Mueller Austria Juicer Reviews – Ultra Power juicer

Mueller Austria Juicer Reviews  Ultra Power

As I have been wanting a juicer to level up my juicing game because the last one was not just working well for me.

During my whole research of looking for the best juicer, one product that was found in every article was the Muller Austria Juicer review.

Yep, every article has almost one or even more Muller Austria juicer mentioned in them.

This piqued my interest about what is so good in these Mueller Austria centrifugal juicers that people have given them thousands of reviews.

Well, I won’t lie because it’s quite good. The compact design and efficient working make it one of the best centrifugal juicers out there.

Equipped with the most powerful working motor and a high speed of 18000 RPM, this juicer is to give a good amount of produce in no time.

And there is much more to come. So if you are someone who is looking for a good centrifugal juicer then this article will be a helpful one for you:

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Mueller Austria Ultra Power Juicer

Less preparation time

The best juicer for $100

BPA free material for construction

Dual speed versatility

A good Mueller juicer for celery

Best juicer for smoothies

Pros and Cons of Mueller Austria Juicer

Pros and cons of muller austria juicer

A device can be an effective and good but, of course, every device has some flaws as well.

In this Mueller Austria juicer review, we are not only going to cover the outstanding features of this device.

But also will list some cons that can help you know whether this one is a wonderful choice for you or not.

Pros & Cons of Mueller Austria Juicer

  • The first and foremost thing that makes this juicer very famous among the customer because of its affordability. This centrifugal, with some best features, is affordable and can also be designated as the best juicer for $100.
  • The second is the safe operation. This juicer is the safe one to operate with and ensures that the juicer does not work until unless the locking bar is in the right position. Aside from that for added safety, this one comes with rubberized bottom caps so that the juicer does not move a lot during the operation. Ensuring fewer chances of any type of injury. Besides these basic features, this one also comes with an automatic thermal cut-off switch that switches off the juicer when the juicer overheats or gets jammed.
  • This Mueller Austria centrifugal juicer cuts your preparation time in half Due to the extra-large 3” feeding chute you can easily feed the juicer with the fruits or veggies. No need to cut off the fruits in small chunks, just hop the ingredients in and then you are good to go.
  • This one can also be designated as the Mueller juicer for celery, as this one works best with the greens, especially the celery and the wheat grass. So if you are looking to amp up your green juice consumption then going for this one is a good option.
  • The construction of this one is of high quality and durable. The mesh blade and the filters comprise stainless steel, that is not only corrosion but resistant free. Making this juicer durable and longer-lasting.
  • Due to its high-speed efficient motor, this one is also called the fastest juicer in the market. Because this juicer will give you one glass of juice in just 4 seconds.
  • Another noteworthy feature is that this is an easy to clean juicer. Now the good news is that if you do not like to clean by hand, then no problem this one is a dishwasher-safe juicer that means you can easily chuck it off in the dishwasher and good to go.
  • Lastly, this one comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • This juicer machine can only run continuously for one minute. You have to take breaks in between the operation of the juicer. That may delay the time of juicing a bit.
  • Another con about this juicer is that the juice it produces does not last longer than 24 hours. While there are a lot of other juicers that have a juice shelf life of more than 24 hours.

Main Features of Mueller Austria Juicer

Product and quality

Product and quality of muller juicer

The Mueller Austria juicer is reviewed as the best juicer when it comes to the quality and the yield of the juice.

Due to the presence of 2 speeds for all kinds of fruits or veggies, this one will give you a glass of juice in no time.

The sharp stainless steel blade and the micro-mesh filter ensure not only you get every ounce of juice but also a high amount of nutrients and minerals.

This juicer is not only juice but also is the best juicer for smoothie and you can try different recipes of the smoothies.

Now for the quality then all the materials used in the construction are BPA free so on contamination of the juice.

Setup of these juicers

These juicers are user friendly, and using them is not an arduous task.

All you need to do is assemble the parts that are very easy to assemble.

