Black Decker Citrus Juicer Review – Is it Good Pick?

Black Decker Citrus Juicer Review
Black Decker Citrus Juicer Review

After squeezing dozens of lemons and oranges I concluded that this is quite a laborious task. But of course, citrus juice is quite a must for a healthy diet. Then came across the electric citrus juicer machines. So, I thought of giving it a try. Thought of choosing the Black Decker for testing and here I am with a full list of the Black Decker citrus juicer review.

Black Decker is quite a well-known brand when it comes to gong for home appliances. With a great number of kitchen tools choosing the citrus juicer was quite a task. While I got my best electric citrus juicer, I also gathered some other best choices that are also quite the best in their juicing quality.

So, if you are someone who is going for a citrus juicer shopping for the first time or someone who’s going to be using the juicer of forts time. This guide of Black Decker citrus juicer review is for you:

4 Best Black Decker Citrus JuicerShorlisted List

Products Features Buy On
1.BLACK+DECKER Citrus Juicer, CJ625

Automatic system for Pulp basket for pulp controling.

All parts are dishwasher safe

Mess-free juicing
2.BLACK+DECKER Citrus Juicer, CJ650W, Small

Easy and user friendly design.

Easy to extract juice

Easy to clean juicer

Pulp control system
3. Black & Decker HJ28 Citrus Handy Juicer

Easy and elegant design

Pulp control system

Easy cord storage

Portable and easy to manage
4. Black & Decker CJ525 CitrusMate Plus Citrus Juicer


Small and large cones for different sized fruits

Automatic self-reversing capability

Mess-free juicing

Purpose of Citrus Juicer

A citrus juicer is quite a handy one when juicing those big hard lemons or oranges that cannot be juiced with the help of a hand.

People like the office workers or students who take citrus juice for breakfast, the citrus juicer is quite a handy tool for an electric one.

Citrus juicers come in different types. We all have that traditional kind of lemon squeezer in our homes.

But when it comes to the electric citrus juicer a lot of people face the dilemma of whether they should buy one or not.

An electric juicer is a good one for those who like to save time and want the juicing process to be less time-consuming.

Moreover, the citrus juicer does not require any manual help means your hands are free from applying any kind of force.

You just need to keep the citrus fruits over that edge of the juicer and rest of the work for the juicer.

Another remarkable thing about these juices is that you can control the amount of pulp that you want in the juice.

If you want you can exclude the pulp out. This gives you complete control over the process,

Why Black Decker?

Initially, the Black Decker was well known for its remarkable range of tools that were essential for home improvements.

But after some time, the band started to make some remarkable home appliances especially the kitchen appliances.

The kitchen appliances were a hit and people liked the appliances.

The kitchen appliances range from juicers, tea makers, coffee makers, food processors to bakeware, cookware, etc.

Black Decker has always been quite a reliable one when it came to appliances as this brand always made sure to instill the best of best features in their appliances.

When it comes to the appliances the name Black Decker could easily be trusted.

They are very well aware of the people’s needs and try to provide them with the desired tool and that too at a very reasonable price.

All the citrus juicers mentioned in this article of the Black Decker citrus review are very well tested and are equipped with all the essential features that you might need to juice citrus fruit.

So, if you are looking for the best citrus juicer machines then you can easily resort to the Black Decker.

Top 4 Best Black Decker Citrus Juicers

1.BLACK+DECKER Citrus Juicer, CJ625

Talking about the best citrus juicer here we have the Black+Decker 32 oz CJ625 juicer as the number one on our list of the Black Decker citrus juicer reviews.

The compactness, portability, and easy to juicing capability made it capable of being the number one on this list.

Made up of high-quality BPA-free plastic and the white color increases its elegance.

The Clearview juice container with the measuring scale gives you the clear vow of the juice.

Whereas the rotating cone spins in both directions squeezing every drop of juice. The large cone of the juicer makes it compatible with any type of citrus fruit no matter how large or small it is.

