Is Vitamix Dishwasher Safe? – (Step-by-Step) Guide 2022

Is Vitamix Dishwasher Safe
Is Vitamix Dishwasher Safe

We all know that Vitamix blenders (Buy on Amazon) aren’t cheap; and capable of doing any tasks like crushing ice and frozen fruits or anything that is very hard to blend.

This is the reason why we try to keep it in good shape and use it without compromising its durability.

One of the things that can lead to better performance of the Vitamix and longer life is how regularly do we clean our appliance.

Though cleaning or washing a Vitamix (Buy on Amazon) is not that hard but the way we do make the difference.

Known for the durable and tough build many consumers expect it to be dishwasher safe.

If you are one of those consumers wondering is Vitamix dishwasher safe or not then we recommend you to better know your product before putting it into the dishwasher.

Is Vitamix Dishwasher Safe?

We hope whoever is wondering is Vitamix dishwasher safe and expecting an affirmative answer may get one.

But actually, this is not the case; even if your Vitamix blender is dishwasher safe it doesn’t mean it should get in there.

A continuous dishwashing experience may compromise the durability of the blender and corrode the stainless steel blades.

No matter how durable the glass or plastic pitcher the surface may get scratched.

If you were relying on the dishwasher then you must be wondering now how to wash Vitamix blender.

However, you can use the self-cleaning feature of your Vitamix or if you want to keep the hassle of scrubbing stuck grease and food particles then wash your Vitamix after every time you use it will keep your blender clean and help blades stay sharp in the long run.

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How to Clean Vitamix Blender?

How to Clean Vitamix Blender
How to Clean Vitamix Blender?

For all those new users who aren’t aware of the capabilities of their Vitamix blender and seeking ways how to clean Vitamix blender.

Then here is incredible news for you; that your Vitamix blender is skilled to clean itself.

What you need to do is to add lukewarm water with a few drops of dishwasher soap and put the lid; the rest will be taken care of by the blender itself.

However, there are times when you feel self-cleaning or just washing your Vitamix is not just enough.

The thing is, no matter how well or thoroughly you clean your Vitamix regularly; it starts to look dingy with the passage of time.

A cloudy layer or film gets develop over a period of time as a result of blending different types of fruits, vegetables or other mineral-rich ingredients.

This cloudy look seems impossible to clean with a simple scrubbing yet giving a dirty look compromising the elegant and stylish appliance of your Vitamix.

Don’t worry if you are wondering about how to clean Vitamix blender or asking yourself is Vitamix dishwasher safe so that it can get clean properly?

Then let us tell you, your blender is not dirty, nor the stained look is permanent and it can be fixed.

There could be several reasons for that stained look; it is directly associated with ingredients you blend in.

Sometimes it’s the turmeric stains caused by blending curries or thick greasy nut butter residue or hummus which couldn’t be cleaned properly right after using your Vitamix.

So whatever the challenges you are facing right now let’s move on to find how to deep clean Vitamix blender so that it starts to sparkle again.

Step-By-Step Guide For Cleaning Vitamix Blender

  • Wash your blender just to make sure that there is no grease or food particles left inside.
  • Fill half of your blender carafe arm water and with few drops of dishwashing soap; you can let it soak overnight or for few hours depending on your convenience and the condition of your blender.
  • Make sure the lid is tightly closed now blend in all the ingredients for few minutes.
  • Gently use a soft bottle brush to manually clean the inside of your Vitamix. Now rinse off the contents, wash it with tap water and let it dry.

What is Vitamix Clean Setting and How to Use it?

No doubt making smoothies, purees or margaritas is made quite simple by the revolutionary blenders, but then washing those blenders and keeping them clean is totally a different game. This is the reason why many of us hesitate washing blenders on time which leads food particles to remain inside causing stains and foul odor. Due to tricky cleaning requirements, many of us avoid washing blenders by hand rather than choose to use a dishwasher, but did you ever ask yourself is Vitamix dishwasher safe. The possibility is you may able to wash the blender pitcher but in the long run, it replaces the crystal clear shine with a cloudy layer across the blender pitcher.

If you are the one who assigns the tough tasks to the dishwasher and right now seeking an answer that is Vitamix dishwasher or not? Then we have good news for you! You don’t need to put your Vitamix into the dishwasher as it is already featured with preprogrammed cleaning settings

The Vitamix clean setting makes cleaning a breeze. All you need to do is to add fill ¾ of the blender jar with warm water and with few drops of dishwashing soap. Make sure to put the lid on before hitting the self-cleaning button. It takes less than a minute to completely cleans the blender.  

How to Clean Blender Blades?

How to Clean Blender Blades
How to Clean Blender Blades?

We can’t deny the importance of blenders in our daily routine. They come in handy in almost every cooking task, whether it’s pureeing fresh vegetables, making tempting smoothies, or hot soups; blender is the most favorite kitchen appliance considered a necessity by heath freak individuals.  

But blenders alone cannot serve us perfectly blended foods without the help of a durable high-power motor and sharp yet strong blades. The combination of both makes a blender powerful and robust. The only thing which can keep your motor in good condition and blades sharp is regular cleaning. Properly washed and clean blades stay sharp for a longer period of time and don’t get dull.

