Joyoung Blender Review – Should I Consider It?

Joyoung Blender Review
Joyoung Blender Review

Joyoung is a revolutionary new blender. If you haven’t heard of it before, now you will find it in this Joyoung Blender Review.

It’s a Chinese firm that makes blenders, juicers, and other kitchen appliances.

They sell anything from blenders to coffee machines. But we’ll just concentrate on Joyoung blenders for the time being.

One of the greatest blenders is the JOYOUNG blender. The Joyoung manual blender belongs in every single kitchen.

These blenders are lightweight and fast. On a day when you are in a hurry, the Best Joyoung Blender will help you out.

It will quickly whip out the best-tasting smoothie for you.

Why should you Choose Joyoung Blender?

In the age of smartphones and AI, everyone should buy modern equipment. In this Joyoung Blender Review, you will discover that these are your best option.

The Joyoung blenders are easy to use and have the feature of LED touchscreens. This makes them quite impressive and user-friendly.

The large variety of the company also offers Joyoung manual blender. So, it caters to every kind of consumer. 

The Joyoung portable blender is superior to earlier versions since it takes less time to create smoothies and milkshakes using fresh food (berries, fruits).

Unless you use huge ice pieces or frozen fruit in a dish with liquid components like milk, it just takes a few seconds.

You don’t have to push the button as many times as other people.

The major benefit is that you don’t need any extra equipment, like a food processor, to crush frozen berries and seeds.

Except for liquids, all of your components are readily combined with a simple froth in just a few seconds.

This is excellent news since it implies reduced waste and energy consumption compared to food processors, which take a long time to grind various foods due to their high-speed setting mechanisms.

Main Features of Joyoung Blender


Its power rating determines the blender’s capabilities. The greater this value, the longer the equipment can operate without being interrupted.

The strong 1200W motor of the Joyoung blender, as mentioned in Joyoung Blender Review, can make your smoothies look and taste like they were created in a professional kitchen.

Multiple Speed Settings

Any kitchen would benefit from having this blender. It contains a pulse function that allows you to change the speed of the blades based on what you’re mixing.

The blender also includes ten-speed and time options, allowing you to choose how quickly it works depending on the task at hand.

There’s also an ice-crushing button, which crushes ice into tiny bits, so it melts faster in your drink while still having a little effect on the taste.

So, it is considered as one of the best high performance blender.

Rotation Speed of Knives

The emulsification efficiency is affected by the number of revolutions per minute. Low-rotation-rate appliances can only grind soft foods.

The six stainless steel blades (up to 28,000 RPM) are intended to combine components for a smoother texture.

This is the blender for you, according to Joyoung Blender Review. If you’re seeking a high-quality blender that will help you make the most delicious smoothies.

Noise Level of The Blender

Machines with a high wattage but a low-quality body material will make a lot of noise and vibrate. As a result, the machine is shaky and susceptible to falling. On the other hand, some sophisticated versions include a vibration reduction mode.

The Joyoung portable blender is one the most noise-free blenders on the market.

LED Smart Settings for all Functions

This blender was created to be simple, entertaining, and easy to use. It’s perfect for individuals with a hectic schedule and isn’t daunting to those who are new to the world of blenders.

This product’s key features include eight distinct programs that you may customize to meet your own needs.

With a single press of a button, you can make a variety of dishes ranging from healthful beverages to delectable dips and soups.

This blender has LED smart settings for all tasks, allowing you to ensure that you’re using it correctly and that it’s working at its optimum.

Joyoung Blender vs. Ninja Blender: Which Is Best?

People prefer to believe that well-known and long-established companies will deliver higher-quality items when purchasing the best blenders.

Although this viewpoint is largely correct, there is nothing improper with considering alternate possibilities from trustworthy companies.

You may readily learn about these younger businesses’ reputations by reading Joyoung Blender Review.

New blenders are some of the most affordable and excellent blenders in the market.

The Ninja blenders are known for their unique design and produces excellent results.

The blades are sharp and fast. Most ninja blenders are multifunctional and can be used to make cocktails or ice creams. Like Joyoung blender, they also have six blades.

The selling point of ninja blenders is their immaculate speed and variety of options.

The Joyoung blenders, especially the Joyoung portable blender, are equally impressive as the Ninja ones. Although they are new in the market, they have excellent features and design.

The LED touchscreen feature makes these blenders different from any other in the market. Other than that, the speed settings and control is impressive feature.

This blender will provide results like that of a professional high-end blender. There is nothing better than a blender that does it all for you. 

If you feel confused about which one to choose among Ninja and Joyoung blenders, we will make it easy for you. Joyoung blenders are modern and excellent for your daily routine. These are the ones you should go for.

Cleaning Tips of Joyoung Blender

Fill half of your Joyoung manual blender with warm water, then add a couple of drops of dish soap. Attach the blender’s cover and turn it on for a few seconds.

The soapy water swishing around the blender will aid in the removal of any leftover beverages.

Remove the hot water from your blender, give it a quick rinse, and you’ve got yourself a clean blender.

Here is a step-by-step guide for you.

  • Fill the Joyoung blender pitcher halfway with hot water. Just make sure the water isn’t boiling hot. Luke warm water will do good too.
  • Now, you should add a drop of the dishwashing liquid in the water.
  • Just start your Joyoung blender. Let the blender process for ten seconds.
  • Open the lip and rinse out the blender. Wipe down anything that is still sticking to the inside of the blender.

