Best Juicer for Celery – Top Rated Powerful Machines

Best Juicer for Celery
Best Juicer for Celery

If you are a juice enthusiast, then you might know that celery juice is a bit hard to make. It is something that may sneak out of the juicer without being juiced or sometimes is not juiced perfectly. This is where a juicer comes in handy, but the thing is you also need to consider what are the best juicers for celery.

Not every juicer is constructed for every type of fruit or vegetable. We know that different types of juicers are available on the market for different fruits or vegetables.

So, if you are looking for something that will help you make a nutritious drink out of celery.

Then you should consider this article, as we have listed all the best juicers for celery on it.

Below you will read all the things you need to know about the celery juicers, what products to go for.

Also, we have put together a detailed buying guide to help our first-time buyers.

So that when they are making a purchase, they invest in the best thing.

So, we hope with this guide you can find the best juicer for celery for yourself.

Omega – One of The Best Masticating Juicer For Celery (Video Guide)

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Short Review of Top 10 Best Juicer for Celery

Product Features Buy On
 1. Breville Centrifugal Juicer

High power motor

stainless steel sharp blade

Unique extraction system

1-year warranty
 2. Nutri Bullet Juicer

Construct with stainless steel

High torque driven motor

very easy to use

Dishwasher safe

Effective juice storage
 3. Aicook Centrifugal Juice Extractor

Use BPA free Construct material

Comes with a 450 ml of juicer jug

3 years warranty

Safe and user-friendly design
 4. Omega Slow Masticating Celery Juicer

Very popular in audience

Easy to Handle

Good masticating power
 5. Omega Dual-Stage Slow Speed Juicer

Easy settings for better juice output

Very popular juicer for carrots and leafy greens

Used as a grinder

Automatic pulp ejection system

Slow juicer for better extraction
 6. SKG A10 Slow Masticating Juicer

Compact design

Best juicer for kale and Celery

No prep time needed

5 year warranty
 7. Mueller Austria Ultra Power Juicer

Large capacity jar for wider fruits

Best one for hard fruits

Easy to extract the juice without any spillage
 8. Bagotte Compact Juice Extractor

Anti-drip function

Have a great design for protection

Design Rubber bottoms

No prepping of ingredient needed
 9. Sboly Juicer Machine

Consider it the best juicer for leafy greens

Two-speed control system

Compact and portable design

Mostly used for hard ingredients
 10Aobosi Slow Masticating juicer Extractor

Another best portable juicer for celery

Slow masticating fror better results

Comes with a reverse function

Easy to clean

Detachable parts

5 year warranty

Factors to Choose Best Juicer for Celery

Slow or Fast Juicer: Determine first whether you want a slow juicer or the fast one. This is important because in terms of nutrition retention both are different. A slow-masticating juicer gives you more nutritious juice but takes a bit of time.While the fast centrifugal juicer gives you your glass in a few minutes, but then a bit of nutrient dissipation is a must.

Warranty: Always check the warranty of the product before buying it. Whether there is any warranty available and if something happens to the juicer in the meantime, can you get it replaced? Or even repaired? It is important as you are going for an important kitchen gadget and its durability should be your priority.

Storage: Does your kitchen have the storage space for a bulkier juicer or you should go for a compact one. Storage is an important matter as you cannot keep the juicer always on the countertops. And even if you are, does your countertop have enough space. Compact ones are always better as storing them, cleaning them and using them is easy.

Construction material: What construction material has been used in the making? This is an important question, as during the juicing process the juice comes in contact with the walls of the juicer. And if it has some toxic material, it can compromise your health. So always get something whose construction material is BPA-free.

What Type of Juicers Is Best for Celery Juice?

Masticating Juicer vs. Centrifugal Juicer 

What you should get? A masticating one or centrifugal. Well, this is what you want.

The masticating ones in terms of functions are quieter and also work at a slow speed, meaning retaining the nutrient.

Aside from that, there is no oxidation of juice and overheating of the motor is also less.

But that does not mean that you should not get the centrifugal ones.

Centrifugal ones provide a rapid solution and you do not need to do any work before juicing.

Also, they are faster, so take less time in juicing as compared to the masticating one.

