Slow juicer vs Fast juicer: What is the Difference

Slow juicer vs Fast juicer What is the Difference

Whether you are new to home juice making or someone who is trying to replace or upgrade your model.

You will surely find yourself indulged in the slow juicer vs fast juicer debate.

Being once in your shoes I can surely understand your concern. And to get the right juicer you need to know everything about both juicers.

Should you go for the slow juicer vs fast juicer is surely something to consider. But it also depends upon what is your preference and what you like.

Both the juicers have their charms and features but they do differ a lot when it comes to the way of juicing.

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Moreover, both the juicers also differ quite a lot when it comes to juice yield, speed, motor, and design.

And that’s why to help you with this surely a big concern we have put together this guide to help you answer the question Slow juicer vs Fast juicer: what is the difference

Best Overall Fast Juicer

Product Features Buy On
Mueller Austria ultra-power Centrifugal Juicer Machine

One of the best centrifugal juicers for leafy greens

Less to no foam production

Effortless cleaning properties

Two-speed options

Best Overall Slow Juicer

Product Features Buy On
Omega J8006HDS Horizontal Masticating Juicer

A best masticating juicer for leafy greens

Dual-stage juicing option

Automatic pulp ejection system for better cleaning

Rubber bottoms for better safety


Now if you have been built into this world of juicing. One thing that you might face a lot would be slow juicer vs fast juicers.

You will find yourself asking this question while buying a juicer.

So, to help you with this we are going to elaborate on the difference between both.

Fast Juicer or Centrifugal Juicer: Now when it comes to fast juicers, they are everything that you can ask for.

A good look, good features, and the best part is the low-price tag. There is no doubt that these are quite the best fast juicers when it comes to juicing and they deliver up to their name giving you a good glass in a few seconds.

These juicers work with the help of a centrifugal motor that powers the machine and provides high speed. The cutting disc split the ingredient and extracted the juice out.

Now about the juice quality yield then it depends upon what type of ingredient you are using.

Moreover, the good thing about these best centrifugal juicers is that they are easy to clean and easy to learn.

You can even learn to operate these by yourself and no prior knowledge is needed.

Slow Juicer or Cold Press Juicer: Now talking about some of the best masticating juicers then these are quite a bit different from the fast juicers.

Design-wise, function-wise, and especially cost-wise they are quite different when compared to the fast juicers.

Talking about the aesthetics, these are low-foot designs and have bigger chutes.

Unlike the fast juicers, these juicers work at a slow speed and like to take their time when juicing.

Another thing about these is that instead of splitting the ingredient they slowly grind the ingredient. The juice yield and quality are also noteworthy.

As most of the users reported that the juices extracted from some of the best slow juicers are better in texture, more in quantity, and high in quality.

The slow juicing mechanism of these juicers ensures that the essential nutrients and minerals present in the juice are not denatured.

Cost-wise these juicers are a bit expensive compared to the fast juicers.

Features: Fast Juicer and Low Juicer

Features of Fast Juicer

Quality of the Juice: Home-made juices are no doubt delicious and jam-packed with nutrients. But there is still quite a big difference in the juice quality extracted from the centrifugal and masticating juicer. Talking about the centrifugal juicers then we can say that they are pretty good juice extractors but if we talk nutrition-wise then the juice is quite bland. This is because of the nutrient wastage by the centrifugal juicers. As we mentioned before, the centrifugal juicer does make a good amount of heat during the juicing process. Due to this heat, some of the nutrients and minerals are wasted which means you are not getting the juice up to its full potential.

Quantity of the Juice: Another most important factor to note about a juicer is the quantity of juice that it provides. When talking about the centrifugal juicers then these juicers tend to give a good yield. They provide a good amount of juice but if we compare it to the masticating ones that it might be a bit lacking. But if we talk about the quantity produced then the centrifugal ones are quite the winners. As they have really good compatibility with the soft foods and are capable of extracting an excellent amount from them.

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Motor and speed: What type of perforce your juicer is going to provide also depends upon your juicer’s motor. Moreover, if the motor is high powered then surely the speed is going to be outstanding. And this one is one of the fast juicer benefits. The centrifugal juicer is quite high-powered and that is why its speed is also quite high. Due to the high speed, the extraction of the juice becomes less time-consuming. Moreover, due to the presence of various speed options, you can also alter the speed of a juicer the way you like.

Chute Size: The chute size also matters a lot as it is the factor that determines how much prepping you will have to do before the juicing process starts. Now when it comes to the fast juicers, they do come with a good size chute but still, you will have to cut down the fruits before putting them in the juicer. You cannot chuck the whole fruits in the juicer as it will not juicer out well. Although the new models that the companies are now coming with do have wider chute to save the prep time.

Noise production: Due to the presence of robust motors the centrifugal juicer is bound to give you noise. These are quite noisy juicers and produce noise just like household blenders.