No need for some extra screws or techniques as assembling is not something really hard to work with.

Also, the chute of this juicer is extra large, liberating our hands from any extra work.

Aside from that, you can also easily clean this due to easily detachable parts and then restore it in its original shape and store it in a designated place.

Power and efficiency

Talking about the power, the Mueller Austria juicer is reviewed as the best high speed and powerful juicers.

Due to the presence of the high-powered motor operating at 1100 watts, this juicer is set to give you juicer glass in ml seconds.

Due to the powerful motor, the speed of this juicer is also exceptional. Speed ranging for the 12000-15000 RPM makes it the high-speed juicer.

And the dual-speed veracity is the cherry on the top. The sharp stainless steel blade cuts through every fruit, whether it is as soft as the grapes or as hard as the carrots.

Whereas the micro-mesh filter not only filters the juicer but every nutrient and mineral from the juice.

Design and durability

Design-wise this one is set to give you a sleek, simple yet elegant design that will compliment every type of kitchen.

Due to the vertical design and compactness packed in this model, this one can easily sit on any of your cabinets or fit in any space of your kitchen countertops.

The material used in the construction, whether plastic or steel, is BPA free, which prevents the contamination of the juice.

Hence you get your juice in its original form without any mixing of the toxins.

As for durability, the brand provides the users with a 100 percent guarantee and every model of the Mueller comes with a 2 years guarantee.

Easy to clean Juicer

Cleaning these juicers is not an arduous task. Most of the Mueller Austria juicer reviewed by the customers stated clearly that these are easy to clean juicers.

You don’t need any kind of extra dishwashing liquids or techniques to clean them up.

Another remarkable thing about this juicer is that the parts of the juicers are dishwasher safe.

That means you can clean all the parts with the help of the dishwasher liberating or hand from cleaning work.

You can even add the garbage bag to the bin so that all the pulp collects in the bag and you can easily remove the bag and dump it in the trash. No need for hard cleaning of the bin.

Safety Features

Mueller Austria juicer reviewed as safe juicers as they have some very remarkable safety features.

Not only they have the rubberized bottom caps for the better holding of the juicer during the operation.

But also they have a safety lock system that does not let the juicer operate until unless it is locked properly in the place.

Aside from that, another remarkable feature of this juicer is the automatic thermal lock system.

This system is quite a hand one especially when it comes to juicer durability.

This one immediately shuts off the juicer whenever it senses that the juicer is heating up or something jammed in it preventing any further potential damage.

Mueller Austria Ultra Power Juicer

Mueller Austria Ultra Power Juicer

The Mueller Austria juicer reviews the most sought juicer especially its ultra-juicer that because of its simple and efficient design is quite the talk of the town.

This silver-colored stainless-steel juicer with a low footprint may look compact and small but believe us this one is as good as the bulkier ones.

With a high 1100 watts motor, this one gives you a high-speed operation with dual versatility.

The dual-speed ranges from the 12000 to 18000 RPM consisting of low speed for softer fruits and the high speed for the harder ingredients.

While a lot of people complain about the chute being too small, this one solves that problem.

With the extra-large 3” inches chute this one lessens up the preparation time for the ingredients.

And you can chuck off the ingredients in the chute even as a whole.

Talking about the product, these Mueller Austria centrifugal juicers are the best juicer for smoothies, green juices, or any fruit juices.

If you are looking for a Mueller juicer for celery, then you have found the one.

It is a good option to go for when it comes to leafy greens but do mind that these are not as powerful as the others on the market are.

Working with an electrical device also means that you need to ensure your safety.

And these Mueller juicers are the best ones when it comes to safety.

These are equipped with a safety lock system and an automatic thermal cut-off system.

The thermal cut-off system switches off the machine when the machine gets overheated.

Whereas the rubberized bottoms make it immovable so that you do not have to hold it down during operation.

And lastly, the cleaning features of this one make it the best one when it comes to the easy-to-clean juicer.

This one is an easy-to-clean juicer as all the arts are detachable and dishwasher safe.

