Braun Immersion Blender Review – Top Picks 2022

Braun Immersion Blender Review

Blenders are an essential part of the kitchen but are very robust and dainty handling ten is quite a hard task to do. 

A lot of the brands boast about their blenders being easy to handle and easy to store.

But it is not always true. No matter how much of a compact a blender is storing it is always a little bit of a headache. Unless it’s a hand-held blender.

And that is why we formulated this article on the best handheld blender, the Braun Immersion blender review.

Braun is a prestigious brand that a lot of people resort to when it comes to kitchen appliances.

And the Braun Multi quick hand blenders have been quite famous among the customers.

Equipped with some of the very best features and the easy-to-handle design makes it quite user-friendly.

Whereas the presence of the different attachments makes them even more desirable as you can perform different tasks with just one appliance.

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So, whether it is making those delicious soups, making your favorite omelet, or chopping for the salads or salsas. You can do anything with this one.

Not so sure about the Braun handheld blenders. No worries, below we have provided you with a detailed guide to help you understand the Braun MQ series better:

Why You Should Have an Immersion Blender?

Why You Should Have an Immersion Blender

Now before you dive into the Braun immersion blender review you should first have the answer to the question: Why you should have an immersion blender?

Compact design: The thing is that an immersion blender could be a great alternative for those who do not want those bulky blenders. Or are looking for a blending solution but a little on the cheaper side. You can find some really good blenders for less price than the blender and the good thing is that the immersion blender can almost perform all the tasks that a simple blender can do.

Easy storage: Easy to store is another perk that you get when it comes to these blenders. The normal blenders that you get from the market no matter how much low footprint they have still are kind of difficult to store. Moreover, the portability factor is also a considerable thing. Whereas when it comes to the immersion blenders, you can easily store them anywhere you want because their single-handed design makes the storage way more convenient.

Portable models: Moreover, the portability feature is also a plus factor so if you are an adventurer or more often some road or camping trips. Taking these with you is surely a convenient thing to do.

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The best option for soup making: The best option for soup lovers as you can directly use it for getting the thicker and smooth texture of the soup the way you like. No blending before making the soup, just chuck all the things in the pan and mash them to have greater consistency.

Effortless clean-ups: Lastly clean up in a snap and a lot of the best immersion blenders come with the dishwasher safe tag making cleaning even more effortless.

Main Features of Braun MultiQuick Hand Blender

Braun MultiQuick Hand Blender

Although there are a lot of the features that can be mentioned here, we have detailed them below.

Here we are going to give you a detailed rundown on the main feature of this best Braun blender:

Speed of the Hand blender: Talking about the speed of the hand blender then on the market you will find several different blenders that can provide you with several; speed options. But the unique thing about Braun is that it does not provide you with several buttons to control the speed. It does give you different speeds but instead of providing you with several buttons, you control the speed with one button.

Meaning is that you control speed by applying different pressures to the button. If you want greater speed just push the button with more pressure. But if you want normal or less speed apply a little but if pressure. In this way, you can have complete control over the blending process with just one button. No need to work with different buttons and the process is even less time-consuming.

Blades of the Hand blender: Now comparing this best immersion blender to the previous version or the other blenders out there, the blade technology of this is quite different. This new and improved version comes with active blade technology. The active blade technology enables the blade to move upwards and downwards when working to provide extra cutting surface area.

Moreover, this one also comes with an extra milling blade that helps in cutting even more slices when it comes to cutting the larger or dense foods. That means that you can work with even harder and denser food without worrying about the blade sharpness or breaking of the blades.

A lot of the immersion blenders cannot work with the harder foods due to which their blades dull over time and some even break early. This model does not have any problems with that due to the presence of the extra milling blade.

Power of the Hand blender: The immersion blenders that you will find on the market mostly are not high-powered. Due to the lack of this property, a lot of people complain about not getting the smoothness or texture of the food that they want. But no worries with the MultiQuick 7. This one comes with a high-powered 500 motor.

Meaning you are getting enough power to have a smooth and finer texture. Whether it is lightweight duty like mashing or blending soup or whether you have to grind some spices or make smoothies. You can easily perform all these tasks with the MultiQuick 7 without even breaking a sweat.

Best Braun Immersion Blender

1. Braun MultiQuick 7 Immersion Blender

Braun MultiQuick 7 Immersion Blender

For this list of the Braun Immersion blender review, we have chosen the very versatile and the most sought out product that is the Braun Multiquick 7.

Compared to the previous version that is the Multiquick 9 this one has been modified in terms of some features to give you the best experience of a lifetime. 

Now talking about the features then constructed with stainless steel, this 500 watts single-handed Braun manual blender is set to give you the desired results.

Smart speed technology means that one doesn’t have multiple speed buttons. Instead, you decide how much push you want.

The blending depends upon the push you provide to the button. Gently for coarse and hard for finer results.

The new feature that has been incorporated in this one is the active blade technology.

Due to this one has a more active cutting and the upward and downward motion gives you an even finer blend.

Now talking about another tech feature, this one also has the splash control technology that keeps the splashing under control, meaning this best Braun blender is going to give you mess-free cleaning.

Now as this best immersion blender comes with different accessories, handling the accessories is a lot easier.

Due to the presence of the Easy Click plus system you can easily attach and detach the attachment. Which gives you the opportunity of blending, chop, whisk, mash, and make purees.

Lastly, the dishwasher-safe parts make the cleaning of this one effortless.

