Best Juicer for Carrots – Expert Guide 2022

Best juicer for carrots

With this new enthusiasm for starting a healthy diet, I took a pen and paper. Started making the list of the fruits and veggies that I need to add to my diet of course with a heavy heart.

While adding and subtracting different things I came across this one particular veggie that I know I need to add but oh well I don’t like it that much. That is carrots.

And here my search started for its substitute, and from here I got the notion of getting the best juicer for carrots.

You would say what’s new and exciting about this? Well, it is for me and for any other buddies out there who do not like to eat carrots raw.

So yeah for us it’s quite exciting. Along the way, I came across different products, and with a lot of trials and tribulation I came up with this list of best juicers for carrots.

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All the products mentioned below are some of the best carrot juice extractors.

So if you are someone who is not well aware of the juicers or what to get for carrots juicing then go ahead make this list helpful for you.

Short Overview of Best Carrots Juicer

Product Features Buy On
Mueller Austria Juicer

Modern design

Wider 3” chute

Less juicing time

Easy cleanups
Buy On Amazon
Aicook Juicer Machine

Wider chute for easy juicing

Triple speed technology

Comes with the cleaning brushes

Full safety system

Comes with the 3 years warranty
Buy On Amazon
KOIOS Centrifugal Juicer

BPA free material in construction

Stainless Steel cutting disc

2-speed versatility

High powered motor

Safety lock for better cover locking
Buy On Amazon
Omega Cold Press Juicer

Small and compact

Modern and durable; design

BPA free plastic for construction

Less Noise production
Buy On Amazon
Omega NC800HDS Juicer Extractor

High powered motor for better grinding

Maximum juice extraction

Compatible with other ingredients

A good one for leafy greens

A best carrot juice extractor
Buy On Amazon
Hurom Easy to Clean Juicer

Modern and sleek design

Easy pulp control technology

Effortless pouring of juice

New design of the strainer

No cleaning issues
Buy On Amazon

Benefits of Drinking Carrot Juice Every Day

Benefits of Drinking Carrot Juice Every Day
courtesy by Unsplash

Carrots are quite a healthy option when it comes to your health. Whether you are going for weight loss or want to change your diet nutrient-rich, adding carrots can be a good option.

You can either eat them raw or you can even have them in the cold press form of course with the help of a carrot juicer machine.

You can either take them as a breakfast option or either as a post-workout drink. Either way, you are going to get the vitamins and minerals that you are looking for.

Here are some of the health benefits of drinking carrots juice:

Healthier Immune system: Your immune system is the most important when it comes to being healthy. Your immune system is the system that is going to defend you against infection and when you have a healthy working immune system you are going to be safe. Drinking carrots juice every day can help you n boosting your immune system reducing any risks of infection or disease.

Fast Metabolism: Well if you are someone who is dealing with a slow metabolism just like me then I would especially say you are cursed. Having a  slow metabolism makes it difficult for staying fit and slim. Drinking carrot juice daily can help in increasing the pace of your metabolism and helps in weight loss.

Better Eyesight: Who doesn’t know about the effects of carrots on the eyes. We all know that eating carrots helps in providing your body with Beta carotene. Carotene is the most important when it comes to healthy vision. Drinking carrot juice has the same effect on the eyes as eating raw carrots.

Less Cholesterol: Keeping your cholesterol levels low and in check is the most crucial factor when it comes to maintaining good health. If you add carrot juice to your daily diet then not only you can keep your cholesterol levels low but also can maintain them. Carrots are rich in potassium; they help control your cholesterol levels and hence keep your health in check.

Can We Use a Slow Juicer for Carrots?

Can We Use a Slow Juicer for Carrots

Now a very important question that we think a lot of people come across when they are in the buying process of a vegetable juicer machine.

That is whether you should go for a slow juicer or a centrifugal juicer.

We are well aware of these terms especially when it comes to the juicer. Determining which type is best is really important.

