How to Choose a Blender for Smoothies?

How to Choose a Blender for Smoothies
How to choose Best blender for smoothies?

Are you thinking to use your juicer for making a smoothie?

Let us guide you before time that expecting a juicer to make a smoothie would only waste your time and food.

Technically the juicer wouldn’t serve you a smoothie because it is made to make a juice by separating the insoluble fiber and pulp while the smoothie is a pureed fruit or vegetable containing the insoluble fiber, skin, and seeds which are left out in the juices.

Anyway, you need to buy a best blender for iced drinks and smoothies!

There are many different types of blenders available in the market offering unique features and introducing new designs making it difficult for you to choose the best blender for smoothies.

Don’t worry we have discussed few important aspects that will guide you how to choose a blender for smoothies.

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How to Choose a Blender for Smoothies?

Before choosing best blender for smoothies must consider following 5 things.

Power: Blenders need more power to make a fine-textured smoothie by blending in all the ingredients. Generally, 500 watts is enough for a regular household blender.

A feature-rich blender is not always necessary; a simple yet powerful machine can do the job.

A powerful blender must have a sturdy motor with the ability to quickly blend the toughest foods.

You would be amazed to learn that an efficient blender can perform the toughest kitchen tasks easily like making nut butter, milling frozen vegetables, crushing ice, and grinding meat.

While buying the best blender for smoothies choose the one that has a pulse button and speed settings between 3 and 10; a blender offering speed setting less than 3 won’t give you much control.

Price: Before considering the features of a blender, you need to consider your budget. 

There are a variety of options available for reasonably priced, good quality blenders in the market. 

Premium blenders with exclusive qualities range $400 and above. If you have a big budget then you can opt for a high-end blender offering exclusive features.

Generally, an average quality machine price ranges from $80 to $140 that is considered the best blender for smoothies.

It does possess the capabilities of a well-equipped blender and can serve you on a regular basis.

You may get to see some blenders priced $30 or even less in the market.

We recommend not to waste your money by buying those low-quality blenders.

These blenders aren’t for long term use; if you are looking for durable blenders that can serve a long time then it’s better to invest in mid-range or high-range blenders. 

We suggest you take some time to research online keeping your requirements in mind and assess your budget before making a purchase.

Size of Pitcher: The size of the pitcher is of crucial importance because it is totally related to your general serving.

Blenders come in various sizes; you may choose to have a single or two serving pitcher otherwise you may opt to have a family-sized jar.

The ranging capacity of a blender starts from 8 ounces for personal serving to 64 ounces of average traditional service.

Some high-performance blenders offer a capacity of 80 ounces as well.

Be sure to choose the size that exactly matches your need; if you buy a small one for a big family then it wouldn’t serve the purpose and may leave you tiresome for making multiple attempts rather blend once for all.

Material: Material is another important aspect that can’t be ignored while buying a blender.

Pitchers are available in glass, plastic, and stainless steel materials.

Plastic jars are least expensive, more durable, and not easily breakable.

However, they need to be clean with extra efforts as they easily absorb the odor to rest, with the passage of time scratches and stains starts to appear makes the blender look dirty even if it isn’t.

Glass pitchers are heavier than plastic pitchers but they may break easily if dropped.

They don’t absorb odor, easy to clean, and are visibly more beautiful.

Stainless Steel pitchers are most expensive and considered much durable than the rest. 

These pitchers keep the iced drinks and frozen mixtures cold for a longer period of time.

Stainless Steel blender is comparatively the best blender for frozen fruits due to its much sturdy nature.

It’s just that you need to take the lid off every time you want to check if the mixture is fully blended.

Design: There are a variety of colors and features available in the market you may choose to buy according to your preference and style of your kitchen.

Always buy the blender that has some cool features to offer that makes it easy to use; by just pushing a button to accomplish your task.

Like the pulse button, you can find it in almost every blender. A blender with pulse button is considered the best blender for ice drinks and blending tough foods.

The ice crusher does the same by automatically controlling the blades to get the ice chopped easily and evenly integrated into the mixture.

An ice crusher function makes a machine the best blender for frozen fruits, nuts and crushing ice.

Basically, these features distribute your blending process in shorts spurts by specifically executing each function to perfectly get the job done.

Talking of design, there are a variety of blenders available in the market which aren’t only unique in design but they do possess distinctive functions.

Hand/immersion blenders, Juicer-blender combo ,Single-serve blenders, Battery operated blenders, Full-size blenders, and Gas-powered blenders.


We hope that our guide would be able to answer all of your queries regarding how to choose a blender for smoothies.

All you need to do is to be sure about your requirements and the budget you are going to invest in this kitchen gadget.

Whether you are looking for a best blender for iced drinks or finding a best blender for frozen fruits; you may further research on the Web or read the reviews available here about the different blenders and may select the best available for your household.