Breville Super Q Blender Review – Is It Good Choice?

Breville Super Q Blender Review
Breville Super Q Blender Review

In this Breville Super Q Blender Review, you will learn the details of the Breville Blender. It is a large-capacity blender with a highly adaptable design.

It’s well-built and has a plethora of preset settings and speeds, making it simple to select the optimal setting for your mix. It’s excellent for creating almond butter, smoothies, and hot blending components.

Regrettably, although it works well for smashing ice, some unprocessed chunks remain. It is, however, simple to clean by hand, and the jar, lid, and tamper may easily be washed in the dishwasher.

A high-quality blender can assist you in creating unprocessed culinary and beverage creations with fresh ingredients. 

The Breville Super Q blender is the company’s top-of-the-line model, with a 1800W motor and a blade speed of 186mph/300kph for serious blending power.

In this Breville Super Q Blender Review, you will read that this best Breville blender has the strength and ability to blitz fruit and vegetables smoothly.

It is a multipurpose blender with fantastic features that won’t find anywhere else. Rather than being offered separately, it already includes a personal cup.

You are making it a more attractive proposition in comparison to its rivals.

The Breville countertop blender has the signature Breville style that complements all other Breville products while also looking at home among other brands.

Additionally, it has all standard mixing functions, such as twelve-speed settings for optimum blending control.

Along with the vast jug, it includes one personal blending cup with a travel cover and blade system for on-the-go smoothies.

The clever base detects whether a jug or a personal blending cup is inserted and adjusts the speed appropriately.

However, the Super Q struggled with smaller volumes, making it an unsuitable blender for individuals looking to prepare tiny servings.

This Breville Super Q Blender Review will explain all of the features and qualities of this magnificent blender to you.

Quick Overview of Breville Super Q Blender

Product Features Buy On
Breville Super Q Blender

Variable Speed

Powerful Robust Motor

Auto Cleaning Function

Additional Personal Cup

BPA Free

Dishwasher Safe

What’s Special in Breville Super Q Blender?

Apart from being an aesthetically pleasing appliance, the Breville countertop blender is a mighty machine capable of much more than mixing silken smoothies.

With a motor capable of 186 mph and a 68-ounce pitcher, this machine is capable of grinding spices, milling grains, pulverizing nuts into creamy butter, mixing thick doughs and batters, and chopping fresh vegetables, among other chores.

The Breville blender is might and silent when it’s blending but it is also very easy and simple to use. It’s an advanced kitchen appliance with 5 set of programs.

The unique feature of the Breville super Q blender is its powerful blending. When it comes to powerful mixing, this blender has you covered. Our ice cubes were pulverized to a fragile crushed texture in seconds, at an 85dB noise level.

However, if you want ground nuts, it performed a great job with just a few somewhat more significant bits remaining. When we filled the jug to the brim with water and blended it at maximum speed, there was no leaking from anywhere in the jug.

It’s multi-purpose and multifunction; with the addition of settings and accompanying accessories, the Super Q transforms into a food processor, ice cream maker, and personal blender.

Important Features of Breville Super Q Blender


The 1800-watt, 120-volt motor delivers both tremendous velocity and torque. The blades can achieve speeds of up to 186 kilometers per hour when equipped with this heavy-duty system.

Noise Reduction

An often-overlooked issue, the noise produced by many blenders is loud and uncomfortable.

Loud enough to awaken sleeping roommates, bother studying roommates, and disrupt the usually tranquil environment of your living area.

The Breville countertop blender attests that the fan and motor technologies used in this model are meant to reduce noise levels significantly.

While it is quieter than other brands and models I have tried, it is still rather noisy.

After all, this is a high-powered blender. Crushing ice and rock-hard nuts is still rather loud. That is understandable.

The Base of the Blender

The brushed stainless-steel base is a work of art, equipped with a strong motor and an intuitive control mechanism.

The base has an uncomplicated control panel with an on/off switch, pause/cancel button, clean button, timer button, five preset settings, and a speed dial.