Top 10 Best Juicer for Celery

1. Breville Centrifugal Juicer

Breville Centrifugal Juicer

When it comes to kitchen gadgets, especially the juicers Breville is the name that everyone thinks of.

Breville has been in the market for kitchen gadgets for quite a long time and has been giving the market some blasting products. Here we have the Breville JE98XL Fountain Plus Juicer.

This juicer belongs to the centrifugal class, and that is why it gives you a glass of juice in a few seconds.

Made up of premium quality materials, this one has a 3-inch-wide chute to feed the juicer with the fruits or veggies.

No need for extra prepping or cutting, you can add them as a whole.

This is the best juicer for leafy greens, as it has a speed system for both the leafy greens and the fruits.

Due to its unique extraction system, this one has the capability of extracting a good glass filled with the nutrient.

The stainless-Steel construction makes it corrosion and rust-free and the 35.2 ft oz jug makes the storing of the juice easy.

Another remarkable feature is the built-in froth separator keeps the juice, and the froth separated so you do not need to hassle for separating the froth.

The 2-speed electronic speed control system gives you the liberty of controlling the speed of the juicer.

High speed for the dense fruits and low speed is for the leafy greens and the soft fruits.

A safety lock system keeps you safe during the juicing process, and overload protection does not let the motor heat up.

Lastly, this best portable juicer for celery is easy to store and portable while cleaning is no hard job as the parts are dishwasher safe.

  • High power 850-Watt motor
  • Powerful stainless steel cutting blade
  • Unique extraction system for better juicing
  • 1-year warranty
  • 32.5 oz juicer jug for storage
  • Some parts are difficult to clean

2. Nutri Bullet Juicer Centrifugal Juicer Machine

Nutri Bullet Juicer Centrifugal Juicer Machine

On the second place in our list of the best juicer for celery is another very well-known brand that is the NutriBullet Centrifugal juicer.

This is another centrifugal juicer and with its elegant design, it is a perfect juicer for any type of kitchen.

This black-colored beauty with a high-powered motor is guaranteed to give you your glass of fresh juice in mere seconds.

Not only it provides you a good glass of celery juice, but it can also be referred to as the best juicer for green smoothies.

So whatever leafy green you want to add without any worry.

Now if we talk about its function, then this one also gives you the two-speed control system so that you can have full control over the juicing process.

High- and low-speed system or different types of veggies and fruits.

As we all know that centrifugal juicers don’t need any prep time, the same goes for this one.

Like others, this one also has a wide 3″ cute so that you can just chuck the whole fruit in.

No need for cutting or slicing. But if you want good taste, then remove the seeds.

Another remarkable thing about this juicer is the non-drip spout pitcher it comes with.

You can easily juice as much as you want and then store it in the refrigerator.

Easy and convenient and you can store the juice for about 48 hours with no worry of it degrading.

Built-in froth separator separates any kind of froth that is produced during the juicing process.

For better cleaning comes with a cleaning brush so you can thoroughly clean all the pats and compact enough to store it in your cabinets.

  • Stainless Steel and durable construction
  • High torque driven motor for efficient function
  • No prepping needed before the process
  • All parts are dishwasher safe
  • 27 oz sealing juice for effective juice storage
  • Produce noise and vibration during juicing
  • Makes a lot of foam

3. Aicook Centrifugal Juice Extractor

Aicook Centrifugal Juice Extractor

Another centrifugal juicer on our list of best juicers for celery. Aicook is another name that comes to mind when going for getting the best juicer for leafy greens.

This compact machine is not only easy to use, but also the design of this one is suited for all the kitchen finishes.

A little less in the motor power that is about 400 watts but still sufficient to give you a fresh glass of juice.

Juice extraction is powerful and fewer chances of vitamin or mineral wastage.

It’s time saver design saves your hand from any cutting and slicing, and the wide chute lets you chuck the whole fruit or veggie in it.

Now let’s talk about the thing that makes it unique from others and that is the 3-speed control speed.

Yep, this one provides you the three different speeds at which you can operate your juicer.

You get slow, fast, and faster speed depending upon the fruit or veggie you are using.

Now as we are talking about the leafy greens, then we can say that this one aside from being a good juicer for celery is also the best juicer for kale because it is also something used a lot on green smoothies.

