Stick Blender Reviews – Professional Chef Guide

Stick Blender Reviews - Professional Chef Guide

Hassling with the larger blenders for very small tasks was quite inconvenient for me.

So, when searching for the more easy and convenient option. And then I came across some of the stick blenders reviews.

Impressed with all the reviews I thought I would give it my try and I was impressed.

These stick blenders are quite a good option when you are making those soups, smoothies, or want to perform some small blending tasks.

The long shift makes it capable of reaching the inner sides of the pitchers and blends everything smoothly.  Moreover, there is no hassle for cleaning or storing.

After having a good experience with the stick blenders, I thought of making my version of the stick blender reviews.

And here is what you need to know about the stick blenders and which are the best hand blenders:

Best Overall Stick Blender

Product Features Buy On
Kitchen Aid KHBBV83BM Small Cordless Stick Blender

Small cordless immersion blender

Comes with different accessories

Long-lasting charger

Dishwasher safe components
Braun MQ5025 Hand Blender

Turbo boost speed for fine blending

Powerball technology for less suction

Mess-free blending

Various speed
technology for different speed options

Available with various attachments

What Is a Stick Blender?

Stick blenders also called immersion or handheld blenders, are the smaller version of the blenders but are very compact and easy to use.

This one works like the blenders but is different in design and features.

The stick blenders have a stick-like shaft with a bell-shaped design at the end that has the blades attached to it.

The shaft is detachable and is attached to the body that has the motor built inside.

The body has a button for speed control. Different blenders come with different speed options but these do come with limited speed options.

Moreover, these also come with different attachments and accessories that make them more versatile and make the process less time-consuming.

Main Purpose of Stick Blenders

Now when buying a stick blender, a lot of the consumers come across this question: “what is the purpose of the stick blenders”?

To help some this confusion the following are the points that can clear out what is the purpose of buying the sick blender:

One-pot usage:  The hand blender makes blending an easy and less time-consuming task.

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You can create your dish by using just one pot. This is because the design of the blender is such that you can easily submerge it in the pot you are making food in.

Even if you are making soup, you can emulsify the ingredients on the stovetop.

For small batches: If you quite often perform small tasks of blending then the hand Immersion blenders are the best one to go for.

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These are the most convenient ones to go with when you are performing a small blending task or want to make something in small batches.

Effortless clean-ups: Cleaning these blenders also is not an effortless task.

You just only need to detach the shaft and clean it with the dishwashing liquid.

Or if it is dishwasher safe then you can chuck it off in the dishwasher.

Easy storage: Storage of these is not a problem. These can be stored in any cabinets or even put on the shelves.

And due to easy portability, you can even chuck them off in your case and be off on a road trip.

For these purposes, small cordless immersion blenders are a good option to go for.

We are Going to Discuss Top 5 Best Stick Blender


1.Braun MQ5025 Stick Blender

First of all, in our stick blender review list, we have the brand known by all and that is Braun.

This best manual blender is available in three different sets all having different types of accessories in it.

Stainless steel construction and the 400-watt motor make blending an easy task.

The 400 watts provide enough power that drives the motor to higher speeds and cut through different ingredients.

Now talking about some of the features that come with the various speed technology features.

This technology not only makes the single-handed operation possible but also gives you control over the speed.

The turbo speed mode makes the chopping, cutting, and blending less time-consuming.

Talking about the build, the stainless-steel shaft is attached to the stainless-steel sturdy blades.

Whereas the bell-shaped blending design easily draws in the food and finely blends them. 

The unique thing about the bell-shaped shaft is that the food does not let any food splash and you are in it for finer and mess-free blending.

Lastly, the easy-click system makes the attaching and detaching of the accessories effortless.

Whereas different accessory options turn this bender into the chopper, whisker, crusher, and a lot more.

  • Turbo boost speed for fine blending
  • Powerball technology for less suction
  • Mess-free blending
  • Various speed technology for different speed options
  • Available with various attachments
  • Needs to be shut off in between the blending for cooling

2.Kitchen Aid KHBBV83BM Small Cordless Stick Blender

Searching for the best cordless immersion blender then we have the Kitchen Aid on our list of the stick blender reviews.

Available in 4 different finishes you can surely get the finish that compliments your kitchen. 

The unique part about this one is the cordless feature that means you do not need to hassle with the switches and wires.

The rechargeable lithium batteries provide enough sources to blend, chop, and whisk.