Well, this mostly depends upon the grinding and the motor. Because carrots are quite hard and dense when it comes to grinding.

You need a very powerful motor that can easily provide enough power to the blades to cut through the carrots.

When it comes to motor power the masticating juicers are quite the talk of the town.

Masticating juicers are quite powerful and slowly grind the carrot so that no nutrient is wasted.

Although masticating juicers are quite effective, keep in mind they are on the pricey side.

Mueller Austria Juicer

Mueller Austria Juicer

Modern and simplistic design with some high-quality features, the Mueller Austria can surely be termed as the best juicer for carrots.

The high-quality stainless steel used in the construction of this one with the lower footprint may look small but is as fine as the premium ones.

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Talking about the features the this one comes with the dual-stage versatility that gives you two seed options.

You can choose the options based on the ingredients that you are using. If you are juicing carrots then the 18000 RPM s the ideal speed to go for.

The best part is the lesser juicing time. That is because it has a wider 3″ wide feeding chute.

Excluding any type of cutting the ingredient just chuck them off in the juicer and you are good to go.

As it is high powered and high quality it can also be used as a commercial carrots juicer machine.

Moreover, it is quite a good one when it comes to safety as it has an overload protection system that switches off the juicer. So as there are no chances of injury.

Cleaning is also not an arduous task and you can assemble and disassemble the parts for better and thorough cleaning.

  • Modern and simplistic design
  • Wider 3” chute
  • Less juicing time
  • Easy cleanups
  • Dual speed versatility
  • Is a little bit noisy
  • Tendency to move around during the juicing process

Aicook Juicer Machine

If you cannot get your hands on the Mueller and are looking for something the same as the Mueller then You can go with our second option.

That is the Aicook carrot juicer machine for home. Quite the same in the features just like the Mueller you are bound to get high-quality features.

With the high-powered motor and stainless steel sharp blades, you are going to get your glass in a few minutes.

With the triple speed system, you get three different types of speed to work with different types of ingredients.

Juicing is less time-consuming as the three inches’ wider chute liberates your hand from the extra work.

Talking about safety, the Aicook is the best one in that. Equipped with the overload protection system and the rubberized feet.

It reduces any chances of injury that might be possible. Rubberized feet keep the juicer in place.

Lastly, clean-ups are effortless as you can easily disassemble the components and clean them with the customized brush that comes with the juicer. And put them back together. Comes with 3 years limited warranty.

  • Wider chute for easy juicing
  • Triple speed technology
  • Comes with the cleaning brushes
  • Full safety system
  • Comes with the 3 years warranty
  • This is not a good one for the frozen products

KOIOS Centrifugal Juicer

KOIOS Centrifugal Juicer

Looking for a centrifugal option we also have that one in our list of best juicer for carrots.

The KOIOS is the better option for all our users out there who are looking for a fast and easy solution.

This centrifugal machine equipped with a high-powered motor can also become the solution to your juicing problems.

Equipped with an 800 watts motor and 12-row evenly distributed blades, this one cuts through the fruits and veggies easily. No matter how hard and dense they are.

The filter is high quality that separates the pulp and the juice effortlessly. High juice yield with longer shelf life. But of course, you can experience some oxidation.

This one also like the previously mentioned models, comes with dual speed versatility.

That gives you the freedom of working with different speeds for different types of ingredients. The chute is wider but not like the previous ones as this one comes with a 2.5 inches chute.

But it is still wide enough so that you can add fruits without cutting.

Safety locks ensure that the cover is locked safely and the 2 years warranty of the parts can help you get it repaired or replaced in the meantime.

  • BPA free material in construction
  • Stainless Steel cutting disc
  • 2-speed versatility
  • High powered motor
  • Safety lock for better cover locking
  • Produces noise while juicing

Omega Cold Press Juicer

Omega Cold Press Juicer

Talking about the juicer and not mentioning the Omega definitely cannot happen. Here we have the Omega H3000D cold press vegetable juicer machine for home.