Now definitely safety is the priority. This one comes with a protection lock system.

Due to this system, the juicer is not going to work unless you have put the cover and locked it in place.

Overload protection is another quality of this one and switches off the machine so it is not overloaded.

Lastly, for effective cleaning the juicer also has its brush, so that cleaning is a breeze and this also comes with a 3-year warranty.

So, if in the meantime something happens, you can contact AICOOK support and get your issue solved.

  • Construction material is BPA free
  • Comes with a 450 ml of juicer jug
  • 3 years warranty and lifetime support
  • Non-slip feet for no skidding
  • Safe and user-friendly design
  • Takes a lot of time to clean
  • Small parts are really hard to clean

4. Omega MM900HDS Slow Masticating Celery Juicer

Omega MM900HDS Slow Masticating Celery Juicer

Now if you are not a fan of centrifugal juicers and looking for the best masticating juicer for celery, then this is the solution to your dreams.

Omega, yet another reputable brand in the world of kitchen gadgets presents you with the Omega MM900HDS slow masticating juicer.

This silver-colored machine with an elegant design is compact enough that if we call it the best portable juicer or celery, then there is no lying in that.

Its design makes it portable, and you can even carry it on a camping trip.

This cold press juicer endorsed by the medical medium as the best juicer for green smoothies provides you with an 80 RPM low-speed motor that evenly crushes the veggies and fruits and extracts every drop so you can get a fresh and healthy glass of juice.

As we are talking about the best juicer for leafy greens, then this one specifically mentioned that it is capable of making juices of celery, wheat grass, and all the green veggies.

It also comes with a special celery end cap you should use when you are juicing celery.

Aside from that, it also comes with a green insert that even squeezes out a bit of juice left from the pulp.

For other fruits and vegetables, it comes with a second cap that is to be used with them.

To treat ourselves with a fresh glass of greens and give our system a boost of immunity with the help of the Omega MM900HDS.

  • A best masticating juicer for celery
  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Easy to store anywhere
  • Good masticating power
  • The machine heats up quickly
  • Need to cool off frequently

5. Omega Dual-Stage Slow Speed Masticating Juicer

Omega Dual-Stage Slow Speed Masticating Juicer

On number five we have another remarkable product that is the Omega dual-stage slow speed masticating juicer.

This one is not only the best juicer for celery but is used for other task also Like making paste or grinding other things.

This 13-pound, stainless steel machine is used at a low-speed motor of 80 RPM motor that not only events the heating of the motor but also prevents the oxidation of the juices.

Boost your immunity with a glass of cold-pressed juice high in antioxidants and minerals.

Because of its slow grinding process, all the nutrients are preserved and no mineral or vitamin is dissipated as it does in the high-speed ones.

Another remarkable feature that makes it different from the others is its capability of making batters and powders.

Can make nut butter, grind mince, and even grind coffee into a fine powder.

And that’s why it is even better for hard veggies or fruits and is the best juicer for carrots and leafy greens, especially the hardcore ones.

Comes with the automatic pulp ejection system which immediately ejects out the pulp and the skid-proof bottom with quiet operation makes the use of it easy and safe.

  • Five settings for better juice output
  • A best juicer for carrots and leafy greens
  • Can even be used as a grinder
  • Automatic pulp ejection system
  • Slow grinding for better extraction
  • You need to cut the fruits into small chunks for better juicing

6. SKG A10 Slow Masticating Juicer

SKG A10 Slow Masticating Juicer

With its premium and elegant design, the SKG A10 can surely become a part of any kitchen, and when it comes to juicing, then definitely a worthy one to consider.

As we are more focused on finding the best juicer for the leafy greens, we can proudly say that aside from celery it is also the best juicer for kale, another important veggie used for making green smoothies.

Construction-wise, this one is made up of high-quality plastic, silver in color with some black intricate designs on it.

Comes with a wide mouth and drip-free pitcher that can easily store a large amount of juice.

Now like the other masticating juicers, this one does not need much of the prep time.

This is because this one comes with the 3.15” wide chute that lets the bigger fruits slide in easily.