Charging this one is an effortless job as this one comes with a powerful charger that charges the blender in only 2 hours. 

Another remarkable thing about the charger is that it is compatible with any of the cordless KitchenAid products.

Now talking about the build, this one is made up of stainless-steel material.

The eight-inch blending arm with the 4-point blades blends all types of ingredients. 

And the different other attachments that this one comes with enable you to perform different tasks in the kitchen.

The variable speed technology of this best immersion blender gives you complete control over the process and the safety switch protects you against any chance of accidental triggers.

Lastly cleaning this one is no hard job as being dishwasher safe you can chuck it off in the dishwasher and ready to store.

  • Four different finishes
  • Small cordless immersion blender
  • Comes with different accessories
  • Long-lasting charger
  • Dishwasher safe components
  • A little more on the pricey side

3.Mueller Austria Ultra Stick Blender

Mueller is the brand that most people seek when it comes to kitchen gadgets.

No article is complete without the mention of this one. And hence we have added the famous Mueller ultra-stick to this list.

If you like the aesthetics and modern design then this is the best manual blender to go for.

With a sophisticated and ergonomic grip design, this one offers you a very comfortable and non-slip grip.

This one has a copper motor in it that provides it with three times more speed to blend the ingredients.

Unlike the other blenders, this one has the S-shaped blades built in the safe that blends through any of the food you want.

Now talking about the attachments, this one has some limited attachments that contain 2 whiskers.

One is for beating eggs and ingredients and leafy green, puree food. While the other is good for frothing milk and coffee.

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Lastly comes with a One-year guaranteed warranty. This one is the best immersion blender for those who are looking for something very simple and easy to use.

  • 500 watts motor for high powered operation
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable grip
  • Lock system for attachments
  • S-shaped blades
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Need stop intervals in between the blending process

4.Cuisinart Smart Stick Blender

The simplest and most easy-to-use blender on our list of stick blender reviews is the Cuisinart smart stick blender.

With its easy-to-use features and smooth operation, you will be done with your task in no time.

The best part is the compactness and portability that make it a good companion for road trips and camping.

Now coming to the motor power, this one has an in-built 300 watts motor that’s enough to drive the blades through even the heavy-duty task.

Another good thing about this blender is that it has a quiet DC motor that means less noise production as compared to the other conventional blenders.

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The two-speed control system provides you with the 2-speed option to give you good control over the blending process.

The button controls a sliding one, hence the smooth transition from slow to high speed. 

The shaft Is eight inches in height hence it easily fits in any pot and pitcher making less mess and fewer dishes to clean.

Also comes with the mixing container so if you do not want to use the blender in the pots then you can also blend the ingredients in the container.

  • 300 watts motor for high performance
  • Quiet and powerful operation
  • Best manual blender for road trips
  • Slider speed button
  • Less mess during blending
  • No other attachments with the set

5.All-clad KZ750D Stick Blender

Last but not least option on the stick blender reviews is the clad stick blender.

Another very simple but premium quality blender of this list. The unique thing about this blender is that it comes in 2 options.

Corded or cordless. You can get both options in the model so you can go or what you desire.

Now talking about the features then this one comes with a very high-powered 600 watts motor and a variable speed option.

The speed dial is attached to the body and with it, you can choose a different speed according to the ingredient you are working with.

The wider bell-shaped design with the four-point vents ensures smooth blends.

Moreover, the design of this one is such that it does not create any kind of mess during the blending process.

Now talking about the cordless option then it is another best cordless immersion blender to go with.

As being cordless it frees you from detangling and hassling with the cord.

With a fully charged battery, this one can easily work continuously for up to 15 minutes.

With the high-powered charger, it takes about 2 hours for it to charge fully.

Lastly, the operation of this one is quiet and not very noisy like the other conventional blenders.

So if you are looking for something quite powerful and a premium blender then this one is a good option to go with.

  • Best cordless immersion blender
  • Also comes in a corded option
  • Portable and ergonomic design
  • Powerful motor for quick blending
  • No other accessories included

How to Use a Stick Blender?

