6 Best Oster Blender for Smoothies 2022 – [Top Rated Picks]

Best Oster Blender for Smoothies
Best Oster Blender for Smoothies

This guide will help you to make a good purchase of best Oster blender for smoothies. This is step by step guide including pros and cons.

The Oster is a big name when it comes to durable, long-lasting kitchen appliances.

They have a wide range of blenders available; which includes some of the best personal smoothie blenders, hand blenders, countertop blenders, and how can we forget some of the best small blenders for smoothies (aka portable blenders) are known to be part of Oster family. 

However, if you are looking for the best Oster blender for smoothies then you should read or article that covers some of the best blenders by Oster with their unique features.

Quick Overview of Top 6 Best Oster Blender For Smoothies

Product Features Buy On
1. Oster Blender Pro

1200 watts motor.

Sturdy glass pitcher with big quantity.

7 multiple speeds with awesome control.

Average Priced with versatile blender.
2. Oster Versa Blender

1400 watts motor with powerful machine.

BPA free

8 different speed functions and preset programs.

7 years warranty

powerful motor and couplings are comfortable.
3. Oster BLSTAB

1000 watts motor

large glass pitcher

5 pre-programmed settings

Preserves the nutrients

5 years guarantee
4. Oster My Blend

Handy blending device.

BPA free

Dishwasher safe

Overheat protection

1-year limited guarantee
5. Oster Master

Handy blending device.

BPA free

3 pre-programmed textured settings.

3 years satisfaction guarantee.
 6. Oster Hand Blender

Portable device

Detachable blending rod and blades

BPA free

Dishwasher safe

Why Oster Blender is best for Smoothies?

An Oster blender considers the best blender for thick smoothies; the reason because the Oster blenders are high-quality blenders with powerful motors and sturdy built.

The main reason why it is the first choice for making smoothies is that Oster blenders have all-metal motors and blade drives which supports to reach maximum speed and optimal power to pulverize frozen ingredients or ice.

Some Oster blenders have a reversible disc function that helps to achieve a perfectly blended smooth texture; moreover, they have unique preprogrammed functions that are quite convenient to use.

Oster blenders are known for their longevity and durability; you can confirm this by checking the warranty offered by the manufacturer.

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Key Factors to Choose Blender for Smoothies

Whether you are looking to buy the best blender for thick smoothies or purees there are always some features needed to check before making a purchase.

Your blender should have enough power to deliver the perfect blend of ingredients and for this, it needs a tough motor with enough power.

Some basic countertop blenders available with a power of 300 watts; with such power crushing or pulverizing may be problematic.  

Power ranges from 500 to 700 watts offer much control and durability to deliver the best consistency even for the hardest ingredients. You can get the best small blender for smoothies with such power. 

Power more than 700 watts allows the blender to perform almost all sort of blending, chopping, or crushing tasks.

You will find some of the professional-grade best Oster blenders for smoothies and purees in this range.

The next feature that can’t be ignored in the quest of finding the best Oster blender for smoothies is the blades.

Always opt for the stainless steel blades they are powerful and corrosion-resistant. Removable blades help in cleaning the blender thoroughly; you can even throw the blender in the dishwasher as well.

Top 6 Oster Blender for Smoothies

1#Oster Blender Pro with 24-Ounce Smoothie Cup

Oster Blender Pro

This Oster Pro 1200 Blender Pro comes with a powerful 1200 watts motor with a sturdy blade speed of 19,000 RPMs that doesn’t stop until it is done crushing ice or pulverizing frozen ingredients.

Constructed with the all-metal drive shaft and connections the super durable motor comes with a limited 10-year warranty which is another great thing indeed.

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Comes with a 6-prong removable stainless steel blade assembly that is provoked by a dual direction blade technology to chop and grind every bit of ingredients with its ultimate blending power. 

This 6 cup Brococlass jar of Oster 1200 Pro is dishwasher safe; which makes it quite easy to maintain cleanliness.

The control panel has 9 buttons which include 7 speeds and 3 pre-programmed settings which deliver ultimate results without having to guess for the right control.

The Oster Pro comes with 48 oz pitcher, 24 oz single-serve smoothie cup.

  • Powerful machine with a 1200 watts motor.
  • Sturdy glass pitcher offers large quantity.
  • The 7 different speeds offer good control.
  • Reasonably Priced versatile blender.
  • Overall built, motor and couplings are durable.
  • The machine is a bit noisy as compared to other blenders.

2#Oster Versa 1400 Watts Blender

Oster Versa Blender

The Oster Versa is an exceptional blender that can compete with any Blendtec or Vitamix blender with its unique features and sturdy motor.