So, if you don’t want to slicer chop the fruits or veggies, you can easily chuck the fruit in the chute and get the glass of juice.

All the parts are detachable so cleaning is not an arduous task and you can easily assemble them back and store it in their place.

  • Compact and user-friendly design
  • Best juicer for kale and Celery
  • No prep time needed
  • Wider chute to juice the whole fruit
  • The construction is of plastic

7. Mueller Austria Ultra Power Juicer

Mueller Austria Ultra Power Juicer

Mueller is another best brand when it comes to juicing gadgets. Muller Austria Is guaranteed to provide you with a brilliant service.

This elegant and compact design is going to look fantastic sitting on our countertops.

This best-seller of all time, it has the design of more expensive and bulkier looking juicers, but the thing is it is not a very heavy budget product. Instead, if we say that it is a budget juicer, then that will be the right thing.

This one gives you 16 oz of juice in one go, whether you are using celery or any of the fruits.

Talking about the greens, this one works pretty well with the green veggies.

So, if you are looking for something, then this best juicer of kale or celery this could be your go-to one.

The two-speed control system gives you different speeds to work with. The low one for the softer fruits and the fast one for the harder fruits like carrots and apples.

Hard fruits like carrots are really difficult to work with so if you want something that is best with the greens but also hard fruits, then this could be your best juicer for carrot or leafy greens.

No need for extra prepping as the wider chute lets you slide the whole fruits without any chopping and slicing.

Cleaning up in the snap of fingers as the cutting disc surrounded by the mesh filter extracts all the juice while they are also detachable, so cleaning them is easy.

Overload protection system another feature that protects the machine from any power-up or downs so that your machine doesn’t wear off.

  • Wider chute for wider fruits
  • Best one for hard fruits
  • No mess or spillage of juice
  • Comes with a wide pitcher for juice storage
  • Is a noisy juicer

8. Bagotte Compact Juice Extractor

Bagotte Compact Juice Extractor

Bagotte on our list of best juicers of celery is the centrifugal juicer made up of stainless steel along with plastic that is BPA free.

Due to the BPA-free materials, you get a healthy glass of juice with no toxins present in it.

Dual speed modes present to give you the options for different fruits. So whether it’s strawberry or celery, you can get your juice in a few seconds.

No mess created due to its in-built anti-drip function. This function lets you work without a worry of spillage or creating a mess on the countertops.

Just like the other centrifugal juicers, this one also comes with the wider chute liberating your hand from any work.

Safety lock design and overheating protection system make its functions easy and safe.

Due to its simple and beautiful design, disassembling it for cleaning and assembling it is a breeze.

  • Anti-drip function to avoid any mess
  • Safety lock design for protection
  • Rubber bottoms for safety
  • No prepping of ingredient needed
  • Some parts of the machine are a bit
  • difficult to clean thoroughly

9. Sboly Masticating Slow Juicer Machine

Sboly Masticating Slow Juicer Machine

Here we have the Sboly juicer that is another best masticating juicer for celery on our list.

This elegant and tiny machine with stainless steel construction has the power to provide you with a nutritious glass of juice of celery, leafy greens, or any other fruits of your liking.

Now if we talk about the function, then this masticating juicer comes with a two-speed control system that gives you full control over the speed.

You can use the low mode for softer fruits like strawberries, kiwi, and raspberry.

Now one thing we would like to mention is that if you are in search of something that works well with carrots or dense fruits, then this is a good one.

The Sbloy is the best juicer for carrots and leafy greens as the fast mode of this one enables you to get a good glass of the hard and dense fruits and veggies.

A lot of juice recipes are included in the manual that you can create as you like.

Aside from that, another feature is the slow extraction technology that maximizes the juicing and effectively separates the pulp and the juice.

The slow-speed motor and fine grinding reduces and chances of oxidation or foaming and keeps the nutrients inside the juice.

The reverse function of this one reduces the chances of clogging and makes the cleaning process easy.

The included brush makes the cleaning a breeze and you can easily disassemble it for effective cleaning.

Quiet operation of this one makes it favorable for those who dislike noise during the use of kitchen gadgets.