The processes are clearly shown on the LCD indication panel.

Five Preset Applications

The one-touch programs will be pretty handy for everyone who prepares smoothies first thing in the morning while still asleep.

There is no need to think and be thoroughly awake when preparing your favorite combination of fruit, milk, and yogurt.

Along with the smoothie settings, various more pre-programmed algorithms will assist you in creating some blended essentials.

The preset programs are self-explanatory; five options are pre-programmed with exact times and speeds to achieve the desired results consistently.

Pulse/Ice Smash: Finely chop or crush meals.

Smoothie: Specifically designed to mix and aerate components in dairy-based smoothies for a smooth, creamy texture.

Green Smoothie: Using a high-speed blender breaks down the rough fibers in entire fruits and vegetables, resulting in a smooth beverage.

Frozen Desserts: A more incredible speed combines frozen ingredients into a scoop able consistency that may be served. It makes desserts such as sorbets ice creams.

Soup: Converts cold or room temperature ingredients into creamy and hot delicious soups by beginning with a high speed and concluding with a gentle stir to eliminate any air bubbles.

Speed Control Manual

Along with the preset programs, a speed control dial allows you to adjust the pace and time manually.

There are 12-speed options (13 if you add the pause setting), with increasing speed increments represented on the LCD indicator panel through visual bars and textual speed styles.

These 12 presets serve as a handy guide for producing precisely what you desire, without any guessing.

The Super Q is equipped with nine buttons which includes pause or cancel, on/Off, pulse or ice, soup, smoothie, crush, frozen dessert and Clean.

Each button has a very self-explanatory function. Additionally, it has a dial for manual speed adjustment.

The soup button enables you to create a hot soup using components that are at room temperature.

Although the blender does not seem to have a standard heating element, it can blend ingredients at room temperature into a hot soup at a fast speed.

Additionally, there is a timer set for manual operations; it may run for a total of six minutes for the big jug or 30 seconds for the personal blending cup before the machine automatically shuts off.

Container and Lid

The 68-ounce container of Breville brushed stainless steel blender is constructed of BPA-free polyester. It is resistant to impact shattering and is dishwasher safe.

It is designed to resist repeated usage with abrasive components such as ice, frozen fruit, and nuts.

The pitcher, or jug, a section of the Breville Super Q, has a big handle and a blade affixed to the bottom of the pitcher. Additionally, it has a two-part cover.

The lid is secured to the jar via friction. Remove the middle of the lid to use the tamper or add items to the blender while running.

The detachable center portion of the lid has to measure lines, so you can also use it to measure out ingredients.

The lid and jug are made up of the same kind of material but with a rubber ring that lines the outside of the lid for maximum suction force.

There is a finger hole on one corner to assist in removing the lid from the top.

The center of the lid is constructed with a detachable inner measuring cup – the aperture allows for the insertion of any more ingredients while the engine is operating and serves as a vent for steam. The cup itself has a capacity of two fluid ounces.


The four stainless-steel surgical blades are molded to the jug’s base for optimal cutting force and processing results. The powerful blades effortlessly blend liquid-free recipes like nut butter and thicker mixes like cookie and pasta doughs.

The Accessories

Indeed, the primary container and lid are not the only highlights of your purchase. This model is equipped with a slew of valuable extras.

Each attachment has been painstakingly created – the materials are of the highest quality, and the accessories feel exceptionally robust. They were designed to be used in conjunction with the main container daily.

Scrapper and Tamper

The scraper is a narrow spatula with a dark grey plastic handle and a silicone tip. It is used to press food down from the walls of the blender or to remove ingredients after mixing.

You need to remove the inner cap and then insert the scraper into the aperture.

Tampers are now included with blenders. That little plastic bat or the plunger-like item propels food into the blades.

This is a helpful tool, and when used correctly, it may be an excellent method to burst the air pockets that build around the blade while the blender works.

