Dash Blender Reviews – A Complete Guide For 2022

Dash Blender Reviews

Blenders take a vital place in your kitchen. Every kitchen needs a good-quality blender that can easily make smoothies, soups, frozen desserts, purees, and cocktails.

One model that will help you to make these things is Dash Blender and in this article, we will give complete Dash Blender Reviews.

Dash Blender has ultra-blending functions. High-power motors and specially designed blades chop all the hard ingredients that come in their way.

It comes with 1400 watts motor, Japanese stainless steel blades, and a built-in metal drive socket.

Dash Blender comes in 6 different colors and is 22 inches tall.

With different Dash Blender Reviews, we can say that it has an 8.5 cup capacity BPA-free plastic pitcher that’s why it can process large batches.

Blades are also sturdy and durable. If you purchase it you also get food temper with food temper you can down food towards blades.

If all these qualities make you a fan of this blender and this blender is the dream blender you are looking for then check out our thorough Dash Blender Reviews.

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Dash Blender for Handsome Budget

Product Features Buy On
Dash Chef Series 64 oz Blender

1400 watts motor

6 grades Japanese made blades

Make hot and cold drinks

8 preset settings

Self-cleaning function

Grinds hard ingredients

1 year warranty

Dash Blender for Average Budget

Product Features Buy On
Dash Mighty Mini Personal Blender

Powerful DC motor

Stainless steel blades

One-touch operation

Easy to clean

Easy to use

Silicon non slip feet

Tritan blending bottle
Safety switch lock

Key Features of Dash Blender

Control and Speed

The dash blender has a start\stop button, 10-speed controls from 1 to 9, and H for high speed. This model also has 8 preprogram sets and timer buttons.

With this blender, you also get a dial knob that can be used to engage pulse and pre-set functions.

8 preprogram sets included smoothie, soup, crush, and puree, frozen, manual, rinse and pulse setting. The timer button sets the duration interval between 1 and 10.

With easy control, we can say that Dash Chef Series Blender has a user-friendly interface.


The Dash Chef Series Blender is 8.75 in diameter and has a 10” high base. After being fully assembled its weight is 11 pounds and height is 21.5”.

That’s why Dash Chef Blender is difficult to fit under the kitchen cabinet.

Make Smoothies

We examine many Dash Blender Reviews and according to them, Dash Blender is the best blender for smoothies.

This blender gives precise consistency and smoothness in just a few seconds.

Dash Blender has pre-setting for smoothies and also pulse feature.

With the pulse feature, you can choose a particular speed according to your needs.


If you want to extract whole juice from the fruits then Dash Blender is a perfect choice.

The Japanese made stainless steel blades extract more nutrients from fruits and vegetables.

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Frozen Fruits and Vegetables

Because of its high-power motor dash, the blender can effortlessly blend frozen fruits and vegetables.

The superpower motor and stainless steel blades crush ice into snow just in seconds.


The dash blender comes with a soup setting put cold ingredients and you will get hot soup in the record 8 minutes.  


Dash Blender also has a puree speed setting with a puree speed setting you can perfectly make baby food.


The dash blender is not suitable for those who are sensitive to noise. This blender produces sound up to 90 dB while blending smoothies and produces much more sound while crushing ice or grinding.

Easy to use

The dash blender has clear control and is very easy to use. Just fix the container on-base fill the container with ingredients and fit the lid on the container.

If you fix the container properly then the container will give red light.

Press the start/stop button to start the blender and select pre-set speed function or manual function according to your choice.

The dash blender also has an auto shut-off function that means when the process is complete this blender is automatically turned off.

You also get tamper with dash blender. The tamper helps in removing air bubbles and thick mixes.

Easy to Clean

The dash blender comes with a self-cleaning function. Fill the jar with warm water and add some detergent. Now select rinse pre-set for better cleaning.

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The dash blender has a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on parts and 7 years warranty on the motor.

You also get customer-friendly customer service and after-sales service.

Dash Blender Reviews

Review by Marry

I purchased Dash Blender for health reasons. My need was the best crushing smoothies for my health so I purchase this amazing blender.

When I used Dash Blender I recognize the dash blender is a winner.

It gives you the perfect results for smoothies. The Dash Blender is also best for crushing ice and frozen fruits.

You simply need to put perfect size ice cubes in it and the blender crushes them into the snow.

People, who love fresh and frozen juices and cocktails, purchase it. You feel very lucky after purchasing it.

Review by Bruce

The Dash Blender has huge in size you cannot underestimate its size. The 2.25 HP motor takes too much space in your kitchen.