  • Another best juicer for leafy greens
  • Two-speed control system
  • Quiet and movement free operation
  • Compact and portable design
  • A worthy juicer for hard ingredients
  • Not easy to clean

10. Aobosi Slow Masticating juicer Extractor

Aobosi Slow Masticating juicer Extractor

The last one on our list of the best juicer for green smoothies is also a masticating one.

This one is the Aobosi slow masticating juicer, a multipurpose juicer for both fruits and veggies.

This one works with both the fruits and especially with the veggies.

You can get a fresh glass of juice without losing much of the nutrients. Gives the original fruits and veggies colored juice.

Its 80  RPM motor perfectly masticates the ingredients and extracts every bit of the juice from the pulp.

No wastage of the juice as everything is extracted effectively.

The 80 RPM means that it works at low speed and there is no heating up of the motor and also there is no oxidation of the juice.

Another remarkable feature about the juicer is that it has in-built, intelligent chips.

These chips sense the motor working and protect the motor from wearing off, switching off the machine every 20 minutes.

As for the noise quality, this one produces a less noise that is about 60 dB, so no noise during the juicing process.

Assembling and disassembling the machine is no hard job, and that’s why cleaning is also effortless.

Due to its compact design, you can easily carry it and store it anywhere.

  • Another best portable juicer for celery
  • Slow masticating operation for better grinding
  • Comes with a reverse function to avoid any clogging
  • Easy to clean due to detachable parts
  • Comes with lifelong technical support
  • You need to cut and slice everything before
  • Machine overheats easily

How to Make Celery Juice in a Juicer Machine?

Making celery juice is not such a hard job. You just need to put the celery in the juicer machine and let the juicer do its work.

You can also use blender for celery juice but juicer is preferred over blender in terms of juicing performance.

Here are the steps by which you can make celery juice in the juicer machine:

  1. Get a bunch of organic celery and cut off the base and separate the stalks.
  2. Washing is a necessary process, so wash the celery thoroughly.
  3. Now feed the juicer with the celery and remove the pulp that has been accumulated.
  4. Either drink the juice or store it in the mason jar in the fridge for two days.
  5. Enjoy this nutritious green drink and make as much as you want.

Health Benefits of Celery Juice

Like other greens, celery can also be called the super food as it provides the human body with all the important benefits.

Celery contains a lot of nutrition that is important for the human body and helps fight a range of diseases. Following are the benefits of celery juice:

  • Helpful in lowering cholesterol: Celery juice helps lower cholesterol because of the lipid-lowering action. In this way, it helps in reducing the bad cholesterol that is LDL. For those who have high cholesterol, drinking celery juice could be helpful.
  • Powerful Antioxidant: Celery has compounds that are powerful antioxidants and helps to fight cancer. Also, it helps reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and is also helpful in reducing inflammation.
  • In lowering the Blood Pressure: Celery helps in improving the calcium and potassium levels. Due to this function, celery acts as the smooth muscle relaxants that in turn act to reduce hypertensive conditions.
  • Improves Digestion: Another powerful effect of celery is that it improves the digestive system’s action. People dealing with constipation, celery, is helpful for them. As it helps in returning the bowel movements to normal. Aside from that, it is also good for bloating, puffiness, water, and electrolyte retention and also acts as a gentle and mild laxative or diuretics.
  • Powerful Anti-microbial Action: Studies show that celery is a powerful anti-microbial agent. As compounds present in it are effective in fighting infection and also boosting immunity. It is also effective for urinary infections, digestive infections, and also helpful in kidney disorders.

How to Clean and Maintain a Juicer Machine?

Cleaning the juicer and keeping it clean is the most important thing to do.

As you are going to use it on an almost daily basis, so what you get in your system mostly depends upon your cleaning. And also, how you keep it.

Here are some steps to clean the juicer and also some tips on how to clean it.

How to clean a Juicer?

  • First and foremost, turn off the switch and unplug the juicer. This is the most important part as there could be chances of any injury due to an electrical surge.
  • Now time to remove all the detachable parts. Read the manual and check if you have removed all the detachable parts. In this way cleaning, it is easy and you can thoroughly clean all the parts.
  • While juicing the celery, make sure to continuously remove and throw away all the pulp. Because as time passes, the dry pulp starts to stick to the inner walls of the juicer. With the help of the spatula, keep on thoroughly cleaning the inner sides while juicing. After juicing use some dishwashing soap and thoroughly cleanse it with water.
  • Using a toothbrush is also a good thing, as it can clean all the filters and the parts. Toothbrush due to its small size thoroughly cleans all the parts.
  • Wipe the parts and dry them off with the help of the towel as the towel is the best thing to dry off.
  • Reassemble the juicer and store it in your cabinet.