Available in 2 different colors and the compact size makes it quite the choice for the limited kitchen spaces.

Made up of BPA-free plastic means you are going to get healthy glass without any mixed toxins.

Less noise production, but talking about the juicing, then it is packed with the properties of the higher models.

As this is the cold press, it uses a mix of high power and low speed that prevents any oxidation of the juice.

Rubber feet prevent any type of moving of the juicer, whereas the compactness makes it compatible with small spaces. You can even take this one with you on road trips.

Due to the cold pressing, you are bound to get less foam, and hence no need to separate the foam by yourself.

  • Small and compact
  • Modern and durable; design
  • BPA free plastic for construction
  • Less Noise production
  • Small chute so I have to do the cutting of ingredients before juicing

Omega NC800HDS Juicer Extractor

Omega NC800HDS Juicer Extractor

Another Omega is on our list of best juicer for carrots but what can we say Omega is quite the talk of the town when it comes to juicing. 

This slow masticating juicer comes in a silver finish with stainless steel parts making it durable and longer-lasting.

Now because this one is a masticating so of course it has the capability to handle the harder and denser ingredients. That means this can not only juice the carrots but also is quite a good choice for the greens.

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Working at the slow speed of 80 RPM, this one not only squeezes out every drop but also prevents any type of oxidation of the juice.

That is why the juice can be stored for a longer time without any changes in taste.

Comes with a dual-stage masticating system that makes working with different fruits easier.

Aside from that not only you can juice with this one but also you can extrude pasta, make baby foods, frozen desserts, and a lot more.

The automatic pulp ejection makes the cleaning even more easier. The juice yield is also high so that you are only left with dry pulp.

A larger chute size reduces the juicing time and you do not need to spend a lot of time cutting and dicing the ingredients.

  • High powered motor for better grinding
  • Maximum juice extraction
  • Compatible with other ingredients
  • A good one for leafy greens
  • A best carrot juice extractor
  • Produce Noise

Hurom Easy to Clean Juicer

Hurom Easy to Clean Juicer

The last edition in our list of best juicers for carrots is the Hurom H101 easy to clean juicer.

Available in 2 different colors with its beautiful finish and modern look this one is also a quiet match for your kitchen. The compatibility with making the carrot juice is a plus.

This one is specifically termed as the easy to clean juicer as the construction and design make it one heck of an easy one to clean.

Now talking about the construction then this one comes designed in such a  way that the chamber and the juice outlet are tilted. This tilted stare gives you the easy pouring capability.

The slow squeeze technology slowly rotates the stainless steel blades at a speed of 43 RPM that squeezes out every drop of juice.

The hard and sharp blades make cutting through the denser ingredients easy.

Moreover, another remarkable feature about this bad boy is the scrub-free cleaning.

This means that the strainer that we mostly have to scrub to scrub out any pulp left is free of holes.

That’s because the strainer is designed in such a way that it has long elongated grooves that with some simple rinsing get all the pulp out.

Although a bit on the pricey side, the features of this best carrot juice extractor are worthy of the investment.

  • Modern and sleek design
  • Easy pulp control technology
  • Effortless pouring of juice
  • New design of the strainer
  • No scrub cleaning
  • Does make a bit of noise

How Can You Maintain Your Carrot Juicer Machine?

How Can You Maintain Your Carrot Juicer Machine

Cleaning and maintaining your juicer or blenders are really important.

This does not only apply to the carrots juicer machines but all the vegetable juicer machines.

There are several of the components that are attached to a juicer machine.

Cleaning them carefully is important as some products are delicate and also you have to keep your hands safe from any cuts or bruises due to blades.

