How to Juice Oranges in a Juicer – Step by Step Procedure

How to Juice Oranges in a Juicer

Question always raised from orange juicer lover’s that how to juice oranges in a juicer?

Well this guide will help you step by step procedure for juicing orange in a juicer.

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Citric fruits are a treat in the winter seasons. Some people like to eat, and some people prefer drinking juices. Are you a juice lover?

What about tasty and fresh juices of oranges and other citric fruits? If you have a juicer and oranges in your house.

Then all you need is to follow our methods to squeeze the nutritious and tasty juice!

Before squeezing out the juicer juice, you first need to peel oranges! So let us start learning how to juice oranges in a juicer in detail.

Why Peeling the Fruits is Essential?

You get more tasty juice when you peel the fruit (oranges). The skin of the citric fruits is sour to bitter in taste and also very strong.

One can get valuable nutrients from orange peels. Orange peel has polyphenols, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, fiber, and so much more!

According to the studies, the peel/ skin contains essential oils, which help treat skin cancer.

But as the skin is harsh and bitter, it changes the taste of juice. Moreover, the solid skin does not allow the juicer to properly extract the juice from inside. But you do not need to dump the peel.

One can use a vegetable peeler and cut the skin or peel the fruits into thin strips. Then, you can decorate your smoothie, juices, salads, or cakes with them.

You can grate it and use the zest in different things for taste or decoration. For example, you can use the zest of oranges in fresh fruit jam!

Types of Oranges and Their Taste:

Peeling off the fruits is important before peeling them. But still, the taste may vary because there are different oranges.

So the taste differs accordingly. For example, some oranges are Blood orange, navel orange, Valencia, clementine, tangerine, mandarin oranges, and many more!

Al these types have unique features and flavors.

Quick Overview of Different Types of Oranges

Blood orange: If we talk about one of the citrus family’s juiciest oranges, then blood orange will be the one. As the name implies, the flesh is dark red, as is the juice extracted.

Navel orange: This is the most popular orange for eating, and it can be purchased in almost any place in the market. However, it has thick skin and touches the big side.

Valencia: Valencia oranges are one of the juiciest and sweetest types of oranges. However, they also have a little thick skin.

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In addition, they contain seeds, so keep an eye on them while preparing a juice and take them out carefully.

Clementine: If you are looking for small and tasty oranges, then clementine is for you! Some call them “cuties.” A great winter treat or snack, indeed!

Tangerine: Tangerine is the famous and the most-loved orange. They’re smaller and sweeter than the other sweet oranges.

In addition, their skin is relatively thin, which makes peeling and extracting juice much more accessible.

Mandarin oranges: The easiest to peel and sweetest to taste oranges are mandarin oranges.

They are small and share an ordinary family as clementine and tangerine.

How to Prepare Orange Juice Using a Hand Citric Juicer?

If you are using a citric juicer, all you need is to cut the orange in half.

And you need to use your muscular power to extract as much juice as you can from it! It is very time is taken and tiring work.

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How to Prepare Orange Juice: Using Masticating or Centrifugal Juicer?

If you are using a masticating or centrifugal juicer to make orange juice, you need to follow simple steps.

  • Peel the orange by using a peeler or knife
  • Divide into parts—no need to cut into small pieces. Just make sure it enters into juicer quickly.
  • Put it into the juicer chute
  • Extract the juice
  • Enjoy

Moreover, the best thing about juicing the oranges is that you do not need to remove the seeds before making juice.

Why Washing the Fruits is Essential?

We should wash every edible before eating. Washing prevents entering any bacteria or impurities in our body.

Similarly, it is essential to clean the fruits before eating them or using them for salad making or juicing as the skin may contain residual pesticides or other such chemicals.

As a result, they may collect dust or impurities on them. So, first, wash them properly after bringing them to your house and then use them or store them.

Rubbing the fruits with your hands with Luke warm water to hot water would be enough for cleaning them!

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How to Peel the Oranges?

After washing the oranges properly, you need to peel them. Peel the oranges properly, so no skin is left on them.

You can use any vegetable peeler or knife for this purpose. Both can help you peel the fruit quickly.

If you do not know how to peel the oranges properly, you can get guidance from any YouTube video. They will show peeling the orange properly.

Taste of the Juice:

Nothing can ever take the place of the natural and fresh juice taste.

The fresh-squeezed orange juice has its place in the heart of juice lovers.

Never try to add water to it to dilute it and increase the quantity. Adding water will ruin the real taste of it.

But if you still want to enhance the taste or make them taste better, you can do some things!

  • If you want to make the juice a little sweeter, you can add sugar. But this is not a good option for diet-conscious people. So, such people should drink fresh juice of fruit without sweetening.
  • One can add lemon juice to it to enhance the taste. Some people also like to mix other juices with orange juice.
  • You can add pineapple juice to your orange juice.
  • Carrot juice and orange juice mixture are also famous combinations. People loved it a lot. Fresh carrot and orange juice with a bit of black pepper and salt sprinkled on it give the best juice ever!
  • Some people also add milk to the orange juice. And you can find a lot of orange juice recipes.

Why Should One Prefer Orange Juice?

Orange juice is not meant to be consumed. However, it has a lot of health advantages for you. It can be used to boost your energy and immunity.

Rich In Nutrients:

Orange juice is one of the richest sources of nutrients. It is full of potassium, vitamin C, and folate. You also get magnesium, protein, carbs, and calories from the juices. Folate is required for the body’s DNA synthesis.

Vitamin C is a remarkably soluble vitamin in the body, and orange juice is an excellent supply.

It aids in creating bones, healing wounds, and the production of gum tissue.


Antioxidants protect against oxidative damage caused by an imbalance between antioxidants and unstable chemicals.

Antioxidants are also beneficial to one’s general health. Orange juice is a great way to increase antioxidants in our bodies, improve our overall health, and keep the balance between oxidants and unstable molecules in check.

Heart Problem:

According to studies, orange juice can help with heart issues and lowers many heart risks such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Because the heart is the most critical organ in our body, it pumps blood throughout the body, and heart illness is one of the most significant issues.

Every year, 17 million people die as a result of heart disease. So, drinking fresh juices, especially orange juice, should be a part of everyone’s diet.

Orange juice also covers the water deficiency in our body. In addition, orange juice aids in increasing beneficial cholesterol in our bodies.

Kidney Stone:

We’re all familiar with kidney stones, which are minor mineral deposits that build up in your kidney and cause excruciating pain and blood in your urine.

Orange juice can make the urine more alkaline by raising the pH level in the kidneys.

Increasing the amount of alkaline pee in your urine might help you avoid kidney stones.

A kidney stone can be a severe issue, but it can be alleviated by drinking orange juice.

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Final Words:

Everyone loves orange juices, and if you do not like them, you are not a true juice lover. This article is about juicing the orange in a juicer.

We have explained everything that one needs to know to make a juice. Go through this article to get complete information.

There are many kinds of oranges, and each type has a specific taste and flavor.

Moreover, making juice is not only about cutting and extracting the juice. One needs to follow some measures before making juice.

You can make juices by a hand citric juicer or using a centrifugal or masticating juicer.

Orange juice is one of the best things to have for health-conscious people.

Orange juice gives a lot of benefits as it is full of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. Go through the article to read the benefits of using orange juice in detail