Comes with a high power of 1400 watts motor and 28000 RPMs; it has an overheating sensor that stops the motor right away if the blender runs for too long without any break.

However, it gets back to work when the motor cools down.

It has an all-metal drive which makes it more robust. The Oster Versa 1400 comes with a pulse mode, 3 preset pro­grams, and a dial knob.

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There are 8 variable speeds available on the dial knob you can easily change the speed by simply dialing the knob.

The 3 preset programs are for soups, smoothies, and spread with their different speeds.

The sturdy stainless steel blade is inbuilt and to make it more lethal it has four prongs on the base and then two smaller prongs above those 4 prongs are provided which spins at over 250mph to offer thorough blending, crushing, or grinding experience.

It has a BPA free Tristan jar that has a capacity of 64 oz. The tamper is provided to push the ingredients down which makes the blending difficult. The blender and its accessories aren’t dishwasher safe.

  • Powerful machine with a 1400 watts motor.
  • BPA free Tritan jar offers a large quantity.
  • It comes with preset programs and 8 variable speed functions.
  • 7 years limited warrantyensures its durability and performance.
  • Overall built, motor and couplings are durable.
  • Any other Oster attachments aren’t compatible with this model.

3#Oster BLSTAB-CB0-000 Blender with FoodSaver

Oster BLSTAB Blender

The Oster BLSTAB is known for its flexibility and adaptability to prepare refreshing yet energetic refreshments for the whole family.

The powerful 1000 watts motor effortlessly spins to crush the ice and squashes the vegetables to transform into frosty, fluffy nutritious results.  

Through the pre-programmed settings, it takes the responsibility of blending perfection for smoothies, food chopping, salsa, and milkshakes.

The Vacuum sealing system helps to preserve nutrients by making the blender remove oxygen from the jar before even start blending.

The less oxidation of ingredients will result in keeping the smoothies and shakes fresh for the next 24 hours.

The 6-pointed cutting blade made with stainless steel efficiently grind, crush or blend the toughest ingredients with ease. 

A vacuum compatible 35 oz storage cup is additionally added that keep your drinks stored and sealed so that you can take them along with you.

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The manufacturer has offered a 5 years guarantee and ensured resilience for delivering up to 6500 luscious smoothies. 

  • Powerful machine with a 1000 watts motor.
  • Sturdy glass pitcher offers large quantity.
  • 5 pre-programmed settings with impulsive speed control.
  • FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System preserves the nutrients.
  • 5 years guarantee ensures its durability and performance.
  • Built-in blades too difficult to clean.

4#Oster BLSTPB-WPK My Blend 250-Watt Blender

Oster My Blend

Oster My Blend is an inexpensive and powerful portable device that helps to start your day with a pack of nutrients and vitamins on the go.

Its 250 watts motor whips and pulverizes every frozen ingredient or ice to offer a perfectly blended drink.

The Oster My Blender is the best personal smoothie blender that is capable to serve efficiently as a juicer and blender; it can blend hot soups, vegetables, fruits, and small chunks of ice.  

The BPA free plastic bottle can contain 20oz liquid quantity.

This stylish jar helps prevent spills or mess on the counter, dishwasher safe, and easy to carry or mount in the car cup holder.

The overheat protection saves the blender from burn out. If at any point it senses overheat it shuts down automatically and revives the motor 15 minutes later.

This portable sports blender runs with electricity. The manufacturer ensures a 1-year limited warranty with 3 years satisfaction guarantee.

  • Portable handy blending device.
  • The sturdy glass is BPA free and dishwasher safe.
  • 5 pre-programmed settings with impulsive speed control.
  • Overheat protection feature.
  • 1-year limited guarantee and 3 years satisfaction guarantee.
  • It does struggle with frozen fruits and seeds.

5#Oster BLSTKH-CM0-000 Master Countertop Blender

Well-known for its texture select settings the Oster Master Blender is powered with 800 watts motor the machine is included with multiple speed options that facilitate various textures.

The 3 standard motor controls low, medium, and high with chop food and smoothie presets save time that wastes in guessing.

The extra-large 3-inch stainless steel blade with its 6 pointed design provides a powerful blade system that incorporates with the 800 watts motor for a precise blend.

The only thing which most people don’t like is that the blade is not removable. 

The BPA-free 6-cup glass jar is shatter-resistant; while the blend and go cup has a capacity of 20-oz perfect to satisfy your nutritional needs on the go.

