Why Ninja Blender Power Button Blinking – Common Mistakes

Why Ninja Blender Power Button Blinking
Why Ninja Blender Power Button Blinking

Well-blended smoothies, purees, fresh juices, shakes, healthy soups, tempting sauces, and what else; the list is never-ending when it comes to blenders.

Only Professional chefs and home cooks who love to serve unique and delicious food every time they enter the kitchen can understand what a great blessing a blender is.

These high-powered ninja devices serve great in literally no time; whether it is crushing, blending, or pureeing all jobs get done without greasing elbows and wasting much time.

However, a blender may collapse due to heavy usage and may even stop working; making you wonder why ninja blender power button blinking?

If your ninja blender is not working properly; like if the ninja blender power button wont turn on or your ninja blender power light flashing.

Then it means that your ninja blender needs your attention a sap. Without wondering much that why ninja blender power button blinking.

If you are having no clue that why ninja blender power button blinking and suddenly started showing signs of something disastrous then don’t worry; it could be a simple thing that you can fix it yourself.

Here are a few things we shared that give you can give clue that why ninja blender power button blinking and how can you simply fix it:

Why is Ninja Blender Power Light Blinking?

Why Ninja Blender Power Button Blinking

Mostly users get panicked seeing there ninja blender blinking power light but there could be several reasons that could be fixed easily other than any serious issues.

  • Sometimes it’s a lid that notifies the main system that it is not properly fixed to the handle and it needs to be aligned properly. When the system gets this message it doesn’t let the power button to work rather it starts blinking red light. Mostly it’s the reason, so panic wouldn’t serve you. Check the lid, you need to align both the arrows drawn on the lid and the handle. If not properly aligned it could be the reason you are wondering why is ninja blender power light blinking the power button? 
  • At times it’s the pin on the lid that is why ninja blender power button blinking; if that pin couldn’t depress the switch then it could be the reason possibly it does not go down that far enough. Try to rearrange and realign the whole assembly and the arrows made for assistance.
  • There is another case where the lid is seemingly tact but is not locked down all the way; in such a situation you need to move the handle on the lid in the downward position to get it locked properly. If you already have done it then revise step 1 and check whether the 2 arrows are aligned or not.
  • One common mistake that usually happened while we are in a hurry making wonderful delicacies for our loved ones is the improperly fitted pitcher on the base of the blender. The main sign that your pitcher is properly locked on the base in all 4 positions and it will rotate very easily. Failure to do so may result your ninja blender wont power on or may lead to ninja blender power light flashing.
  • One mistake that could be the reason for you to think why ninja blender power button blinking is that we locked the pitcher facing backward with the blender; your Ninja pitcher should be locked down on the blender base as just as shown in the pictures given in the manual. Place the front of the pitcher on the front or face of the blender base.

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Why my Ninja Blender Won’t Power On?

It is definitely quite frustrating to experience a blender not responding when you are all set to make a quick serving of luscious yet perfectly blended smoothie or tempting juice of freshly pulped fruits.

Even though all the models of Ninja blenders come with a manual set of instructions for guiding its consumers to avoid any failure of functioning due to incorrect assembling or handling; but sometimes a small consumer mistake or negligence may turn into the worst product experience of a completely perfect appliance.

There are few things enlisted that one should look into if they find their ninja blender wont power on or in case they find no clue why ninja blender power button blinking:

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  • If you experience that there is no power issue with your Ninja blender then you should check the components whether they are assembled properly or not because it could be the main reason why ninja blender power button blinking or not working properly.
  • When its about assembling the components; then it is not about the inner components but it is actually the different parts provided to you to make it one.
  • Assembling the components in the right order means to bring together all the parts in the right order from the top; it should be the pitcher that should be perfectly sealed through its lid that is with the handle of your Ninja blender. Do take care of your hands while handling the sharp blades and assemble them properly through the gasket.
  • One more reason that your ninja blender power button wont turn on is the pitcher lid of your Ninja blender that possibly couldn’t be able to align properly as marked on the handle and lid as well.
  • The one reason which usually gets unnoticed is that even after correct assembling the components should be in the right position and suitably tight in order to avoid any leakage or mishap.

For instance, the pitcher should be perfectly snuggled inside the blender base with the lid properly closed and just like it is mentioned on the handle of your Ninja blender and lid. For a perfectly assembled look consult the manual given and follow as it is mentioned in the picture.

  • It is also possible that your ninja blender power button wont turn on because the lid isn’t locked properly. The only job of the locked system is to make sure to prevent any spillover meanwhile the blending process. It has nothing to do with the alignment arrows the locked system only works after the lid and handle aligned successfully. In some Ninja blenders, you will get to know this when your ninja blender power light flashing LED.
  • In the end, if you have tried all the above possible ways that could refrain your blender from start operating and still your ninja blender wont power on then there must be a problem with the power cord attached to your blender’s base.

If you are using a newly purchased blender then the problem is unlikely but you cannot ignore it either.

This issue can be verified by plugging in any other appliance to the same electric outlet.

If the newly attached electrical device is working fine then it must be the power cord creating an issue.

In case the other device is not working fine then it must be the power outlet; or else you may need to contact the vendor for technical support.

How to Take Care of your Ninja Blender?

Blending With Ninja Blender

If you have recently purchased your Ninja blender then you need to familiarize yourself with an extraordinary yet efficient appliance which is now a part of your kitchen’s appliance arsenal.

Apart from the blender, the thing which is of more importance is the piece of paper containing the minor details, handling tips, and assembling guidelines; yes we are referring to the manual provided by the manufacturer of your Ninja blender.

  • Consult that manual thoroughly; religiously follow the do’s and don’ts as suggested. Other than this seek the assembly guidance and follow as suggested.
  • Now after properly assembling all the components plug the cord of your blender in the electric outlet.
  • On some of the Ninja lids, there is a rectangular button provided which says “release”; press that button to open and remove the lid.
  • Now its time to add your ingredients in the blender. Make sure whatever ingredients you are putting inside are already peeled and chopped. 
  • Before select the required settings, place the lid appropriately by aligning the arrows as mentioned on the lid and handle and locked the lid to avoid spillover.
  • If you are looking to chop or opt for processing then select the Pulse setting or go for different speed dials. Hold down the power button to start the blending process with your Ninja blender

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Common Blender Mistakes to Avoid

  • Apart from the loose lid and unsettled components one other reason for the ninja blender blinking power light is that sometimes we throw all the ingredients at once in the blender which keeps the blender’s blades from rotating and hence building pressure on the motor which eventually compromises the machinery and also avoid over blending.
  • The best way is to put the properly peeled, chopped slices of food slowly in the first place and then add water or ice whatever gradually.
  • Don’t plug in or start the poorly assembled Ninja blender. It may result in overheating; mostly people even complain that their ninja blender blinking power light with the stuck motor. This is the primary cause why is ninja blender power light blinking!
  • Always wash your blender’s components right after using it. Dirty blenders help bacteria to breed.
  • Don’t put frozen fruits or ice right away in the blender to crush. It may dull the blades of your Ninja blender. Use thaw food that is remained out for a while before outing it in the blender to process. Otherwise, you may end up damaging the motor or dull the blades and wondering later why is ninja blender power light blinking and the motor not responding.
  • Always unplug your electrical appliances after using them; same goes with your ninja blender. Switch off the power button and remove the plug from the socket. You may hit the pulse button accidentally and it could lead to a serious incident to you or to your loved ones. Switch off the power right after your work is done then disassemble the parts and move on to wash your blender.