Top 5 Best Ninja Blenders With Comparison Chart

Top 5 Best Ninja Blenders with Comparison Chart

Your old blender may be perfect for many things, but now you’ll need the right kind of blender that can effortlessly crush ice, make frozen drinks and smoothies, blend vegetables, and many more.

Perfect blenders also named Ninja blenders and Ninja Blenders are extremely popular in this era that’s why we recommend Ninja Blenders and make Ninja Blender Comparison Chart for your convenience.

Ninja Blenders give “power to the kitchen”

  • If you are a healthy person and you need fresh and frozen milkshake regularly then you need a Best Ninja Blender for Ice.
  • If you do exercise in the gym regularly and after the gym, you need a blender for making protein shakes then you need a Top-Rated Ninja Blender.
  • Whether you are a fresh-frozen drinks addict or you have craved smoothies you need Ninja Blender for Smoothies and ice because it is a perfect blender.
  • For crushing ice and hard ingredients you need a Ninja Ice Blender.
  • The main thing I like about this blender is that the Ninja Blender price easily fits the budget.

There are a lot of models of Ninja Blender and we tested the 5 best models.

These models are perfectly suitable for all types of tasks every hard ingredient you throw at these blenders they chop into pieces.

We make Ninja Blender Comparison Chart you should need to go throw it if you are a true Ninja lover.

Top 5 Best Ninja Blenders are:

  • Ninja Nutri Pro
  • Ninja Professional Countertop
  • Ninja BN801 Professional Plus
  • Ninja Mega Kitchen
  • Ninja CT810

1. Ninja Nutri Pro

Ninja Nutri Pro

The Ninja Nutri Pro blender is also called a personal blender.

The personal blender has a small-sized pitcher but it can do all the tasks performed by the standard countertop blender.

900 watts of the robust motor make Ninja Nutri Pro blender a powerful blender.

This blender cuts and chops hard vegetables, fruits and also makes smoothies in just a few seconds that’s why it is very popular and called a Top-Rated Ninja Blender.

The Nina Nutri Blender extracts hidden nutrients & vitamins from fruits and vegetables.

You can also use manually its pulse system to crush ice, seeds, nuts, and hard ingredients.

This blender is also called a Ninja Ice Blender.

This blender‘s base is bulky and heavy as compared to its other cousins.

So, you need to keep in your mind its base whenever you’re planning to keep Ninja Nutri Blender on travel.

The Ninja Nutri Blender is durable and its cups and lids are comfortable to hold.

If you want some extra cups of this blender then cups are available.

This Blender is easily cleanable, and has no cleaning issues. In this blender, you also got sip-and-seal lids for portability.

All parts of Nina Nutri Blender are BPA free and its dishwasher is safe.

If you purchase this amazing machine you also got a 1-year limited warranty.

The best quality of Ninja Blender is Ninja Blender Price. This blender easily fits your budget and not so expensive.

If we compare Ninja Nutri Pro with other Ninja blenders then this blender is very perfect, efficient, and also cheap.

You can see our comparison in the Ninja Blender Comparison chart.

What we like about Ninja Nutri blender      

Ninja Nutri Blender comes with 900 watts amazing machine which can easily perform all of our hard tasks and also blades are very powerful to cut and chop hard ingredients and for smoothies, these qualities make this blender Ninja Blender for Smoothies. The next quality is low Ninja Blender Price.


  • 900 watts robust motor.
  • Powerful blades.
  • Cuts and chops hard ingredients.
  • No cleaning issues.
  • Durable.
  • Comfortable to hold.
  • Sip-and-seal lids.
  • BPA free.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • 1 year limited warranty.
  • Extract hidden vitamins and nutrients.
  • Affordable price.


  • Base is bulky and heavy.
  • Noisy.

2. Ninja Professional Countertop

Ninja Professional Countertop

Ninja blenders are the most famous blender for making smoothies and juices at home.

Ninja Professional Counter Top blender is also called home chef because of its 1100 watts powerful motor and 3 speeds, pulse, and single-serve functions.

That’s why this blender is called Top Rated Blender.

If you have a large family and you need a blender for your family then a 72-ounce total crushing pitcher is perfectly suitable for you.

Ninja Professional Counter Top blender’s six blades are too powerful to cut and chop hard vegetables, frozen ingredients, nuts, grains, and ice.

These blades make smoothies and salsas in just a few seconds. For making salsas you’ll have to use the pulse function.

These qualities make this blender a Best Ninja Blender for Ice and Ninja Blender for Smoothies.

Ninja Professional Countertop blender has a safe dishwasher and it’s all parts are BPA-free.

If you purchase this blender you also got two 16 ounce cups with to-go lids.

Maybe you’re looking for a blender for your daily fruit juice or maybe you’re looking for a blender for smoothies then these both tasks are well performed by Ninja Professional Blender.

Because of its unique quality of making smoothies in just a few seconds, this blender is called Ninja Blender for Smoothies.

Ninja Professional Blender is made with plastic and it comes with a beautiful design with gray and black color.

What We like about Ninja Professional Countertop Blender.

Ninja Professional Countertop Blender comes with 1100 watts an amazing machine.

This machine has super power to chop and cuts every hard food and also 3 speeds, pulse and single serve functions.


  • 1100 watts robust motor.
  • 3 speeds, pulse and single serve functions.
  • 72-ounce total crushing pitcher.
  • Safe dishwasher and it’s all parts are BPA free.
  • Two 16 ounce cups with to go lids.


  • Plastic pitcher.
  • Noisy.

3. Ninja BN801 Professional Plus

Ninja BN801 Professional Plus

The Ninja BN801 Professional Plus consists of 1400 watts robust motor and total crushing blades these blades cuts and chops ice effortlessly and give you perfect smoothies and frozen drinks.