Hence in comparison with the MQ500 or MQ9, this one is the best immersion blender amongst these.

  • Classic and user-friendly design
  • 500 watts high powered motor
  • Single-handed operation for ease
  • Extra blade for a better and finer blend
  • Comes with different attachments
  • Versatile and capable of various tasks
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Three years limited warranty
  • Price is slightly higher

How to Use the Braun Multiquick Hand Blender?

How does a blender perform mostly depends upon the features but also the accessories it comes with?

The Braun immersion blender comes with a blending wand, whisker, and food chopper. This is how each accessory can be used without any problem:

Blending: For blending, you need the blending wand. Attach the wand to the motor base with the help of the easy-click system. Now pour the ingredients in the bowl or the beaker that this one comes with. And start the bending process.

Now one thing to keep in mind is that when you are making soup you need to be mindful of the temperature. As when you use the blending and while making the soup the heat may build up inside creating the chances of the pot explosion.

But the unique thing about the Braun hand blender is designed in such a way to minimize any chance of injury. Moreover, the design is such that there is no splashing or mess created during the bending process. Hence you can easily blend without any inconvenience.

Whisking: Now comes the whisking. If you want to use the whisk attachment just switch the attachments with the help of the easy click system. Attach the whisker and you are good to go.

The whisker can be used for all the beating, whipping, or mixing tasks. You can whip cream, beat eggs or mix different ingredients with the help of a whisker.

The great thing is that whisker makes the process less time-consuming and you will be done with your dish in no time. You can either whisk in the beaker that this blender comes with or you can whisk in a proper bowl or pot.

Chopping: Now the best thing about this hand blender is that it also comes with a chopper. And this makes it even easier to work in the kitchen as you are getting all the appliances in one.

All you need to do is attach the motor base with the chopper and you are good to go. You can perform any type of slicing task with this one. Whether chopping the vegetables finely for that salsa or cutting the ingredient for the salad you can do all that with just this appliance.

If you have the Braun MultiQuick 7 then no need to go for those heavy and bulky food processors or blenders. Because this one appliance will be equal to all of the others out there.

How to Clean the Braun Manual Blender?

Now when it comes to the cleaning part of the blender a lot of customers complain about the blenders being difficult to clean. Or are they not dishwasher safe?

Don worry with this best Braun blender you will not have to worry about cleaning.

The Braun Multiquick 7 Is not only versatile when it comes to the features but also quite versatile when it comes to the cleaning part.

With the attachments being dishwasher safe all you need to do is chuck off the attachments on the dishwasher. Be mindful about the blades as the blades are quite sharp.

Now about the other parts then you just need to wipe the motor base whereas for the lid of the processor that it comes with.

You only need to wash out and you are good to go. After dishwashing, dry the attachments and store them wherever you want.


And it’s the wrap of this Braun immersion blender review article. Hand blenders are quite a good option to go with especially for those who do not like those very robust blenders.

Nowadays a lot of immersion blenders come with different accessories that are quite helpful for performing a lot of the other tasks.

So, you can say these types of blenders are all in one processor.

Braun MultiQuick 7 (Buy On Amazon)is the same. The different accessories make it compatible with performing a lot of other tasks aside from blending.

Whereas the high-quality features like the robust motor, single-handed operation, and user-friendly system make it a hit of this Braun immersion blender review post.

So now you know all about the Braun MultiQuick. Time to get one for your kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Braun Multiquick Hand Blender come with accessories?

Yes, the Braun immersion blender comes with various attachments. To define it clearly, basically, this set comes in three variants.

This is the MQ7025, MQ7035, MQ7077. All three variants have different sets of attachments and different prices.

In the MQ7025, you get the Beaker, whisk attachment, and the 1.5 cup food processor along with the blender.

In the MQ7035, you get the Beaker, whisk attachment, and the 2 cups chopper along with the blender attachment.

Whereas in the MQ7077 you get the beaker, whisk attachment, Masher accessory, and the 6-cup food processor along with the blender.

How does the Braun manual blender perform?

We added the MQ 7 to our list of the Braun immersion blender review because of its exceptional performance and hands down the best capabilities to blend.

Talking about the performance than comparing it with the Multiquick 9 then this one does have some charms of its own.

First of all, the features like the Smart speed technology, Active blade technology, and the Easy clicking plus system make blending a breeze.

Whereas the presence of the different attachments provides you the advantage of performing various tasks.

Moreover, the dishwasher-safe parts and the three years limited warranty makes it quite a desirable one amongst the customers.

Multiquick 9 or 7? Which is the best immersion blender?

The MultiQuick 7 has been mentioned in this list of the Braun immersion blender review if compared to the MQ 9. 

There is not a lot of difference. Both of the models share a lot of features among them except for some features that are only present in the MQ 7 as it is the newer and the improved version.

Those features are the active blade technology, child lock, and the blade design and torque.

Moreover, if we compare both power-wise then we can say that the MQ 9 is superior. This one comes with a 700 watts motor that is more powerful than the MQ7.

Talking about the task performance then both are quite good in both areas and cleaning is also not a hard job.

Both the models come with the three years warranty. So, both the models are quite good. It depends upon your preference which one you like.

Can Braun blenders crush ice cubes?

Yes of course these blenders can crush ice. The powerful high-watt motor and the extra milling blade make the crushing and grinding of the hard and dense ingredients easy.

YOU can easily crush ice or make smoothies of fruits and veggies with this one.

Add the ice when the motor is switched off. And then start the blender. Blend as you like and you are good to go.