This huge machine will also scare the children please take care. Except for its size, this machine proves to be the very best choice.

When I used it, it is very smooth to use. I feel comfortable to use, Interface is very user-friendly.

In this Blender, I prepare shakes, juices, smoothies, cocktails, and drinks without any hassle.

After use, I clean it easily, and during cleaning, I face no issues. If you have no issue with its size then purchase it believe me it proves to be the best choice.

Review by Michael

I personally believe this blender is an amazing choice but when I put rough ice without perfect size cubes it could not blend it. It could blend only perfect size cubes.

So if you have no issue with ice cubes then buy it. Other than rough ice, I don’t examine any issue.

For large families the Best Dash Blender is suitable. You can make juices, shakes, smoothies in large quantities.

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The jar is easily fitted onto the blender machine and works smoothly.

I like this blender very much and also recommend it. You probably need it.

Review by Finch

My basic need is a blender that can make both soups and frozen cocktails.

So I use the Best Dash Blender and leave my old blender. Believe me, this blender makes my eyes open.

Dash Blender is an awesome choice. The Dash Blender has no competition with any other blender because it has unique features.

After using it I can loudly say that it is the best blender I have ever used.

It comes with a large 8 cups capacity jar and has a competitive price. It also has a solid steel blade assembly.

If you want to clean the blades you don’t have to unscrew the base. I have made smoothies twice in this blender and the result was amazing.

I personally believe that no other type of blender can give this type of result.

For smoothies just put ingredients, select the smoothie option and push the start button and stand behind.

When it stops you get the best smoothie. I am not fully clear about its all settings but I have had success by using it.

I have made smoothies, juices, shakes, cocktails, and soups, it gives me an amazing performance.

So that’s why I have to recommend it as the best blender, purchase it, enjoy the amazing performance.

Our expert made a list of Best Dash Blenders with the help of many Dash Blender Reviews so please pay special attention to it.

Now We are Going to Discuss Top 4 Dash Blenders

1.Dash Chef Series Blender

The dash chef blender integrated with 1400 watts powerful motor and 6 grades Japanese made blades.

This blender will chop, blend, grind, puree, and juice effortlessly.

The Best Dash Blender has a special feature that it can easily make hot and cold dishes.

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Make smoothies, frozen cocktails, iced coffee, and ice cream in just a few minutes.

You can also make green juice, hot soups, purees, cheese, pesto, chocolate in just 8 minutes.

8 pre-set settings make this blender unique. 8 pre-sets include puree, rinse, crush, smoothie, soup, manual & pulse, frozen.

The dash chef blender grinds the toughest substances like nuts, dips, hummus, and grains. You also get a self-cleaning function.

After blending select the rinsing function, add some warm water and dish soap and the chef blender does the rest.

If we talk about its warranty this blender gives a 1-year manufacture warranty on its parts. If you purchase it you also get a recipe book and tamper.

What We Like about this Blender

The Dash Chef Series Blender has 1400 watts powerful motor and 6 grades Japanese-made blades.

It can be perfect for hot and cold drinks. 8 preset settings and self-cleaning functions are also included in it.

  • 1400 watts motor
  • 6 grades Japanese made blades
  • Make hot and cold drinks
  • 8 preset settings
  • Self-cleaning function
  • Grinds hard ingredients
  • 1 year warranty
  • The pulse function takes too much time approximately 5 minutes.

2.Dash Mighty Mini Personal Blender

The Dash Mighty Blender is integrated with a powerful DC motor and stainless steel blades.

This blender is a countertop-friendly blender and easily fits under kitchen cabinets.

That’s why dash mighty blender is also called Dash Countertop Blender.

The Dash Countertop Blender has less weight and height. Its weight is 1.5 lbs. and 10.5 tall.

With a Tritan blending bottle, you can easily make meals and shakes. The Dash Mighty Blender is very easy to use.

It has a simple plug-and-play option. One-touch operation without the difficulty of different settings or buttons.

With Dash Countertop Blender you can easily make your favorite smoothies just in 10 seconds.

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You do not feel any difficulty cleaning this blender because this blender provides hassle-free cleaning.

The Dash Mighty Blender is very stable because it is integrated with silicon nonslip feet.

You also get a safety switch that assures this blender only works when the Tritan blending bottle is fit properly in lock place.

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If you purchase the Dash Countertop Blender you get a recipe book for amazing new recipes. Purchase it and enjoy its amazing features.

What We Like about this Blender

This blender has a powerful DC motor and stainless steel blades. It comes with a single button and is very easy to use.

You can easily make smoothies with it. Safety switch also increase its value.