Now a lot of the customers complain about having a lot of pulp in them, especially the ones that they buy from the convenience store.

The Good news is that this one has a pulp control basket. This basket helps you to control the amount of the pump you want in your juice. Hence a complete control and smooth juicing process.

Lastly, the drip-free spout makes the juicing free. Whereas the dishwasher-safe parts make the cleaning effortless.

  • Auto reversing juice cone for better juicing
  • Pulp basket for pulp control
  • Measuring scale on the container
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Mess-free juicing
  • It is a noisy tool

2.BLACK+DECKER Citrus Juicer, CJ650W, Small

Another classic masterpiece on our list of the Black+Decker citrus juicer review Is the CJ650.

A little bit similar to the previous one when it comes to the looks. This one has charms of its own.

This one also comes in that classic white color and talking about the features than the CJ624 and this one is quite the same.

This one also comes with a high-quality plastic container that has different readings inscribed on it.

With the help of a measuring scale, you can easily measure the amount of juice extracted.

Moreover, if you want you can even store the juice in this one. Just like the previous one this one also comes with a dual-purpose juicing cone.

This means you get a good amount of juice leaving the shell dry.

A pulp basket is a must for the best orange juicers and the one surely comes with the one.

The pulp basket or strainer collects the pulp and you can either throw it away or like you can mix it in juice.

The design of this one is such that you can juice without worrying about the mess. The non-drip spout makes the pouring of the juice mess-free.

This one also has the dishwasher-safe parts whereas this best electric citrus juicer ones with the two ears of limited warranty.

  • Elegant and user-friendly design
  • Maximum juice extraction
  • Effortless to clean
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Adjustable pulp control system
  • It vibrates during the juicing process

3. Black & Decker HJ28 Citrus Handy Juicer

If you want something very simple and easy to use then this is the best citrus juicer machine for you.

We can say that this is the easiest and simple to use the machine on our list of the Black Decker citrus juicer review list.

Overall plastic design is very elegant and the compactness of this one makes it quite easy to store.

Like all the previously mentioned models this one despite being small is packed with all the features like the dual, pulp control, etc.

Equipped with the 30 watts motor this one can easily juice a lot of citrus fruits at one time.

The 28 0z pitcher with the measuring scale makes the juice storing even easier. You can juice a good amount at a time.

The pulp basket helps you control the pulp amount and you can either have pulpy or pulp less juice.

This is designed to help you with mess-free juice hence less to clean after the juicing. The drip-free spout helps you pour the juice without any worry and no dropping of the juice.

Lastly due to its simple designs cleaning this one is a piece of cake. All the parts are easily detachable and you can easily clean the parts and then detach them back.

  • Simplistic and elegant design
  • Best orange juicer
  • Adjustable pulp control system
  • Easy cord storage
  • Portable and easy to store
  • The motor is not as powerful as the others out there

4. Black & Decker CJ525 CitrusMate Plus Citrus Juicer

Lastly on this list of the Black Decker Citrus juicer review Is the citrus mate plus.

Another very elegant yet easy-to-use citrus juices. The simplistic design and the hardcore feature make the juicing of the citrusy fruits a piece of cake.

This one comes with a 30 Watts motor that is enough to give you a good glass of juice without being time-consuming.

The larger capacity container makes juicing a large amount easier.

This one is equipped with the 1-liter container that makes its best citrus juicer machine for a bigger household.

The adjustable pulp control strainer helps you to determine what amount of pulp you want in your juice.

As a lot of people tend to have their juice without pulp so you have the liberty of choosing whether to go pulp-free or not.

Now another remarkable thing about this one is the presence of the different sizes of cones.

A lot of juicers do not have the option of different-sized cones to adjust with the fruits.

This one gives you that option. This one comes with small and large cones that help you to choose the one according to the fruits you are using.

