without any accessories and attachments.

Top 4 Best Hamilton Beach Hand Blender

1.Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach

This versatile blender has 225 watts hand motor that is powerful enough to fulfill your blending, mixing, whipping and, chopping needs.

Consisting of 3 attachments that include; stainless steel whisk, blending wand, and 3-cup chop bowl with stainless steel blades. All the items included are dishwasher safe.

The specially designed blade of the immersion blender is sharp and sturdy makes it easy for you to prepare salsa, cake batters, fresh and hot soups without compromising the surface of your kitchenware. 

The 2.5-inch wide blade guard creates a considerable vortex for blending with its large vents; making it perfect for blending soups, whipped cream, and even ice as well.

The 8-inch blending wand is provided with a soft grip for a comfortable hold with its ability to reach the depth of various containers.

The two large buttons are featured with two blending speeds that are high and low; offering enough power to blend, puree, or chop small batches of various foods.

The 3-cup chopping bowl comes in handy to turn almost any vegetable or fruit into a puree.

  • Powerful motor with 225 watts
  • 2.5 inch blade guard
  • Multiple attachments
  • 2 speed functions
  • The blending rod hasn’t enough length.
  • Not compatible with nuts and dry fruits.

2.Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

When it comes to the best single serve blenders then this Hamilton portable blender is known best for its unbelievable price and convenience.

This Hamilton beach personal blender with its 175 watts motor is perfect for making single servings and small tasks.

The BPA-free jar is highly versatile and compatible; it can serve as a travel mug with its lids so you can even drink straight from it or can easily place it in the car’s cup holder.

The four sharp blades are fixed and can’t be removed supported by one-touch blending provides incredible crushing power to pulverize ice, making luscious smoothies, marinades, salads, and much more. 

The Hamilton Beach jar is dishwasher safe with a capacity of 14-ounce.

It is a fairly compact model that can easily store anywhere. The sealing lids are also dishwasher safe; the sliding spout makes it easy to drink directly on the go.

The 2 feet long power cord is missing a storage compartment.

  • Compact and portable
  • 175 watts motor power
  • BPA Free jar
  • 2.5 inch blade guard
  • Four sharp blades
  • Fixed blade assembly.
  • Power cord isn’t long enough

3. Hamilton Beach Commercial

Hamilton Beach Commercial

The Hamilton Beach Commercial is a good immersion blender with 175 watts of power it is worth the investment for any commercial or versatile home kitchen.

The 9-inch long shaft is quite handy to chop, blend, mix, puree, and crush various ingredients and foods.

It is easily detachable and can endure dishwashing as well.

Stainless steel chopping attachment consists of 4 sharp blades; each one is 2 inches long.

The cutting head that is featuring 5 cutting edges covered with an innovative blade guard that is designed to keep the liquids from splashing and making a mess around without letting the blades clog.

Given with the two variable speed functions that allow professional blending soups, whipping creams, pureeing fresh fruits, and emulsifying batter without any mistake.

The durable ABS handle helps to easily hang the blender after cleaning and can be stored on wire racks.

  • 9-inch long shaft
  • 175 watts motor power
  • 2 variable speed settings
  • stainless steel sharp 2 inch blades
  • Not as powerful as expected

4. Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer

Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer

This is a lightweight hand mixer by Hamilton Beach that offers 6 variable speeds with an additional QuickBurst button for a quick boost of power.

Featured with a 270 watts of small powerful motor it can efficiently all your baking needs.

Versatile and easy to use beater, traditional whisk, dough hooks are included as additional attachments to ensure optimal mixing, mashing, or whisking within no time.

Provided with a bowl rest that lets you rest the hand mixer on to the bowl, to keep the counter safe from dripping and spilling batter.

The Snap-On storage case is quite convenient to keep the attachments and cord safe so that you don’t get to find the things for later use.

All the attachments included are dishwasher safe.

This budget-friendly mixer has got an exceptional positive rating on Amazon for its incredible performance and advanced features.

  • 270 watts motor
  • 6 variable speeds
  • Bowl rest is convenient
  • Snap-on storage case


    A hand or immersion blender is a highly versatile and convenient kitchen appliance.

    You can almost perform any kitchen task conveniently with the help of this kitchen wonder.

    We hope that after reading our review about the Hamilton Beach blenders you are now fully aware of how to get the best Hamilton Beach hand blender for your kitchen that stands out the best in hand blender reviews.

    On behalf of different hand blender reviews, our discretion would be Hamilton Beach blender that is fully capable to perform almost all the sturdy tasks without having to worry about the damage.

    However, if you are looking tohave a Hamilton Beach hand blender that is portable yet available at a reasonable price.

    Then you should opt for Hamilton Beach personal blender.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which is the best hand blender?

    Hamilton Beach blender and Hamilton Beach personal blender both are considered when it is about the combination of durability and convenience.

    What is hand blender for?

    A hand blender is a great kitchen appliance that is convenient to perform small blending tasks efficiently; such as beating eggs, making smoothies or milkshakes, whipping cream, blending batter much more.

    How many watts should a hand blender have?

    Some of the best Hamilton Beach Hand blenders are available with the least power of 175 watts.

    However, if you are looking for a much sturdy and durable then you should better buy with a power capacity of 200 to 300 watts.

    Can you use hand blender for mashed potatoes?

    According to experts and hand blender reviews, a hand blender can be used for mashed potatoes.

    Adding some milk and butter will get you a smooth yet creamy texture of mashed potatoes.

    Can hand blender chop vegetables?

    Yes, you can conveniently chop different veggies and onions using the chopping attachment on your hand blender.