Can You Put Ice Cubes In a Blender? Expert Advice

Can You Put Ice Cubes In a Blender?
Can You Put Ice Cubes In a Blender?

Ice is a significant factor in making a drink. It does more than just keeping the drinks chilled.

A properly prepared ice is as important as freshly squeezed fruits in juices.

Bars and restaurants use special machines to crush the ice. But as a consumer you can’t buy crushed ice, you can only make it with the help of electrical home appliances.

Now you must be wondering and thinking that can you put ice cubes in a blender that has been tirelessly performing and helping you in your routine tasks!

Well you must be pondering that can a blender crush ice cubes and the fact is not all blenders are suitable to crush ice.

Some blenders have thin plastic pitchers and can be shattered while some have ordinary motors that can burn out while trying to crush the ice.

The performance depends on your blender. Unless you have the best blender with a sturdy motor that is 400 watts at least and a durable pitcher that is suitable for taking this challenge we suggest you not take the risk as it can dull the blades or damage the motor.

How to Crush Ice in a Blender?

So now you have read the instructions suggested in the manual and luckily you have got the best blender for ice crushing.

If you are still feeling hesitant to use your blender and don’t know how to crush ice in a blender then don’t worry we have got your back!

Take the ice out of the freezer five minutes prior to the process. Make sure the cubes are smaller in size.

Don’t pack the whole pitcher with ice cubes, just fill one-third of the pitcher with ice cubes and leave ample space for the cubes to bounce around. You can add water or juice to speed up the process.

Now lock it with the lid and pulse the blender with 2-seconds bursts for around five to seven times.

Move the ice with a stir stick or spoon and set the blender at medium speed for around 15 to 30 seconds.

Stop the blender after getting the desired consistency. Now the crushes ice is ready!

You can either use it straight away or can store it in the insulated ice bucket for later use.                              

Surely your blender is an uber-versatile kitchen appliance that has been performing pretty well throughout your kitchen endeavors; but it is important to know exactly what can you not put in a blender and exactly what is expected from them.

Otherwise it may result in damage your blending. Here are few items that you should avoid putting in your blender.

What Can You Not Put in a Blender?

What can you not put in a blender
What can you not put in a blender

Putting Hot Liquids: Putting hot liquids can cause an explosion as steam creates pressure in a blender. Wait for 10 minutes before pureeing hot liquids to let them cool.

Blending Dried Fruits: If putting dried fruits into the blender is necessary then either mince it by hand or soak them in warm water for some time before blending. Dried fruits can damage the blades if they get stuck into them.

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Extremely Frozen Ingredients: Be cautious while blending extremely hard or super frozen foodsas it can break the pitcher of the blender.

Keep the frozen items to soften for 10-15 minutes before putting them into the blender for better results.

Crushing Ice Cubes: Really! Can a blender crush ice cubes or is it just a marketing strategy by the manufacturers.

The fact is whether can you put ice cubes in a blender or not is solely dependent on the type and features of your blender.

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Ice cubes are similar to frozen foods and if you are using a standard blender then there is a risk of damaging or breaking the blades.

Grinding Whole Spices: Blenders are not suitable for grinding whole spices. You may need to buy a spice grinder for making a spice blend.

Raw High-Fiber Foods: Beans and high fiber foods such as vegetables should always be cooked before blending else they can dull the sharp blades. A food processor is best for vegetables and raw high fiber foods.

Blending Nuts: Nuts are not as tough as compared to other foods but they can still dull the blender’s blade.

It is recommended to soften the nuts by soaking them into the water for 30 minutes prior to blending.

Enough Liquid Ratio: Can you use a blender without liquid? If your answer is yes then you need to review the manual given with your blender.

Most people use blenders roughly and expect them to work like grinders without using liquid or water.

This can shorten your machine life. The correct ratio of liquid to solid is necessary for a better outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you not do with a blender?

  • Don’t fill the blender up to the top.
  • Don’t go from 0 to 100 quickly; it will leave chunky bits.
  • Grind whole spices and coffee beans
  • Blending hot liquids
  • Mashing Potatoes

Can a blender crush ice cubes?

Not all blenders are designed to crush ice. It is dependent on the type of blender, its power, blades and the material of its pitcher.

Can you use a blender without liquid?

You don’t need liquid if you want to chop off large ingredients but if you are blending small ingredients then a little water is necessary. Less or no liquid may result in the thick lumpy fluid while too much liquid will not let the blades come in contact with the solid.

What is best blender for ice?

Blentec Total Blender manufactured by Blentec is the best blender for ice crushing as it has some great features for blending and crushing ice.

Do you put ice in the blender first?

No, you should put soft or high moisture ingredients in the blender first and hard or solid ingredients latter like ice, frozen fruits, etc.

We hope that this article would help you make a decision and we were successfully been able to answer whether can you put ice cubes in a blender or you need to buy a sturdy yet versatile blending machine to crush ice and help make you wonderful delicacies.