The dark grey plastic tamper forces dense meals into the blades. It assists in preparing frozen desserts, nut butter, and doughs.

Tamper in the same way as you would a scraper, remove the lid’s inner cover and insert the tamper through the aperture.

The Personal Blender Accessories

As described in Breville Super Q Blender Review, you will receive a good amount of quality accessories along with the blender as well.

You’re going to like the accompanying accessory: a personal blender cup with a convenient travel lid.

This 24-ounce cup is made of the same BPA-free polyester as the main jug and is impact-resistant, shatterproof, and dishwasher safe.

The cup is used with a separate blade system that connects directly to the motor base.

Before installing the blade system, fill the cup with your contents.

After securing the blade system to the motor base, you may use it to create appropriately portioned smoothies for your next on-the-go meal. 

Breville Super Q Blender Vs. Vitamix: Which Is Best?

Breville’s Super Q blender is one of the most powerful available. Apart from that, this blender has everything you’ll ever need to get the job done.

A 68-ounce jug, a smaller 28-ounce serving cup, a tamper, a scraping tool, and a recipe book are included.

The Super Q blender’s stainless-steel motor base gives it a glossy appearance.

With five settings for “Touch ‘n’ Go” blending and a programmed timer for self-cleaning, this blender has it all.

The Best Breville blender is equipped with commercial-grade motors capable of producing excellent results.

The Super Q also has a fifth one-touch function (bringing five) called Frozen dessert. Additionally, it has a 12-speed transmission.

Selecting your pace is accomplished through a dial and LCD, making it reasonably simple to use.

Additionally, the Super Q contains a personal-size blender (24 oz), ideal for blending smoothies or smaller amounts.

The Super Q’s base is made of brushed stainless steel. Another critical element of the Super Q is its noise reduction technology, which is necessary when dealing with a strong engine.

Vitamix has long been the blender of choice for many individuals. It’s well-known for its strong motor and exact outcomes while mixing.

As a result, the Breville Super Q is pretty competitive. The Vitamix, like the Super Q, offers selectable speeds and programs.

It has five programs, including frozen dessert, soup, smoothie, and puree.  

The dial allows you to pick from ten different speed levels. The Vitamix 750’s motor is rated at 1440 watts.

Although it is relatively strong, the Super Q is even more so at 1800watts. The Vitamix jug holds 64 oz, which is slightly less than the Super Q’s.

However, the Vitamix only comes with a single jug, but the Breville Super Q includes an extra personal size 24 oz blender cup.

The super q blender is unquestionably the superior of the two. The Super Q is a good choice if you’re searching for a quieter alternative to the traditional buzzing blender.

While it generates some noise while smashing ice and chopping up complex materials, the motor is considerably quieter than the motors of any other model we tested.

It provides more for a lower price. The Breville super q blender’s strong blender engine, along with an excellent noise reduction mechanism, makes it an excellent instrument for blending.

If you’re going to select one of these blenders, we recommend the Breville blender.

Breville Super Q Countertop Blender

Breville describes the Super Q as a commercial-grade blender made for the home, and it certainly looks and feels that way. The high-capacity jug and brushed stainless steel construction give it an unmistakably business appearance.

As mentioned in this Breville Super Q Blender Review, the Breville Q Blender is a well-built machine. It features a robust, durable metal base that stays put as you mix.

The buttons are easily cleaned, and the materials seem to be sturdy. However, when installed, the primary jar wobbles somewhat.

There are seven color variations, most of which are subdued and metallic in tone; however, in the United Kingdom and Australia, it is only available in brushed stainless steel.

The model we examined featured a stainless-steel finish, which we found marks quickly with fingerprints and requires frequent polishing to maintain its most pleasing appearance.

The Breville brushed stainless steel blender is 8.2 x 10.6 x 18.1 inches/ 26.8 x 20.8 x 46cm tall, which means it may not fit under wall-mounted cabinets. However, it weighs 11 lbs/5 kg, making it unsuitable for frequent movement.