So here are some ways that we listed that if you implement can help you clean your juicer machine:

  • Cleaning the juicer components and those small spaces with the help of brushes. A lot of the juicers come with their own customized set of cleaning brushes. While some may not. Even if you do not have any brush you can use some old toothbrushes to clean your juicers.
  • Cleaning the juicers by hand is a good practice. It is always recommended to check if your juicer is dishwasher safe or not. But even if it is, using your hand for the cleaning is a better option for the longer shelf life of the juicer.
  • Using mild detergents or soaps is a better option to go for. You can even use baking soda for the cleaning.
  • Another recommendation is to clean the parts daily. As in this way no pulp or residue gets stuck or stains the components. The soaking method also works and helps you thoroughly clean the juicer.

Buying Guide

Masticating or centrifugal: As we mentioned above, when it comes to juicing the 2 terms that you heard the most are centrifugal or masticating juicers. When you are buying a carrot juicer machine for home you should first determine whether you want a masticating or centrifugal juicer. Of course, your budget also matters as masticating is quite expensive but then they are also quite effective.

But if your budget does not allow it then going for centrifugal is also not a bad option.

Powerful Motor: Carrots are quite a dense vegetable and if you need a vegetable juicer machine you need something quite powerful. Something effective when it comes to grinding dense fruits and vegetables. The more powerful the motor is the more chances of getting your juice glass in less time. 

Large chutes: If you are a working or office going person then most of the time you have to go without breakfast or you might just go with a cup of coffee. Why not change it with some healthy substitute. Drinking juice in the morning is a better and healthier option. But then most of you do not want to slice or dice the vegetable or fruits or solely do not have time. Then the large chutes juicer is a good one for you. When you are buying a carrot juicer machine for home then better buy one with the large chutes. This liberates your hand from the slicing and dicing option, saving you time.

Safer options: Going for the safer option is necessary as it helps in reducing any chances of hand injuries. The safer options include the reverse switches, overload switches, equipped with rubberized bottoms to prevent any moving of the juicer. A lot more other safer options are also available. So before buying the best juicer for carrots ensure that it is equipped with all the safer options you are looking for.

Mess-Free: you do not want a mess on your countertops while juicing right. Yes and that is why you need a juicer that has the juice outlets designed in such a way that they create less mess and produce more juice. Find out the best ones in that area and then hop on for the shopping process.


Here comes the end to my list of the best juicer for carrots. Hope that you were able to find the best one for yourself.

But I have my recommendations so if you are confused then let me help you.

If you are looking for something that is best of best with high-quality features and the budget is not the problem. Then the Omega juice extractor(Buy On Amazon) is the best one.

But for the budget is in the easy but still looking for something high quality then Mueller Austria(Buy On Amazon)is the go for you.

So now when this confusion is also sorted out then why not go shopping and get the best juicer for carrots for your kitchen.


Should I Choose Masticating or Centrifugal for Carrots?

Well, this mostly depends upon your preference and your budget. Although if we talk about the power and the grinding power then the masticating ones are a good choice.

As they not only slowly cold press the juice with no nutritional dissipation. The thing is that they are kind of expensive so it does depend upon your budget.

But if you want to go for a faster and a bit cheaper option then the centrifugal juicers are also good to go for. Although you may face some nutrient dissipation problems.

Do I have to Cut Down the Carrots Every Time I Juice?

If you have the wider chute of your juicer then no you do not need to slice the carrots every time you juice.

A juicer with small chutes does tend to get clogged, especially If you try to chuck the whole fruit in them.

But we would recommend that you dice the carrots before chucking them in the juicer no matter if it’s the wider chute or not.

As carrots are dense and they are prone to get clogged in the juicer.

Is Investing in a Carrot Juicer Machine Worth It?

Yes, investing in a good carrot juicer machine for home is a worthy investment.

As if you are someone who wants to have a healthy substitute for your breakfast.

If You do not want to eat the carrots raw but do want to add them to your diet for essential vitamins then investing in a juicer is a good thing.

So this entirely depends upon your preference on what you like and how you like it.