Tips to Clean and Maintain Juicer – A Complete Guide

Tips to Clean and Maintain Juicer

If you want a fit and handsome personality you need juice daily and the appliance that gives you juice is called a juicer.

In this article, we will give you Tips to Clean and Maintain Juicer because now a day’s juicer is a vital part of every kitchen and for a juicer’s health cleaning is necessary.

If you want your juicer gives an amazing performance then take special care.

The best way to increase juicer life is to clean it immediately after juicing. While juicing the pulp of fruits and vegetables gets stuck inside the juicer and gives chances for bacteria to grow up.

With bacteria, mold can also grow up so be sure to clean it immediately after juicing.

Tips to Clean and Maintain Juicer

Here are some Tips on How to Wash Juicers

Clean Juicer Immediately After Juicing

Tips to Clean and Maintain Juicer

As we use a juicer every day so it is necessary to clean it after juicing.

If you will not clean immediately after working and leave it for weekend cleaning then small pieces of fruits stuck and dry inside the juicer. So it is necessary for you to clean it immediately after juicing.

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Now you probably think How to Clean Juicer?

First of all switch off the juicer, detach the removable parts, and wash these parts in soapy water.

After cleaning turn these parts upside down and dry them. Wipe the juicer with a microfiber cloth.

If you also want to clean the nooks and corners of the appliance then you can use old toothbrushes.

Detach the Parts

When you’re trying to leave the home or going to some vocation then detach the removable parts of the appliance and store them in a safe place.

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With all juicers, you also get a manual guide for the proper removal of parts. If you want to clean the juicer properly you also need to detach the removable parts.

Increase Speed Slowly

One thing that keeps in your mind always starts your juicer with low speed then medium and after that use high speed if you want to increase your juicer life.

In this way, you can increase the performance of your juicer and also its durability.

Store in Perfect Place

Always store your juicer in a proper place to retain its condition the same as new. Allocate a special place for your juicer and keeps detachable parts there. Always store your appliance in a dry place.

Use Only Recommended Accessories

Always use recommended accessories and don’t use local items. If you use local items then be ready for consequences.

Local items can damage your appliance and affect its functions. If you face any problem seek help from professionals or contact the service center.

Clean Juicer is Important for Your Health

Some juicer owners use juicers only in the morning because they prefer morning juice and some use it several times a day because they believe that nutrients from juice increase our energy level and maintain our health.

If you keep your juicer clean you can maintain the performance of the juicer at the peak level. If your juicer performance is high you can get most nutrients from the fruits. If your juicer is not properly clean you may face digestion issues.

Some juicers can process small pieces of fruits and some can process large pieces, these processes depend upon the juicers. The pulp and small components of fruits cause problems in the appliance.

The pulp and small components of fruits are stuck inside the jar and decrease the performance of the appliance.

If you want to maximize the performance and health of the juicer then clean the juicer immediately after use.

Important Tips to Clean and Maintain Juicer: Clean your juicer after every use

Step by Step Guide for How to Wash Juicers

step by step guide how to clean juicer

You can save your time and effort in the long run if you clean your appliance after use.

We know that it is not easy for everyone to clean it immediately after juicing but believe that this process can increase juicer life and performance.

If you clean your juice daily then you will not face tough stains and residue.

The easiest and step by step guide for How to Clean Juicer

Turn off the Appliance

Never try to clean your juicer if the juicer is plugged into the socket. If you do this you may face power surges, fire, and other problems.

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Always unplug the appliance before cleaning. Don’t hesitate to unplug it otherwise you may face serious problems.

Detach Juicer’s Removable Parts

Some parts of juicers are removable so remove them before cleaning. Some juicers have too many removable parts and some have fewer removable parts.

This depends upon the appliance. Take help from the manual book and detach the parts which are removable.

Now you probably think why do you detach removable parts? The reason behind this is after detaching you can reach tricky areas (The areas where you cannot reach without detaching the removable parts).

Throw Out the Pulp

While making the juice the juicer separates the pulp into a separate jar. Throw out the pulp after juicing. Use a spatula to throw out the pulp. If you will not throw out the pulp the pulp can stick inside the jar. So use a spatula and throw out the pulp.

Use soap and water to clean the appliance. Clean the juicer thoroughly. If you see tough residue inside the container it means it is time for hard cleaning.

Clean Other Components

Firstly, you clean the pulp container now clean other components of the appliance. Clean them completely.

Pay special attention to its sensitive parts because some parts are very sensitive and if you hit them against the sink they got serious scratches and damages.

After applying soap rinse each part thoroughly. If you don’t want the appliance to give a smell then use warm water for cleaning.