Features of Low Juicer

Quality of the juice: Talking about the slow juicer benefits then we can surely say that the juice quality of these is excellent. That is because the masticating juicers do not produce any kind of heat during the juicing process. Due to which all the nutrients and the enzymes that are extracted from the juice remain intact. And you get the full potential of the juice.

Quantity of the juice: When we talk about the juice yield then we can say that the masticating juicer is the winner here. That is because of the ability of the masticating juicer to grind every ingredient very well. Masticating juicers are slow juicers and that’s why they thoroughly grind the ingredient and then suck the whole juice out. They are also quite well known for having good compatibility with the greens and dense foods making them the top tier ones.

Motor and speed: Now the speed and motor of the masticating juicers are quite less when compared to the fast juicers. That is because the masticating juicers do not need high-powered motors for their low working. As their augers work slowly so there is also not much of the speed option and the most speed option that you will get will be two or more than two.

Chute Size: Masticating juicer is quite the best one when it comes to chute sizes. As almost all the masticating juicer comes with three inches wider or even wider chutes. That helps you to not do any cutting or dicing tasks. Hence you can easily chuck the whole fruit in the machine and get the glass you are looking for.

Noise production: Another slow juicer benefit is the lesser noise production. The masticating juicers are quite blessed in this area as they produce very much less noise due to the lack of very robust motors. So, you can say that these are silent juicers.

Which Fast Juicer is Recommended?

1. Mueller Austria ultra-power Centrifugal Juicer Machine

One of the best fast juicers out there and the good thing is that this one is quite a good one with the leafy greens.

What can be better than having a centrifugal juicer that is also a good green juicer?

The aesthetically low footprint design makes it quite compact and storable. So, you can get away with putting it in any cabinet in the kitchen.

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The high-powered motor and the dual-speed versatility also make it compatible with both dense and soft fruits.

The slow and fast speed option gives you more control over the juicing process and other fast juicer benefits are notice worthy.

Due to the presence of the rubber bottom and the safety lock system it ensures that you are operating it safely. No moving around due to the sucking power of the juicer.

Moreover, the overload protection system provides added safety and senses if there is any heat production.

Assembling and disassembling in snaps and that’s why the cleaning job is effortless.

  • One of the best centrifugal juicers for leafy greens
  • Less to no foam production
  • Effortless cleaning properties
  • Two-speed options
  • Rubber feet and lock system for better safety
  • Quite a noisy one

2. Hamilton Beach 800 W black Juicer Machine

 Looking for something that is heavy duty and has bang like the bigger ones but is not heavy on the pocket then go for the Hamilton Beach 800 W black juicer. This is one option.

That means the features, aesthetically pleasing looks, pocket friendly, and best speeds that is all you are going to get in this one.

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With the availability in two different colors, the 800-watt motor provides the juicer with a speed of 12000 RPM.

This much speed not only easily cuts through the fruits but also gets you your glass in a few seconds.

The presence of the wider chute reduces the prep time and you can easily just chuck the whole fruit in.

The heavy-duty stainless-steel blades easily cut through the whole fruits no matter how soft or hard the ingredient Is.

Due to the presence of the drip-free spout, the whole juicing is mess-free and you do not have to do any extra bit of cleaning.

Lastly, this best fast juicer comes with a limited warranty of three years.

  • A best fast juicer for the smoothie
  • Good juice yield
  • Budget-friendly juicer
  • Wider chute option present
  • Limited warranty of three years
  • Not the best centrifugal juicer for leafy greens
  • Have very limited speed options

Which Slow Masticating Juicer is Recommended?

1. Omega J8006HDS Horizontal Masticating Juicer

Talking about some of the best slow juicers we can say Omega J8006HDS is surely one of them.

With the capability of not only juicing but also working with other ingredients and performing various tasks, this versatile machine is surely going to complement your kitchen a lot.

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Discussing the features in detail then this one has a stainless-steel build making it longer lasting and durable.

If you do not like your juice to be foamy then no worries. This one produces less foam and no heat build-up keeps the nutrients intact.

Moreover, due to the presence of the pulp ejection system the pulp is automatically dumped in the pulp bin.

Hence making the cleaning quite a lot easier. You can also use this one for other tasks like mincing, grinding, or making different types of butter.

No noise production due to slow-speed motors and the rubberized feet keeps it in the place when you are juicing the ingredients.

  • A best masticating juicer for leafy greens
  • Dual-stage juicing option
  • Automatic pulp ejection system for better cleaning
  • Rubber bottoms for better safety
  • No heat build-up hence better nutrient retention
  • Do not have a wider chute

2. Kuvings NJE-3580U Masticating Slow Juicer, Silver

If you like to have it all and looking for something premium then the best masticating juicer for you is the Kuving NJE-3580U.

This one just like the Omega is a versatile machine that aside from juicing also performs a lot of the other tasks.