Lastly this best electric citrus juicer comes with a drip-free spout for mess-free juicing and the simple design makes the cleaning even easier.

  • User-friendly and simplistic design
  • Best orange juicer
  • Small and large cones for different sized fruits
  • Automatic self-reversing capability
  • Mess-free juicing because of drip frees pout
  • Tends to move a lot


And this brings us to the end of this Black Decker juicer review list. Citrus juice is quite a worthy investment as it makes the juicing of the citrus fruits easy and you can even store the juice for later use.

If you are a bigger household and you have to juice a hell lot of oranges daily then it is high time that you invest in the best orange juicer. And you can start from Black Decker.

Although all the juicer listed in this article for the Black Decker citrus juicer review have their charm.

But one always tops the other. And that one would be the Black Decker CJ650 [Buy On Amazaon]. This one is equipped with the essential feature of user-friendly build-up making juicing a lot easier.

So now when you’re aware of the ins and outs of the citrus juicers it is time to get the best electric citrus juicer machine for your kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use the Black+Decker citrus juicer?

Using a Black Decker citrus juicer is not rocket science. After you have assembled all the parts it’s time to start juicing the fruits.

  • Firstly, adjust the cone according to the size of the fruits you are using. For example, the larger cones are for the oranges and the citruswhile the small cones are for lemon and limes.
  • After that adjust the pulp strainer and adjust it according to the amount of pulp you want. The Pulp strainer comeswithdifferent points. YOU can either gowith no pulp or pulpy juice or a little less pulpy etc.
  • After setting everything now it’s time to juice. Plug the cord in the switchboardand cut the fruitsin half.
  • Now push the fruits onto the comes and the juicer will start working. Push it a fewtimes to get all the juice out of the fruit. Due to the reversible system, the cone will rotate in one direction first and then the second time it will rotate in the other direction. This helps in getting all the juice out of the fruit.
  • After juicing the amount, you want, switchoff the cord. Take the parts out that need to be cleaned and enjoy your juice.

Is buying the best citrus juicer worth it?

Well, it mostly depends upon the person who is buying. A lot of people might think that buying a citrus juicer might not be considered worthy but having the best citrus juicer machine is also a blessing in disguise.

This juicer makes the juicing process less time and energy-consuming.

You can easily make tons of juice at one time. All you need to do is to push the fruit on the ones and the rest is the work of the juicer.

This juicer also helps you to make juice for the string for later. If you are someone who is always on the foot you can easily make juice at one time and store it for later use.

What are the benefits of citrus juice?

Several different types of citrus fruits are used for making citrus juicer but oranges, limes and citrus fruits are the most common ones.

Now when you have the best citrus juicer in your possession you should also know the benefits of the citrus juice. 

Following are the benefits of drinking citrus juice:

  • Citrus fruits are a rich source of vitamin C and plant compounds. Eating them raw not only providesyou withthe vitamin but also fiber. But if you take it in the juice,you get an instant boost of vitamin C in your body.
  • Citrus juice is a good post-workoutdrink. As it is rich in energy and oxidants you get an instantboostof energy after a hectic workout.
  • Being low in calories the citrus juice is a mustfordifferent diets. This juiceis quite a handy one whenyou are trying to lose some pounds.
  • Not only citrus juice is good for vitamin C but also it is infused with a lot of minerals essential for the body. Magnesium. Potassium, folate is the minerals that you can find in citrus juice.
  • The flavonoids present in the citrus juice helps in protecting the brain from degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.
  • For better and improvement of kidney and heart health incorporating citrus juice in the diet is a must.

Are the Black Decker juicers noisy?

Well yes, this is a downside of the Black Decker juicers is that they are quite noisy.

Citrus juicers might not be as much but if you go for the other juicers then they are quite the noisy side.

But if you want to go with less noisy ones then better go for the ones that are equipped with the rubber feet.

As the rubber feet not only absorb the vibrations but also absorb the noise. Hence giving you noise-free juicing.