Here you can read about best easy to clean juicers that takes no time to clean and dishwasher safe too.

Features to Check While Looking for Blenders

Glass or plastic 

Although glass is denser than plastic, it does not collect odor or tarnish as quickly. Glass jars are not used in most strong blenders because they cannot be certified to be shatter resistant.

If you really want a glass jar with the blender, look for one that has been tested for thermal shock.

These ones can be used to blend ice right after they come out of dishwasher.

Many of our best-selling blenders include BPA-free Tritan jars that can withstand the high blades.


While it may appear paradoxical, the best blenders do not have really sharp blades. Sharp blades have the ability to dull over time.

Long lasting blender have tough blades that can pulverize almost anything and withstand the test of time. This also makes cleaning them safer.


Blenders with greater wattages performed better. The general design of the blender has a larger role in decoding performance. But wattage and power are important in determining the quality of the blender.


Look for a lightweight blender. They’re very easy to carry. But the downside is that they are prone to damage sometimes.

Always choose the blender that can easily fit inside of your kitchen cabinets and on counter tops.

It is recommended to have large size and bulky blenders if you are a parent of a toddler. This prevents your child from moving the blender when it’s in use.

Top 2 Best JOYOUNG Blenders – Review with Pros & Cons

JOYOUNG Blender Blenders for Kitchen with LED Touchscreen

Looking for a multi-tasking blender? Then look no farther than the Joyoung Blender.

This powerful machine has eight intelligent algorithms for recipes ranging from healthy beverages to delectable dips and soups.

This glass blender has a one-of-a-kind design, with five stainless steel blades that create a churning mechanism that allows any food to be chopped, blended, or sliced at the push of a button.

Furthermore, its superior glass pitcher is scratch-free and BPA-free, making it long-lasting and safe to use.

This premium glass blender by Joyoung is a must-have for all smoothie enthusiasts.

It’s simple to use, quick to clean, and fully chops all that frozen fruit owing to its sharp blades and precision churning mechanism for that ready-to-go bevy.

  • Ten variable speeds
  • Simple to clean
  • Precise spinning mechanism
  • Six stainless steel blades
  • 120 watts of mixing power
  • Only for cold drinks. Cannot make soups or ice cream.
  • Water can get into the inner compartments of the blender.

JOYOUNG Blender for Shakes and Smoothies with LED Screen

A strong blender that can handle all of your blending demands is a must-have in the kitchen. The Joyoung shake and smoothie blender might be just what you’re looking for.

This touchscreen blender can quickly make your favorite smoothies, dips, and spreads and is large enough to prepare supper for a family of four. It is the Best Joyoung Blender.

For longevity, the stainless-steel electrical base has been shortened and cushioned.

After usage and drinking from it, this electric power base is very simple to clean.

Unlike the previous models, the blades of this one-of-a-kind Joyoung Blender are adjustable, ensuring that no lumps form while creating smoothies or milkshakes with fruits.

As mentioned in Joyoung Blender Review, this blender effortlessly creates a nice strong pulse without any difficulty integrating veggies into a single continuous stream.

This Joyoung blender for shakes and smoothies may be adjusted to achieve the desired texture and flavor.

Five intelligent applications for modifying recipes, smashing ice, chopping vegetables, fruits, nuts, and making smoothies.

The LED panel displays time and speed and when you should return.

Joyoung blender can provide you with the most powerful experience because of its 2HP extra strong motor and 25,000 RPM high speed.

A knob for choosing functions, as well as buttons for speed and time, are provided.

All of these clever programs, which include functions for vegetables, fruits, nuts, smoothies, and ice crushing, enable one-button cooking.

Whether you need a quick smoothie for one or are whipping up mixes for the whole family, the Joyoung Blender for Shakes and Smoothies can come in handy. It has a 68-ounce capacity.

Many smoothie machines just have the one-speed option activated when you place the jug on the motor and snap it into place.

The Joyoung Blender for Shakes and Smoothies is unique in that it has ten distinct speed settings.

  • fantastic design
  • simple to use and clean
  • strong motor
  • Six blades
  • BPA-free
  • LED touch screen
  • dishwasher safe
  • The pitcher doesn’t pull apart for cleaning
  • Speed controls can be confusing for people


After reading Joyoung Blender Review, you must have made up your mind. We recommend you go for a Joyoung blender for shakes and smoothies as it is the Best Joyoung Blender. 

It is quite easy to use and comes with ten-speed settings. The LED touchscreen makes it a perfect blender for every home.


What can you make with a Joyoung blender?

You can make cocktails, slushies, and fresh and cold juices with Joyoung blenders.

Can I make soup with Joyoung blenders?

No. The Joyoung blenders do not have a heating function to make soups.

What should I choose; a Blender or Chopper?

Their cutting characteristics distinguish the blender and chopper.

The sliced food is thinner in the blender, crushing down to tiny crumbs or powder. Grinding in the chopper may also be used to cut goods for salads, fruits, and meals.

Does Joyoung blender include glass bowls?

No. Joyoung blenders don’t have glass bowls or containers.

Can you detach the parts of the Joyoung blender?

Yes. The parts of the Joyoung blender are detachable.