Due to these qualities, this blender is called Ninja Ice Blender.

This blender is also called a professional plus kitchen system and has Auto-iQ features.

Ninja Professional Plus comes with more functions than its other cousins.

You can see the Ninja Blender Comparison Chart to compare it with others.

Ninja Bn801 Professional Plus is perfectly suitable for large families. Its 72-OZ large jar is enough for making food in bulk quality.

If you have a large family and looking for a blender that can do all hard tasks such as grinding vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains and making smoothies, crushing ice in a large quantity then this Ninja BN801 Professional Plus is made for you.

In Ninja Blender Comparison Chart where we compare the best Ninja Blenders, this blender gives tough competition to other blenders.

In this blender, you can make smoothies up-to 2 lbs of dough.

With Ninja Professional Plus you also got the single-serve cups with spout lids and recipe inspiration guide.

What we like about this blender

It has 1400 watts powerful motor and Total crushing blades these qualities helps you in making smoothies, salsas, frozen drinks and also these blades  chop and cuts hard ice and hard vegetables.

The other best quality is its Auto-iQ programs.


  • Auto iQ-features.
  • Total crushing blades.
  • Professional plus kitchen system.
  • 72-OZ large jar.
  • Make smoothies up-to 2 lbs of dough.
  • Single-serve cups.
  • 1400 watts robust motor.
  • Efficient.
  • Durable.


  • Extractor pump-some people doesn’t like this extra step.
  • Noisy.

4. Ninja Mega Kitchen

Ninja Mega Kitchen

If you’re not under budget constraints then Ninja Mega Kitchen blender is perfectly suitable for you.

1500 watts motor cuts and chops everything you throw at it.

It can pulverize ice into snow, blend hard vegetables and fruits, grind grains, make smoothies, salsas, salad dressing just in few seconds.

People called it Best Ninja Blender for Ice and Ninja Blender for Smoothies.

If we make the Ninja Blender Comparison Chart then Ninja Mega Kitchen is seen as more powerful than its other family members.

The 72-Ounce crushing pitcher is enough for large families. You can prepare food in bulk quantity i.e. up to 2 pounds of dough due to its 72-Ounce pitcher.

Ninja Mega Kitchen also provides an eight-cup food processor bowl that can perfectly chop 2 pounds of dough.

With Ninja Mega Kitchen blender you also got two 16-ounce Nutri Ninja cups.

This blender consists of safe dishwasher and BPA free parts.

If we talk about Ninja Mega Kitchen blades, these blades are dough blades means these blades are made to cuts and chops hard ingredients (ice).

That’s why this blender is famous as the name of Ninja Ice Blender.

What we like about this blender

1500 watts robust motor and dough blades cuts and chops every hard food.

Eight cup food processor bowl and 16-ounce Nutri Ninja cups make this blender a perfect blender.


  • 72-Ounce crushing pitcher.
  • Eight cup food processor.
  • 1500 watts motor.
  • Efficient.
  • Durable.
  • Perfect.
  • Two 16-ounce Nutri Ninja cups.
  • Dough blades.


  • Quite expensive.

5. Ninja CT810

Ninja CT810 Chef High-Speed Premium In Home Blender, 72 Oz, Black

Ninja CT810 has 10 manual mode speeds with variable control. Variable speed control means you’ve total control over it.

If you want to make food in a large volume because of your large family then Ninja CT810 is perfectly suitable for you.

It has a 72-Ounce total crushing pitcher and a 24-Ounce double walled.

1500 watts powerful motor also fits in it.

This powerful motor is enough to pulverize hard ingredients like ice, vegetables, grains, peanuts, and fruits.

10 auto iQ programs increase the value of this blender. Ninja CT810 prepares frozen drinks, smoothies, soup, and ice-cream, puree, and nut butter.

Ninja CT810 is cleanable and has no cleaning issues. You can easily clean this blender with detergent and water.

Ninja CT810 looks very thick and proves to be a valuable blender. Plastic material is used in Ninja CT810.

What we like about this blender

Ninja CT810 blender consists of 1500 watts powerful motor and its 10 auto iQ programs make this blender a best choice.


  • 10 manual mode speeds with variable control.
  • 72-Ounce total crushing pitcher.
  • No cleaning issues.
  • 10 auto iQ programs.
  • 1500 watts an amazing powerful motor.


  • Noisy.
  • Plastic material used.

Overall Ninja Blender Comparison Chart

 BlendersNinja Nutri Pro  Ninja Professional Countertop  Ninja BN801 Professional Plus  Ninja Mega Kitchen  Ninja CT810  
Motor900 watts1100 watts robust motor  1400 watts1500 watts motor1500 watts
BladesPowerful bladesPowerful bladesTotal crushing bladesDough bladesRobust
PitcherLarge jar72-ounce total crushing pitcher  72-Ounce72-Ounce large jar72- Ounce large jar
Cleaning issuesNoNoNoNoNo
BPA freeYesYesYesYesYes
Safe DishwasherYesYesYesYesYes


We hope that now you’ll are able to choose Ninja Blender for your choice but if you want our expert’s point of view then please go through from our conclusion.

If you are under budget constraints and want a blender that is not so expensive but performs all the tasks then Ninja Nutri Pro (Buy On Amazon) is the best choice.

Ninja Nutri Pro has 900 watts robust motor and powerful blades. This blender can perform all hard tasks such as blending, grinding, and many more.

But if you don’t care about price and want a perfect blender then Ninja Mega Kitchen (Buy On Amazon) is the best choice because it consists of 1500 watts robust motor which can easily crush ice into snow and pulverize hard items.