Focus on the mesh strainer (Buy On Amazon) because sometimes some pulp will be stuck inside the mesh strainer.

Some juicers are Dishwasher Safe Juicers, so clean them on the dishwasher. Do not clean juicers on dishwashers if they are not Dishwasher Safe Juicers.

Use Toothbrush

With appliances, you also get a cleaning brush(Buy On Amazon) for proper cleaning.

If they don’t give cleaning brush you can also use a toothbrush for cleaning. A cleaning brush or toothbrush can reach tricky spots.

Clean the Remaining Components

Now clean the remaining components which are not detachable. These parts are sensitive parts and you cannot clean them with water because water can damage the motor, power cord, and other sensitive components.

As an alternative, you can use a soft cloth for cleaning such sensitive parts. From my personal experience, I recommend dampen soft cloth for cleaning sensitive parts. Dampen soft cloth is best for removing any residue. After that wipe the base thoroughly and do not miss any corners.

Dry All the Components

If you have a drying rack then put all the components on the drying rack. Alternatively, you can also use a towel.

Reattach All the Components

After dry all the components reattach them. If you forget how to reattach them, get help from a manual book.

Do not reattach them forcefully because if you do this forcefully you can damage the whole construction.

After assembling the components successfully you can make juice again.

The complete cleaning process takes only 10-15 minutes but it depends upon the appliance.

If you want the best performance of your juicer then clean it immediately after use. In this way, you won’t give permission for the residue to build up.

You can apply all these steps to clean any juicer like masticating, centrifugal, and others.

How to Remove Tough Stains

If you don’t thoroughly clean your juicer then you may face small strains and residue in different places.

Always clean your juicer thoroughly and take your cleaning level to the next level. Clean your appliance immediately after juicing.

Here are few steps to remove tough strains

Turn Off the Device

First of all, unplug the device while cleaning the juicer. It is the most important step of cleaning. If you have an electric juicer turn it off and unplug before cleaning then detach removable parts.

Eliminate Residue with Dish Liquid

This process is very simple and easy. Simply rinse all the parts under warm water and trying dish liquid to clean them.

With dish liquid(Buy On Amazon), you can increase the effectiveness of cleaning and remove the residue.

After clean parts with the dish liquid rinse all parts thoroughly because dish liquid has strong chemicals so rinse all components properly. If some parts still have residue then put those parts in the sink.

Soak the Components

Fill the sink completely with water and add two denture tablets. This process takes time. After few minutes all the parts are completely clean and the residue is removed. Rinse all the parts carefully.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How to Clean Masticating Juicers?

Masticating Juicers are Best Easy to Clean Juicers and are also Dishwasher Safe Juicers.

You can easily clean these juicers by following our guide “Tips to Clean and Maintain Juicer”.

Before cleaning masticating juicers turn off the appliance and then start the cleaning.

The masticating juicer comes with a cleaning brush if your appliance doesn’t have a cleaning brush then purchase it from the store.

Fill the sink with warm water and use a cleaning brush to remove oil and small pieces from every corner of the container. Use soap and washed them thoroughly.

How to Clean Centrifugal Juicers?

Centrifugal Juicers are also Dishwasher Safe Juicers. All parts of centrifugal juicers are easy to clean just use soap and warm water to clean them but keep the base away from the water. Always clean the base with cleaning solvent.

If you think about How to Wash Juicers then read above “Tips to Clean and Maintain Juicer”.

What is the Best Easy to Clean Juicers?

In our expert’s opinion, the Best Easy to clean Juicers are slow masticating juicers. These juicers have a slow process and produce less pulp during juicing.

How do you remove the Stains out of a Juicer?

With a simple trick, you can easily clean the juicer. Put the juicer parts in vinegar or water solution.

After that pour olive oil(Buy On Amazon) on the cloth and wipe it. In this way, you can remove stains from the juicer.

Do I Need to Clean my Juicer After Every Use?

If you want to increase your juicer life and performance then clean it thoroughly after every use.

Clean juicer screen and pulp container with a special cleaning brush. Pay special attention to cleaning and your juicer will give the best performance.

Are Juicers Annoying to Clean?

Juicers are quite annoying to clean but if you clean them regularly sure you get better results.


Juicers are a vital part of our life because with juicers you can make different types of juices and juices can boost your health. So you should take care of your juicers and clean them regularly.

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If you don’t clean them after every juicing then you will compromise the health and performance of your juicer.

If you want complete details How to clean juicer then read our article “Tips to Clean and Maintain Juicer” thoroughly there you get all your answers to questions.