Made up of BPA-free plastic and silver in color this one is quite compact and low footprint designed to make the strong quiet and easier job.

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Moreover, the 170 watts motor enables it to perform all types of tasks including juicing., mincing, grinding, extruding pasta, etc.

The unique feature about this one’s the auto-feed technology that makes the feeding of the ingredients effortless.

And you do not need any kind of pusher to push the food inside the hopper.

Lastly, being the slow-speed juicer, you are guaranteed to get the juice you signed up for.

As it does not let any heat buildup hence there is no nutrient dissipation.

  • Different nozzles for various task performance
  • A best slow juicer for heavy-duty task
  • Auto feeding technology reduces time consumption
  • Direction control switch present
  • No need for a plunger
  • The chute size is small

How Can you Effectively Clean the Juicers?

Cleaning the juicers whether it is the slow juicers or the fast juicer is no rocket science. Both have their way of cleaning.

The only thing that differs is the amount of time that both take in cleaning.

Here are some things about cleaning that are noteworthy when you are buying a juicer:

  • When it comes to the juicers the standard recommendation is to clean these by hand. Cleaning manually is more convenient and you can thoroughly reach the spaces and clean the juicer.
  • Fast Juicers: Now out of a lot of the fast juicer benefits one benefit is that cleaning is an effortless job. As because of the presence of the pulp dumping system you can easily take out the bin through the pulp. Wash it off thoroughly and there you go. Fast juicers take less cleaning time and you can get away without any rubbing or vigorous cleaning. Another remarkable thing about fast juicers is that most of the parts of the slow juicers are dishwasher compatible. so you also have the option of cleaning these juicers in the dishwasher.
  • Slow Juicers: Although slow juicer benefits are quite a lot thing is that it is a little behind from fast juicers so the cleaning process. Cleaning these is a bit laborious as this lacks the pulp dumping system. SO that means that you have to remove the pulp manually. This makes the cleaning a bit difficult as the pulp may get stuck in spaces and may be difficult to clean. Moreover, you need to flush the entire system as these juicers are most of the time not compatible with the dishwasher.


Slow juicer vs fast juicer is a debate that has no conclusion. Because everyone has their liking and preference.

While some may like the slow juicer more while some may like the fast juicer more.

Which one is the best, there is no proper answer to that question? But what are some of the features and the qualities of both? OR what are the best options to go for? We have mentioned that all the above.

So we hope that we were able to answer your concern about the slow juicer vs fast juicer.

So now when you are aware of the qualities and function of both juicers time to shop one for yourself.

Frequently Ask Question

Is a Slow juicer better than a fast juicer?

Slow juicer vs fast juicers. This has always been a big question, especially for the juice enthusiast. The answer to their question is yes.

In some features, slow juicers are better than fast juicers. But again, every appliance has chars of its own.

The thing that makes slow juicers better than the feat juicers is their ability to preserve the nutrients.

The juicer extracted from the slow juicers is nourishing which means no mineral or nutrient is wasted during the juicing process.

Because this works at a slow speed hence everything is reserved and you get a glass for what you paid for.

Regardless of that still we cannot say that the low juicers are better than the fast juicers.

As the ingredients that are a good fit for the slow-fast juicers might not be the best fit for the low juicers. So, in the end both of the juicers have charms of their own.

What type of juicer is best for health?

Well, it mostly depends upon the user’s preference what they are looking for in the juicer and why they want a juicer? A lot of the users are most of the time looking for a quick solution to their juicing problem.

If you are someone like that then our recommendation would be the fast juicers. But they do bear in mind the cost of the fast juicers.

But if you are wanting to incorporate juicers as a healthy part of your diet and want the nutrient for better health. Then our recommendation would be the slow juicers.

As these keep the enzymes and nutrients intact and are the best solution to replenish your system with the required nutrients.

What are the disadvantages of fast juicers?

The only con of the fast juicers that have been reported so far is the number of nutrients that these wastes.

The thing with the fat juicer is that they work at high speed that during the process damages the enzyme and nutrients.

The nutrients and minerals are dissipated due to which the actual meaning of taking a glass of juice is wasted.

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Aside from that, a lot of consumers also have reported that the quantity of juice is less with fast juicers.

Numerous people complained that these juicers do not extract a sufficient amount of juice due to which the pulp left has quite a good amount of juice in it.

What are the disadvantages of a slow juicer?

There might be a lot of the slow juicer benefits but it also has some cons of its own.

The first biggest disadvantage is the cost of the slow juicers. The juicers are quite expensive when compared to fat juicers that could be even 2 or 3 times expensive.

Moreover, another con about these juicers is the amount of time required during the juicing. This machine works slowly hence called a slow juicer.

Aside from that, another thing that should be improved about these juicers is the presence of the pulp bin.

The juicer does not have a pulp dumping system due to which the pulp remains stuck in the juicer hence making it a bit difficult to clean.