Now as we have gone through different stick blender reviews, time to get to know how you can effectively use the blenders:

  • Firstly, you need to assemble the blender. Line up the body of the blender and the attachment you are going to use.
  • Now fasten these parts together and secure them tightly so that there are no chances of loosening up the attachment.
  • Now plug the electrical cord in the switch. Be sure the switch is close as if it is far away performing the blending task will become difficult.
  • Now insert the blender into the bowl or pot containing the ingredients that you need to blend. Make sure that your attachment is completely submerged in the ingredient or mixture you are blending. As if you are blending closer to the surface there are high chances you will end up creating a whole lot of mess.
  • Now you can push the speed button. Normally these types of stick blenders have a single push-button for speed. But it is the amount of push you apply to the button that will increase the speed.
  • It is recommended to not continuously use the blender. But instead, you can use an ate interval and give a few seconds or minutes rest intervals before blending again.

Now here are some factors that you need to take care of when using the stick blenders:

  • When blending always avoid using the blenders with the non-stick pans or glass dishes. There are high chances of the nonstick coating chipping off or the glass shattering while blending
  • Another thing to be careful about is to keep your blender body or motor away from the liquid that you are blending.
  • Lastly, always be sure that your blender is unplugged before you start cleaning the blender.

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What to Consider Before Choosing a Stick Blender?

Design of the blender: Considering the design of the blender is most important when buying one.

As you are going to use it frequently it’s designed should be such that it is comfortable and easy to handle.

The grip, the buttons, and the other factors should be such that you can easily grip the blender and operate the button of the blender.

Buttons should not be too loose or too hard that operating them becomes so hard for you.

The orientation of the button should also be such that your hand falls naturally on the buttons.

Moreover, the blender should be compact enough that it’s easy to store and easy to clean.

Cordless or corded blender: Users a lot of the time find themselves in a dilemma whether to go for the corded or cordless blender. Well, it mostly depends upon their work and their benefits.

The corded blender provides more power but the thing is that they are not portable, the cord may get tangled and the blender may burn.

Whereas small cordless immersion blenders are portable, convenient to use, and less of a hassle.

But then they are low in power and may not be able to provide you with the blend you want.

Small or large blade guard: Blenders come with large or small blade guards. Blade guards are a dome-shaped attachment that has blades in them.

Going for the larger blade guards is more beneficial as blade guards with larger vents perform a good job of circulating the food.

Moreover, cleaning them also becomes a lot easier but of course, do take care that the blade guard is not so large that it is not compatible with our parts.

Additional Accessories: Last but not least going for a blender that provides you with some additional attachments.

A lot of the blenders do come with accessories like whiskers, choppers, or frother to make your kitchen task even easier.

Moreover, most of the blenders come with large and tall containers that you can even use for storage.

All of the blenders mentioned in this stick blender review article come with additional attachments.


And that’s a wrap of our list of the stick blender reviews. Having a stick blender can prove out to be quite beneficial for your kitchen.

And we have laid out all the potential benefits of it. Now all the blenders are excellent options but of course, we have our recommendation.

If you want a budget-friendly option then you can go for the Braun Stick blender(Buy On Amazon) but if you want an all-in-one option and something premium.

Then you can go for the KitchenAid cordless blender(Buy On Amazon). Now that you know all about immersion blenders, it’s high time you get a hand blender for your kitchen.

Frequently Asked Question

Is buying an immersion blender necessary?

Well whether buying an immersion blender is necessary or not depends upon the user’s preference but again buying it is also not a bad thing.

As it can turn out to be quite handy when it comes to making soups or bending some purees especially when you are having a big feast and have less time.

Being smaller, lightweight, easy to handle and the best part of being easy to store can make your kitchen task quite easy. 

And if you are thinking of buying one then have a look at some of the stick blender reviews that we have put together for you.

What is the purpose of the stick blender?

An immersion blender or also called a stick blender is a wand-like blender that can be used for some light bleeding tasks.

The hand blenders are not only very handy but are less difficult to handle. 

Moreover, if you are a soup lover or like to make some purees or smoothies you can easily make these with the help of this blender.

Moreover, due to its compactness and design, you do not need separate containers to blend.

YOU can easily fit the wand in the container you are making food in and start blending.

What are the essential features of the best hand blender?

The best immersion blender is the one that is not only good in performance but also has some other best features. Like the ease of cleaning or maybe dishwasher safe.

Is easy to handle, easy to store. Gives you a good amount of control and speed options.

Pocket friendly is another essential feature and lastly, of course, provides with satisfactory performance.

These are some of the essential features that the best hand blender should have.

While there are also some of the other factors that can make a hand blender a good one, it is better to check for all these features before buying the blender.

And for that, you can also look for the buying guide that we have provided for you.