Both the glass and jar are dishwasher safe. The manufacturer has offered 3 years satisfaction guarantee with this incredible little monster.

  • Portable handy blending device.
  • The sturdy glass is BPA free and dishwasher safe.
  • 3 pre-programmed textured settings.
  • 3 years satisfaction guarantee.
  • It does struggle with frozen fruits and seeds.
  • The blade is not detachable.

6#Oster Immersion Blender Hand Mixer

This 250 watts hand blender is known for its strength. Included with a powerful chopper it is a must-have for every novice chef or home cook.

This unique combo of hand blender and chopper helps to blend, chop, grind, puree or dice almost any ingredient. Its powerful 250 watts motor has now made it easier to make a creamy vegetable soap, fruit puree, chunky salsa, or peanut butter.

If you are looking for a personal blender for your mall family then this hand blender could serve as the best personal smoothie blender for you.

Both the chopper and immersion blender consists of sharp stainless steel blades which in combination with variable speed settings takes full control of the assigned tasks to deliver the right consistency.

The chopper attachment and measuring cup are provided with dual-purpose lids which help in mixing, chopping, and storage.

The blending rod and chopper blades are detachable which makes cleaning quite easy; the remaining accessories are dishwasher safe.

  • Portable handy blending device.
  • Detachable blending rod and blades.
  • BPA free and dishwasher safe accessories.
  • It does struggle with frozen fruits and ice.

Cleaning Instruction for Oster Blender

No doubt an Oster blender is the best blender for thick smoothies and there could be several ways to clean your Oster blender but whatever the method of cleaning the blender you choose; it is best to consult the manual of the product before moving forward.

You can check the Oster blender reviews of customers to have a better idea.

You must have bought the best Oster blender for smoothies but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can throw it in the dishwasher.

There is another way of cleaning your Oster blender without throwing it in the dishwasher. Nowadays, almost all premium blenders come with this auto wash function.

All you need to do is to add half of your blender with warm with few drops of dishwashing soap and let it blend for 15 to 20 seconds, later throw the liquid and rinse with normal tap water.

The above technique is not applicable to Oster hand blender; however, cleaning the immersion or hand blenders is quite easy.

You can simply hand wash your Oster hand blender by hand or by cleaning it in a long jar or jug. Just fill the jar or jug halfway with warm water along with few drops of dishwashing soap.

Now turn the blender on for few seconds and turn it off; before taking out the blender rod make sure to turn off the power button.

Now you can rinse the blending rod of your Oster hand blender under tap water.


The Oster Versa Blender [Buy On Amazon] for its phenomenal power, incredible blade, and unique features is the top-rated blender when it comes to the best Oster blender for smoothies.

However, it is considered as a premium class blender with a high price.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced blender that has the same features as the premium class blender then you can opt for Oster Blender Pro [Buy On Amazon].

It has somehow the same features as of Oster Versa Blender but it is less expensive and yet considered one of the best Oster blender for smoothies available at a highly competitive price. 

There is no so drawback found in the Oster Blender Pro; it is the speed that makes the difference between the both otherwise they both lists the top when it is about the best Oster blender for smoothies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use an Oster blender smoothie?

After adding ingredients cover the blending jar with the cover and twisting it to lock, in some blenders you need to firmly press the top of the blending jar or bottle to blend.

Blend for almost 30 to 40 seconds then lift the jar, replace the blades on the top lid with the cap or cover. Now you can take your nutritious packed smoothie along with you.

What is best Oster blender for smoothies?

If you are looking for a premium Oster blender then Oster Versa blender [Buy On Amazon] is so far the best Oster blender for smoothies; however, it is much expensive.

If you are searching for the best Oster blender for smoothies in a low budget; then Oster Blender Pro [Buy On Amazon] is the runner up in the quest.

How to clean Oster blender?

Most of us prefer to wash blenders in the dishwasher; however, it is good to wash the blenders by hand.

But it is best to know whether the blender is dishwasher safe or not before throwing it in. As per the Oster blender reviews, some premium blenders from Oster can clean themselves.

All you need to do is to add few drops of liquid dishwashing soap in the blender half-filled with warm water and let it run for 30 seconds later rinse with tap water. 

What setting do you use on aOster blender to make a smoothie?

Stir setting is used to make perfect smoothies and milkshakes in Oster blender by blending in the ingredients thoroughly without leaving any small chunks leaving behind.

Can Oster blender crush ice?

Not all Oster blenders can crush ice efficiently. If you are looking for a sturdy blender that can crush ice then it’s better to check  Oster blender reviews or consult the product manual before making a purchase.