Tips for cleaning the Juicer

A pro tip for cleaning the juicer is to clean it regularly. As in this way, you do not need to hassle for cleaning it thoroughly just one time.

You can also soak it in the water or add some acid or washing liquid in the water.

Blender vs. Juicer: Which One Is Best for Making Celery Juice

Blender Vs Juicer: Which is best for celery juice

Now here a big question arises: Is blending the celery better or juicing it?

Well, the thing is that it depends on what you want. While blending is a bit of work to do, but then you get all the essential nutrients in it.

While during juicing all the pulp is discarded and, in the juicing, process depending upon what type of juicer you are using, you may use some of the essential nutrients.

Juicing the celery is easier and more sustainable and if you want a rapid solution, then juicing is the best.

But if time is not an issue and you want all the nutrients, fiber, minerals, and vitamins, then blending is the best thing. Here you can check Best Blenders For Celery Juice as well.


What is the best way to make celery juice?

If you are using a juicer, then wash up the celery and cut all the stalks.

Put the celery in the juicer and discard the dry pulp. Store it in the mason jar. It can be stored for 2 days.

While if you are blending, then the best way to make celery juice is to add the celery to the blender.

Add some lemon juice and water. Blend it until it liquefies. Enjoy your juice.

If you want, even more flavor, than you can add the fruits of your choice. You can even add apples or any other fruits of your choice.

Adding lime is also a good thing, as it gives a sense of freshness to the drink.

Which is better, a juicer or blender?

There is no right answer. It mostly depends on what your preference is. Juicer is a more easy and sustainable option and also less work and prep time.

Whereas for the blender you have to prep before blending, and also it is a pulpy drink. So, it is up to you what you want and what you prefer.

Can we use a blender instead of a juicer to make celery juice?

Yes, you can use the blender for making a glass of juice of celery. If you do not want to use a juicer and also do not want to discard the pulp, then blending is the best option.

But if you want a rapid solution and also do not want a pulpy drink, then a juicer is the best choice but determine first whether you want a masticating juicer or a centrifugal one.

How can I juice without a juicer?

Juicing celery without a juicer is possible, and that is with the help of blending.

If you do not want to nest in a juice, then you can also use the blender for making celery juice.

For blending, you need to cut the celery into halves and add them to the blender.

Add water and also add some lemon juice to the blender. Blend it until the ingredients are liquefied.

What happens if I drink celery juice every day?

Nothing will happen instead you will benefit from it. Drinking celery juice daily is not only healthy, but also you get your daily dose of nutrition.

Celery juice has a lot of benefits, and drinking it on an empty stomach in the morning is the best thing to do.

The daily intake should be around 16 ounces and if you are someone with chronic illness, then 24 to 32 ounces is best.

Which Juicer Machine is best for Celery juice?

The best juicer for celery is our top pick that is the Breville JE98XL Fountain Plus Juicer.

This is a centrifugal juicer with all the qualities and capabilities that a good juicer should have.

Its unique extraction system extracts every bit of juice without any wastage of any nutrients.

No prep time needed just feed the juicer with the celery and your desired fruits and you are good to go.


Getting the best juicer for celery is a must if you are thinking of jumping on the train of having green smoothies in your diet.

Aside from celery, all the above is also the best juicer for a green smoothie and you can use them for other leafy greens aside from the smoothies.

We also mentioned some juicers based on different budgets. Omega Slow Masticating juicer [Buy On Amazon] is not only the best masticating but also the premium one in the budget.

Whereas if you are looking for something on an average or low budget then we have Muller Austria [Buy On Amazon] for low budget and NutriBullet Centrifugal juicer [Buy On Amazon] for or average budget readers.

So, we hope this guide helped you to determine which one you want and you were able to find the best juicer for celery for your kitchen.