It includes a convenient personal blending cup and travel cover for a convenient smoothie on the go, and more cups are available separately.

Additionally, there is a tamper for redistributing components throughout the blending process, as well as a scraper for scraping down the jug’s edges.

The Super Q blender is compatible with a Vac Q pump attachment, sold separately. The Vac Q extracts air from the blender and avoids the formation of air bubbles while mixing.

The lack of air bubbles lowers oxidation, which is said to improve the flavor, color, and texture of your vegetable dips and smoothies.

You will find the clean button labelled as CLEAN on left side of the control panel. Add about 4 cups warm (but not boiling) water and a few drops of liquid detergent.

The blender will complete its cycle and automatically shut off when complete. Additionally, you may sterilize your blender jar with about one and a half tablespoons liquid bleach.

The blender jar, personal blender cup, blender blade system, tamper, scraper, and lids may all be washed in a dishwasher on a regular cycle.

The blender jar should be placed on the bottom tray or dishwashing drawer, while the personal blender cup, personal blender blade system, and all lids should be placed on the top tray or dishwasher drawer.

Breville backs this item with a ten-year limited product guarantee. If you purchase it straight from the company’s website, you may be entitled to return it to Breville within 30 days of receipt of shipping if you encounter any problems.

With 12-speed options shown on the LCD screen, the Super Q provides a great degree of control. Additionally, five one-touch programs are included: smoothie, green smoothie, frozen dessert, soup, and ice smash, in addition to a pulse function.

The clean program simplifies cleaning; add warm water and dish soap, and the clean program will take care of the rest. Alternatively, you may clean all attachments, including the blades, in the dishwasher.

  • Sleek, compact design
  • 12 variable speeds with pulse
  • 2.4-horsepower motor
  • Capacity of up to 68 oz.
  • Blades made of stainless steel
  • five one-touch blending programs
  • Auto-clean function for easy cleaning
  • Includes a personal cup
  • LCD
  • Timer with programmability
  • Quieter operation compared to prior Breville blenders
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • BPA-free
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • Superior blender at a premium price
  • The maximum blend time for the personal cup is 30 seconds.


Suppose you were unfamiliar with the Breville super Q blender before reading this. In that case, after reading this Breville Super Q Blender Review, you now know that super Q blender is one of the best blenders you can get on the market.

It has a high-grade powerful motor and a noise cancellation system. From hot soups to ice smoothies, it can make everything.

The versatility of this blender is very impressive. Hence, the Best Breville blender should be a part of your kitchen for all of those reasons.

FAQs – Frequenty Asked Questions

Can you crush ice in this blender?

Yes, the Breville blender is one of the finest at breaking the ice. Their blenders are high-performance, making them ideal for mixing frozen foods and converting ice cubes to snow.

Can this blender be cleaned in the dishwasher?  

Yes, Breville blenders’ removable components are dishwasher safe.

What can my Breville Blender be used for?

The Breville Super Q can prepare smoothies, soups and even crush frozen fruits.

Can frozen fruits be blended in a Breville blender?

Yes, the Breville Blender is perfectly capable of blending frozen fruits. It may aid in the preparation of smoothie bowls and frozen desserts.

How much noise do these blenders make?

Breville’s newer blenders, such as the Super Q, have noise-canceling technology. The noise rating on this is only 90 db. It’s noticeably quieter than the other full-sized blenders I’ve tested. However, it remains as audible as a compact diesel vehicle.

Can a Breville Blender grind coffee beans?

You certainly can. On the other hand, Blenders are not the optimal method for grinding coffee beans. Blending machines add a large amount of air into the process, which oxidizes the coffee grounds. The whole procedure will undoubtedly alter the flavor of your coffee.

Can almond butter be made in a Breville blender?

The Breville brushed stainless steel blender is ideal for making almond butter. When using the Puree mode, it produces a smooth, somewhat dry butter with some very tiny fragments of raw nuts.

You have to pause the blender and use the tamper to push nuts toward the blades from the side of the jar.