You can easily assemble and disassemble the machine whereas due to compactness storing it is not an arduous task.

  • Elegant and efficient design
  • Wider chute for better feeding of ingredients
  • Less preparation time
  • The best juicer for $100
  • BPA free material for construction
  • No spillage of the juice
  • Comes with a 2L jug for juice storage
  • Dual speed versatility for all kinds of ingredients
  • A good Mueller juicer for celery
  • Best juicer for smoothies
  • Is a bit noisy
  • You need to stop it at intervals for better juicing

Mueller Austria Juicer Vs Breville

Mueller and Breville both are big names when it comes to the juicing industry but of course every juicer has their own characteristics of their own.

As we talked about before, the Mueller is the best one when it comes to speed and power.

The 100-watt power makes this the high-speed one and the dual versatility feature makes it the best one for all types of ingredients.

The speed that this one provides you with is up to 18000 RPM. Aside from that safety-wise, this one comes with some good safety features so you can operate them without any worry.

Now if we talk about the affordability, then these are quite affordable and if you are looking for some best juicers for $100 or under this price, then you can go for this one.

Noe comes to the Breville if we talk about the budget then this one is also the best juicer for $100 but power wise it is a bit less than the Mueller.

Just like the Mueller, this one can also work with the hardest ingredients.

The 700 watts motor enables it to run at a speed of about 14000 RPM.

But the dual-speed is a lacking feature in this one. For smoothies, then both are the best juicer for smoothies there is no comparison in that.

But we talk about the greens, then the Breville one is more good one.

No doubt Mueller is also a good juicer for greens but the Breville has the above hand.

Now if we talk about which is the best, then choosing is a bit difficult.

The Mueller one is the best one when it comes too high-powered and juicing more minerals and nutrients.

But then the Breville one is the best budget option. So both are good in their way.

It is you who would have to choose which one suits you and me according to your preference.


Is Mueller Austria a good brand?

Yes, Mueller is a good brand when it comes to kitchen gadgets. This brand is the best one to go for when it comes to kitchen gadgets on a budget.

Mueller is an outstanding brand when it comes to providing the best-featured kitchen gadgets that are pocket-friendly and are highly famous among customers.

The gadgets of this brand are really easy to work with and are efficient and durable.

Is it Easy to Clean Mueller Juicer?

The best thing about the Mueller Austria juicers is that they are really best.

Especially if you are someone who doesn’t enjoy cleaning by hand, then this juicer is for you.

The parts are dishwasher safe. You can clean the detachable parts on the top rack of the dishwasher.

Aside from that one thing that you might need to take care of the filter basket and blade assembly. 

There are high chances that the pulp of the juice may accumulate in these so you need to do the proper cleaning of these parts.

Can You Juice Celery in Mueller Juicer?

Of course, you can juice the celery in the Mueller. The high speed and sharp blade make it compatible with the celery and the greens.

Although it’s not as powerful as the other juicer, according to other Mueller Austria juicer reviews it is effective and gives you a good amount of produce for daily juicing but there are also other models of this brand that are specifically for greens.

What Can We Put in a Mueller Juicer?

Any type of ingredient is compatible with the Mueller. Whether it is the softer fruits or the harder ones, you can juicer all with this one.

It is because of the dual-speed versatility that this one provides you with.

The low speed that operates at the speed of the 12000-15000 RPM is best for the softer fruits like tomatoes, grapes, etc.

Whereas the high-speed that operates at the speed of 15000-18000 RPM is for the fruits like apple, celery, carrots, etc.

The Mueller can even juice the citrus fruits so you can use it for citrus juicing.

Is Mueller Austria Noisy Juicer?

Well, when it comes to the noise, then we can say that this one is quite noisy.

And it becomes, even noisier when used for heavy-duty juicing.

According to the different Mueller Austria juicer reviews by the customers, the juicer may become quite noisy when you are continuously grinding hard ingredients or when you are using it for a heavy-duty task.