Now you must be wondering how to clean blender blades, but this is not rocket science. All you need to do is to simply soak your blades in a mixture of hot water and apple cider for quite some time and then wash it with tap water.

The food residue stays long on the blades makes them dull and refrain them from performing sharp and blunt. This happens when the blender blades are not timely washed or clean properly. However, in such a scenario you can take help from commercial products and can use Polident tablets (Buy On Amazon).

Drop two Polident tablets in a big bowl or jug filled with water and let your blades soak upside down in that water overnight. If you cant disassemble your blades then you make this Polident water in the blender so the blades get to soak. In the morning discard the water and scrub the blades to get back their clean and shiny looks again.

How to Wash Vitamix Blender?

The better way to ensure that your Vitamix blender performs longer without any malfunction is to keep it clean.

If you wash your blender thoroughly after every use; then you probably don’t need to worry about the life of your appliance.

Washing blender is a hassle; that’s why many users before buying make sure is Vitamix dishwasher safe so they can put their Vitamix in the dishwasher.

If you are also of those people and wondering is Vitamix dishwasher safe then the answer is affirmative but we don’t recommend it to you.

What’s the need of putting your blender in a dishwasher if Vitamix clean setting is already given to you which makes the cleaning ridiculously easy. So lets’ learn how to wash Vitamix blender with Vitamix clean setting.

Step-By-Step Guide For Washing Vitamix Blender

  • Make sure you have taken all the blended ingredients out of your blender. Now without losing much time take your Vitamix blender to the kitchen sink and rinse the blender carafe with lukewarm water. This will clear all the extra food stuck to the walls or blender.
  • Now fill your blender pitcher halfway with warm water along with few drops of dishwashing liquid.
  • Close the lid tightly and press the option “clean” on your blender. The machine will start blending and shut down automatically once the washing cycle completes; just like your washing machine does. Voila, it’s done!!
  • A self-clean option mostly takes a minute to clean blender.
  • Make sure before pressing the self-cleaning option; you didn’t disassemble any part.

How to Maintain your Vitamix Blender?

  • If the food ingredients are stuck inside your Vitamex blender then try to hitit against any surface in order to get the food release. Remove the container from the base and then use a rubber or nylon spatula. 
  • When blending frozen ingredients; always try to drop ingredients that are slightly thaw. No matter how sturdy your blades are and how durable your pitcher is always cut large ingredients into small pieces before adding.
  • Do not remove the blender pitcher from the base while the machine is operational; it may cause blades to wear down.
  • Do not shake the machine while the container is intact; it will cause damage to the teeth on the drive socket.
  • If you want to add more food to the container then add the items one by one from the lid opening only after pausing the machine.
  • Never fill the container to the top; filling the blender with too many ingredients and blending them at a fast speed develop pressure on the motor which leads to overheating.
  • Do not start the blender unless the container is properly seated or intact with the machine. 
  • Do not wash, submerge, or clean the blender base with water. Only use a damp cloth to wipe it.
  • Even if your blender is dishwashing; always hand washes the container, blade, and lid. It adds life to your appliance.
  • Always add liquid ingredients first followed by the dry ingredients i.e fruits, vegetables, or dry fruits for a smooth blending experience.
  • Never let foods dry in your Vitamix containers between uses. This is especially important when making dense or sticky foods. Rinse the container of your Vitamix immediately after every use to help avoid clogging or damaging the container or blade.
  • Always rinse or wash your Vitamex immediately after use, especially after blending, thick or sticky food to avoid clogging or damaging the blade or the container and must need to avoid common blender mistakes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean Vitamix pitcher?

If you want to thoroughly clean your Vitamix blender then add equal ratios of tap water and white vinegar into the container, depending on the size of your pitcher for a large pitcher you can use 4 cups of each ingredient. Let the mixture stay there in the pitcher for few hours; then later rinse it off, wash with water and dry with a clean soft cloth.

How to clean blender blades?

If you are wondering how to clean blender blades due to the food residue stuck on the blades of your blender may compromise the quality of sharp-edged blades. You can simply soak the blades for some time with apple cider vinegar and hot water and later dry it with a kitchen towel. You can also use Polident tablets (Buy on Amazon) and other commercial products for tough greasy blades. 

Can you put boiling water in Vitamix?

Yes, you can put boiling water or hot liquid in Vitamix pitcher. The quality of the pitcher can handle the intense hot liquid but it is recommended not to turn on the blender while the boiling water or liquid is in the pitcher, you need to let it cool for a while before turning on the blender. Otherwise, it may cause the lid to blow and may burn you splattering the hot liquid.

How do I get the smell out of my Vitamix?

If you find your Vitamix blender stinky then you can pour a cup of warm water and drop a lemon into the pitcher; you can also add dishwashing soap. Blend the elements for a minute. It is tried and tested to get rid of blender odor. 

Can you put hot soup into a Vitamix?

You cannot only put hot soup into your Vitamix blender but it can also cook a hot and nutritious soup for you. Yes, a Vitamix blender may seem like a normal blender to you but it is capable of cooking hot soups and purees with the frictional heat caused by its blades.