  • Powerful DC motor
  • Stainless steel blades
  • One-touch operation
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Silicon non slip feet
  • Tritan blending bottle
  • Safety switch lock
  • Recipe book
  • It takes more time for smoothie and mixing than other blenders

3.Dash Quest Countertop Blender

The Dash Quest Countertop Blender comes with a 1.5 L super durable blending jug with handle, anti-rust stainless steel blades.

This blender is also integrated with 2 blending settings and pulse options.

The dash blender makes coffee, frozen cocktails, shakes, soups, desserts, and snow cones.

This unique blender is very stable because it has non-slip feet. Lid and tamper are also included in its accessories.

The Dash Countertop Blender is a dishwasher-safe blender.

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The Dash Blender has a user-friendly interface. You can easily use this blender.

It has an illuminated control dial that provides low and high pulse settings.

This blender gives single-step blending. We examine many Dash Blender Reviews and we conclude that this blender is a great choice.

What We Like about this Blender

This blender has 2 blending settings and also pulse option. It comes with non-slip feet that’s why it is very stable.

It has low and high pulse settings and also a dishwasher-safe blender.

  • High and low blending settings
  • Pulse option
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Anti-rust stainless steel blades
  • Single step blending
  • 1.5 L super blending jug
  • Stable
  • Non-slip feet
  • You can make hot and cold drinks
  • Difficult to clean you need a screw driver to remove tiny screw from the bottom.

4.Dash Chef Series Immersion Blender

The Dash Chef Series Blender comes with a non-slip and comfortable handle.

It’s exterior made with stainless steel material gives Dash Chef Blender an elegant appearance.

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The Dash Chef Blender offers stainless steel blades that don’t dull over time.

The Dash Hand Blender is a versatile blender because it can do different tasks such as blending, puree, mash, slice, grate, and more.

It can also act as a food processor when attached to the food processor base.

The Dash Blender has 5-speed options and offers a full range of motion during blending.

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With Dash Hand Blender you get whisk attachments and turbo mode for fast blending, mashing, grating, and slicing.

Accessories include Dash Chef Series Blender, masher, whisk attachments, food processor, and emulsifier plates.

We examine Dash Blender Reviews and conclude that this blender is the best choice.

What We Like about this Blender

The Dash Blender has a non-slip and comfortable handle. It comes with stainless steel blades.

This blender is a versatile blender and also acts as a food processor. It offers 5-speed options.

  • Stainless steel blades
  • 5 speed options
  • Non-slip and comfortable handle
  • Versatile Blender
  • Whisk attachments
  • Dash blender also work as a food processor
  • Turbo mode for fast blending
  • Less powerful than others

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Dash Blender?

With Dash Blender, you get 1400 watts of power to cut and blend hard and frozen ingredients.

It also has 6 digital preset rinses, puree, soup, crush, smoothie, and frozen. In addition, you get a pulse feature.

How do you clean the Dash Blender?

Fill your blender up to half with warm water and soap. Put the lid on the jar and start blending. After blending rinse the soapy water.

Is Dash Blender good for Beginners?

Yes, a dash blender is a great choice for beginners because it is very simple to use. Its interface is user-friendly.

If you have no experience of using any blender then a dash blender is suitable.

How Do You use a Blender Step by Step?

First of all plug in the blender and take the lid of the blender off. Now put in ingredients and start blending by pressing the start/stop button.

When you are done blending press the start/stop button again to stop the blending.

How Much Does a Good Blender Cost?

Blender’s cost depends upon its functionality, versatility, and performance. Higher prices mean better performance.

With less budget you can get a plastic personal blender and if you have high budget multifunction, a premium glass blender.

What Hand Blender is Best?

The Dash Hand Blender is the best choice because it has a non-slip and comfortable handle.

The Dash Hand Blender comes with 5-speed options and stainless steel blades.

This blender is also a versatile blender because it can do different tasks. It also acts as a food processor.

Why Does Blender Smell Bad?

Some blender’s jars are made with BPA-free plastic which is more sensitive to attract the smell and odor when they are not cleaned regularly.

So clean your blender with the mixture of vinegar and baking soda properly.


The Dash Blender is a professional blender that can blend, chop, purees, mix and grind like a pro.

It is equipped with a 2.5 HP motor, 1400 watts motor, speed options, and the main function is a hot and cold option.

It has multiple settings and is best for any restaurant and kitchen. The Dash Blender gives you an amazing performance.

It’s very hard to beat the performance and efficiency of this blender. You also get overheating protection and a locking lid.

Overall the Dash Blender is a pocket-friendly and heavy-duty blender I recommend it because I have the experience to use it.