Why Does my Blender Not Crush Ice? – Avoid These Mistakes

Why Does My Blender Not Crushing Ice?
Why Does My Blender Not Crushing Ice?

The importance of perfectly blended or crushed ice cannot be overlooked when creating a perfect smoothie, cocktail, and tonic.

It is as significantly important as the freshly squeezed fruits in a scrumptious drink. But you can’t just drop a block of ice in any blender either.

Most people are seen asking at different platforms as why does my blender not crush ice. Crushing ice is an art and you can’t perfectly do this with an ordinary blender.

If you are looking for the best blender for ice crushing and blending; we have discussed in detail every aspect of it and also shared additionally the best blender for thick smoothies.

Best Blender for Crushing Ice

If you own a smoothie shop or do like to enjoy summers with fresh iced-drinks then you definitely don’t want to end up asking why does my blender not crush ice.

For perfectly blended smoothies or iced drinks the Vitamix 7500 Blender, Professional-Grade is the one reliable machine that is known as the best blender for crushing ice.

Specially designed long wide blade utilizes a 2.2 horsepower motor to crush ice into snow within few seconds. Not only ice this mighty model is capable to crush nuts, seeds, frozen fruits and large chunks of vegetables superbly.   

Vitamix is a perfect kitchen companion perfect for extensive use for several years. If you are looking for the reliable yet best blender for crushing ice then this machine equipped with special pulse function and the wider jug is an ideal choice for your kitchen. 

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Best Blender for Thick Smoothies

Though Vitamix A3500 Smart is not the only best blender for thick smoothies but is also the best blender for crushing ice comes in a pocket-friendly price range.

Available with a special pulse feature and a Variable Speed Control this blender makes you a control freak and allows you to decide your own textures.

The amazing built-in wireless connectivity lets the motor to automatically adjust the settings and blending times according to the container size. 

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How to Blend Ice Smoothly

Using a strong yet sturdy blender for crushing or blend ice cubes is an easy option to achieve fine consistency to your smoothies. Even though you own a reliable blender; chances are you still be asking clues as to why does my blender not crush ice; there is a lot more to know how to blend ice smoothly as it can impact your blender’s life and performance.

  • Take out the intended quantity of ice from the freezer and allow it to rest about five minutes.
  • Now fill one-third of the blender’s pitcher with ice cubes leaving the remaining space free; so the cubes would have enough room to bounce around. Although you can add water or juice to speed up the process.   
  • Put the lid on and five to seven times pulse the blender in two-second quick bursts.
  • You can set the blender at medium speed to crush the ice and churn by gently shaking the pitcher for 10 to 20 seconds.
  • Stop the blender after getting the desired consistency. Now you can store the crushed ice into an insulated ice bucket for later use or use immediately.

Mistakes to Avoid While Crushing Ice in Blender

Before starting to wonder as why does my blender not crush or thinking to buy a new blender; we suggest you to check if you are avoiding the below mistakes.

Mistakes to Avoid While Crushing Ice in Blender
Mistakes to Avoid While Crushing Ice in Blender
  • Getting the wrong blender that cannot blend ice cubes is the most unlikely thing you would be expecting to know. The only way you can avoid this mistake is to get a high-quality machine that is known as the best blender for ice.
  • Don’t over blend; you have to avoid and reduce the chances of overheating your machine.
  • For optimal blending experience, you need to add ingredients in the right order. Pour the liquid first in the pitcher; this way the blades get more room to easily move. Then add powdered ingredients so that they wouldn’t stick to the lid or stuck to the blades. Then pile on soft food ingredients followed by hard, frozen items such as fruits and ice.  
  • Don’t try to fill the container up to the top. Especially when blending hot liquids or crushing ice. Even the best blender for ice crushing needs some space to perform and if you try to process a full blender then it will develop pressure on the blades and on the lid as well causing it to shoot off and giving you a mess.
  • Don’t try to get the results instantly; start from low then while staying at medium for a while before taking it to the high level. This way you will not only able to save your machine life and avoid possible damage but this will help to blends everything better.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good blender for crushing ice?

If you are looking for the best blender that exactly knows how to blend ice smoothly then Vitamix 7500 blender is the ultimate choice for crushing ice.

With 2.2 HP motor, durable parts, and sturdy steel blades that can buckle under the pressure of large chunks of ice.

This mighty machine is sure to meet your exceed expectations as the best blender for ice.

Can normal blender blend ice?

A blender that has at least 400 Watts of power, with glass pitcher and stainless steel attachments can easily blend ice cubes. You can easily find the best blender for crushing ice as mostly blenders these days now advertise this ability as their main feature.

Does putting ice in a blender damage it?

You must be wondering why does my blender not crush ice and then you start assuming that crushing ice in a blender is a bit risky.

Yes, putting ice cubes can damage your blender unless you have a high-powered machine that is specially designed to do the job. It can dull the blades or may break the pitcher.

We suggest you to use slightly thawed or crushed ice instead.

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Is it safe to put frozen fruit in a blender?

One best thing about blenders is that it is easier to make delicious smoothies at home without much hassle.

But sometimes people try to put fully frozen fruits in the blender which can cause the pitcher to break or dull the blades. We recommend you to let frozen fruits to thaw for 5 minutes at least before putting in the blender.

Can a blender overheat?

If your blender sounds grinding or high-pitched noise, food elements are spinning without blending and you are wondering as to why does my blender not crush ice. Then you really need a break, try to add more liquid and see if it works.

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And yes a blender can overheat; if you are skipping short intervals meanwhile processing challenging jobs. To avoid overheating your blender, break the blending process in short intervals of about 30 seconds.

We hope that now you are no more worried and wondering why does my blender not crush ice; we were successfully able to answer all of your queries and clear the confusion.